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Welcome To Yard Guider!

I started this blog to provide advanced material, guiding you towards a better and more comfortable tree climbing experience. I deliver more than tree gear guides, and motivate people to help yourself!

Story Behind The Site

Every time when I faced problem with my climbing accessories or have to change I prefer do it myself rather than hiring anyone. And I know many people think same way as I do. But for an unexperienced it’s not an easy task to do this type word him/her-self without proper knowledge.

So keep them in my mind I made this site to provide proper information tree climbing accessories and how to choose your right desired product.

Who Am I?

I’m Ahmed Kawsar, a blogger and tree climber love to spend my time on climbing trees. I created this site to be your reliable source of information regarding tree climber Accessories.

I’m proud to be the founder of yardguider ; the platform is helping hundreds of climber Accessories fanatics every month! At yardguider.com, I deliver more than just gear reviews, I motivate people to do work by themselves.

Our Mission

We are used to buy loads of home and outdoor equipment , but most of the time we buy the wrong one. For me, I do a lot of research and take my final decision based on the analysis.

But, most of the fellow jobholders don’t get enough time to do it. That’s why I wanted to help them. yardguider.com mission is to help them providing reviews, rating, and my detailed suggestions.

You can read through my step by step guide in choosing a best tree climbing gear, accessories and tips.

We Need Your Suggestions

I’m always trying to meet user expectations. I want to give proper education for every home and home front lover, towards better yard activities. I want to ensure our reviews are real, and authentic. Please suggest us if you get anything wrong from this site.

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Thanks for being here, and would love to get you as a member of our community. Please join in my Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and YouTube. Email me if you have any query or need my suggestions.

Ahmed Kawsar, Founder of yardguider.com