How to Build Your Own Backyard Archery Range

Shooting bows and arrows go back thousands of years. And it hasn’t gotten any less fun. All you need is a bow, a set of arrows, and a target.

Once you learn how to build your own backyard archery range, you’ll know how easy it is actually.

Archery ranges can be built from scratch or by converting an old shed into one.

In this article, you’ll learn how to do both of these things as well as the supplies needed to build your own backyard archery range.

What is an archery range

An archery range is a place where people go to shoot arrows at targets indoors or outdoors.

Backyard archery range

The range should be at least 30 feet wide by 40 feet long, but other sizes will work depending on archery lanes’ target distance, typically from 10 meters/yards up to 40 meters/yards.

Archery materials like 2×6 lumber should also be pressure treated. If left untreated, lumber quickly degrades in the elements due to moisture damage. This will reduce the outdoor life expectancy of archery equipment to only one year (unless covered adequately when not in use).

Archery is a fun challenge that requires accuracy, discipline, dexterity, patience, observation skills – all of which are sorely neglected in today’s fast-paced world.

It’s also a great activity for bonding with your loved ones. It’s not as hard as it looks and isn’t physically strenuous. So it’s suitable even for kids!

How to build your own backyard archery range

Archery ranges themselves aren’t particularly difficult to build, and they can be as simple or complex as you want.

Just follow these steps, and it will be up and ready in a few days.

Step 1: Get an archery range plans

If you’re planning to build an archery range in your backyard, it’s important to get a hold of an archery range plan first.

Archery plans will provide you with all of the necessary steps and materials needed.

Without archery range plans, you won’t know how to construct and follow archery safety regulations properly.

Step 2: Choose a suitable space for the archery range

Choose a location in your backyard for the archery range that follows archery safety regulations.

Make sure there aren’t any overhanging branches or obstacles that could affect the distance of the arrows from the target.

The archery range should be secure so that no one can access it without warning, and it should be located far away from houses or roads. Also, be sure that archery equipment is easy to access when needed.

Step 3: Clear the site for the archery range

Clear the site of the archery range by removing rocks, stumps, and roots from the area.

Step 4: Construct archery targets and stands

Construct archery targets and stands for your archery range by following the archery range plans.

Step 5: Level archery lanes

Leveling archery lanes ensures that they are entirely vertical, so it doesn’t matter where you shoot from. Your arrows will land in a similar location.

Step 6: Nail archery targets in place

DIY your own archery targets

Nail archery targets in place after you have constructed archery targets and Stands.

Step 7: Prepare archery range for use

Cover archery range as soon as possible after assembling archery lanes to ensure that your equipment is safe from weathering elements.

Especially, the archery targets, which are only designed to last three to four years before they wear out from archery arrow impacts.

Depending on your archery storage needs, you can cover the archery range with a plastic tarp or netting.

Step 8: Clean archery equipment

Clean archery equipment is always a must for avoiding archery accidents and ensuring that your equipment does not get damaged by the elements.

Always follow archery safety regulations when cleaning or inspecting archery equipment and follow any instructions included in archery product manuals.

Step 9: Maintain your backyard archery range

Maintain your backyard archery range by periodically checking it over for holes, dents, warping, and other signs of damage that arrow impacts may have caused.

Repair the archery range as needed and replace targets to make your range last longer.

Step 10: Happy archering!

Now that your archery range is complete, you can enjoy archering in the privacy of your backyard or when camping outdoors instead of always having to go to an Archery range.

Your archery equipment can be kept safe from weathering elements with a storage system, which helps increase its life expectancy while avoiding costly repairs down the road.

How much does it cost to build your own archery range

Archery ranges can be upwards of $1,000 or less than $100 depending on range needs.

Safety regulations

Archery range rules must be followed when archery range is in use.

Archery range safety equipment can reduce archery accidents and injuries to mostly minor scars if the archery enthusiast follows archery range safety regulations.

  1. Eye protection should always be used when archery range.
  2. A helmet should be worn during archery practice because archer arrows can cause head injuries.
  3. The archer should be wearing shoes or boots for protection against archer blades on the ground of the archery game.

Make sure you clean up your archery area after each use by picking up any stray blades, retaining all arrows, and ensuring that no one is allowed entry into the Archerry game without following all of the safety regulations.


In this blog post, we’ve explored the many benefits of building your own backyard archery range.

It’s a fun and productive project that can also save you money if you know how to build one yourself.

But don’t worry – we have all the instructions for assembling an outdoor target right here!

Just follow our step-by-step guide and in no time at all, you should be shooting arrows like a pro from within your very own backyard.