Average Backyard Size: What Can You (Actually) Get in America?

Everyone desires a large, comfortable home. But what about the backyard? Where do you draw the line between big and too big? 

If you are getting a new home, the size of the backyard is something to consider. If you want to have children, dogs, or visitors, you’ll need a lot of space in the backyard.

By calculating the size of your future backyard, you can ensure that you invest your money in a home that will provide you with the ideal backyard for your needs today and in the future.

That said, let’s get ahead and take a look at the average backyard size you could get in America.

Average backyard size in America

Average Backyard Size in the United States

The typical backyard is about 6,000 square feet across the country. However, this size depends considerably on whether it’s located in a city, suburb, or rural environment.

California and Nevada have the smallest backyard spaces. The average size of the California backyard is about 1,625 square feet, whereas the size of the backyard is about 1,712 square feet in Nevada on average.

An American homeowner loves his backyard and prefers to paint it with a bed or two or install additional elements into our homes so that we may have a better time outdoors. According to the US Census Bureau, there were 840,000 new single-family homes in 2018, less than 9% of which had no outside characteristics.

Even if the backyard dimensions have lately shrunk, we also make better use of our area. From 2014 to 2019, the patio and deck sector increased by 3% every year. 

Although we want our yards to be used differently, we are still leaning towards simple components. We’re going to avoid confusion. We want comfort. Just as we keep our favorite stuff in our houses around us, we take it in our courtyards, too.

Ever wondered about average backyard sizes for different states in the US? Home Advisor created a pretty amazing visualization of the average yard size across ALL 50 states! Check it out here:

Backyard Size Determinants

It may puzzle you about the size of your home’s backyard. It could be a bit frustrating. However, before choosing a backyard size, I outlined several aspects to consider. Check them out.


Your family’s size will have a great impact on the space in your new backyard. If you plan to organize sizable groups or parties often, make sure you have a bigger yard with more space for activities and guests.

Families with several small children frequently demand sufficient space in their courtyards. If you want your children to be active and open, make sure you have a backyard size that is large enough to support a playground with a lot of space.


If you own a dog, for instance, and work all day long, it is essential to have a large backyard for your dog.

Many dogs are left at home without being free to exercise, explore and urinate until their owner returns.

You may give your dogs the freedoms they want to have in a larger backyard. This way, your dog will grow faster and healthier. 

You need to consider getting a bigger backyard if you have or plan to get animals or pets. You need a bigger backyard since you need enough room to allow pets to play and exercise.

A backyard provides a haven for your pets away from cars, other animals, and other potential dangers.

Depending on the type of pet you have, the size of your backyard will vary. For example, if you have a cat or a guinea pig, you won’t need much space in your backyard.

You may need a little extra space if you plan to keep a small flock of hens. If you have a larger dog breed, such as a German Shepherd or Labrador Retriever, you will need a larger backyard to provide it with more space to play and exercise.

Average backyard size in Bay Area
Source: mercurynews.com

Cost of Maintenance

The larger your backyard, the more expensive it is to maintain. It’s great to purchase a home with a larger backyard because it will provide you with more area to enjoy your time outside. However, keep in mind that a larger backyard would require more money to maintain. 

Mowing your lawn is the most common type of routine maintenance you’ll have to do. If you have a 1,000-square-foot backyard, and you don’t mow it yourself, you’ll need to pay $60 to $100 per week to mow it.

You’ll also have to pay for tree removal, tree pruning, leaf removal, lawn aeration, lawn fertilizer, insect treatment, and lawn weeding.

The money, time, and effort you put into these duties will increase as your grass grows. You’re probably getting the sense that a bigger backyard means more expenses.

Swimming Pool

Ensure your backyard is sufficiently large to hold a swimming pool if you want to get it. Depending on the size of the pool, the required space varies.

In the United States, an optimal size for a swimming pool is 18 feet by 36 feet (approximately 650 square feet). Such a pool can accommodate up to 8 persons with enough room for water games. The typical pool size is slightly smaller, measuring 15 feet by 30 feet (approximately 450 square feet).

If you want a bigger pool, look for a house with a bigger backyard.

2 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Small-Sized Backyard

Don’t feel bad if your backyard isn’t as big as your neighbor’s. You can use the minor setback to your advantage. You may make the most of your little backyard by implementing the following strategies:

1. Don’t put too much stuff in your backyard

If you want to get the most out of your little backyard, make sure you don’t overcrowd it with superfluous goods like toys, furniture, and other stuff that should be inside the house.

Place all the children’s toys in a box out of sight. If you really must have furniture in your yard, a few chairs and tables will suffice if you have weekend visitors, friends, or family members. In these types of situations, having a foldable chair is ideal. After the gathering, you can effortlessly remove it from the yard, leaving more space in your backyard.

2. Clear trees in the backyard

Consider removing the trees that are mostly grouped if your small backyard is full of overgrown or too many trees.

This will give the yard a broader sense and provide additional visual and play areas. Large bushes, weeds, and gardens should be trimmed back, and you should keep the lawn short.

Final Thoughts

Many people desire to have a large backyard, but it is not always the best option. For example, if you have a small family, a medium-sized backyard might be ideal for you.

In contrast, those with large families can go for bigger backyards with enough space for the entire family. However, if you are single and money isn’t a problem, then you can go for a home with a large backyard that suits your needs.

At the end of the day, the choice you make depends on your budget and your personal preference.