How to Host an Unforgettable Backyard Bridal Shower

So your bestie has asked you to be her Maid of Honor amidst a barrage of tears, hugs, and high-pitched squeals.

But now you need to figure out how to host an unforgettable backyard bridal shower. 

This may seem like a simple party, but for it to be effortless, memorable, and fun, you will need to plan your heart out!

You know what they say; the devil is in the details, and it is the small things that will set your bridal shower apart and leave your guests, and the special couple, with unforgettable memories.

Whether you are a party-planning pro looking for some inspiration or a novice needing all the help you can get, we will look at the essentials to help you host an amazing bridal shower.

Backyard Bridal Shower

Why Host a Backyard Bridal Shower?

Backyard Bridal Shower

You could easily rent a restaurant or conference space but this could set you back hundreds of dollars. Having a backyard bridal shower allows you to personalize the party and create an intimate atmosphere that the special couple will love.

You will also feel more at ease in your own home and this is vital if your goal is to make everyone else feel relaxed!

Because you know your space, you can use it to your advantage and plan a party that runs smoothly, allowing you to enjoy the festivities as well.

Believe me, you don’t want to be running around and missing out on all the fun!

Bridal Shower Planning Basics: Important Things To Consider 

Backyard Bridal Shower

There are a few basics to consider when planning an unforgettable backyard bridal shower.

1. Day or Night?

Do you want a brunch or high tea? 

If so, then a daytime bridal shower will be a good fit. You can use vibrant hues or pretty pastels and choose a sweet theme to compliment the bride-to-be. 

Remember that you don’t want your guests outside during the hottest part of the day so opt for a morning or afternoon affair.

Personally, I like an evening bridal shower.

It is less traditional and allows you to create a romantic atmosphere with fairy lights, lanterns, and candles.

2. Co-Ed or Ladies Only?

Traditionally, bridal showers are for women only, but consider changing it up and having a co-ed bash.

A party is more festive when friends and family can get together to celebrate the happy couple. And this is also a great time for the bride and groom’s family to meet, mingle and get to know each other.

But if your bestie is in love with wedding prep traditions, then leave the men at home and have a girls’ day!

Backyard Bridal Shower

3. Bad Weather Back-Up Plan

In a perfect world, you will be blessed with sunshine and sunsets that will allow your guests to lounge around, play games, dance, and be merry.

But the weather gods might not be on your side so you should plan for the worst.

If your backyard is big enough, you could hire a tent or some stylish (but practical) linen umbrellas. This will have you covered for intense heat or dismal rain and keep your guests happy.

Moving the party inside is also an excellent alternative. Don’t be afraid to rearrange the furniture and have tables that can easily move indoors.

Remember, if you have a backup plan in place, you won’t feel frantic or flustered if the weather doesn’t play ball and you will look like a calm and collected host.

4. What Season Is It?

It seems silly, but the season will dictate a lot about your backyard bridal shower.

From color schemes to food, the time of year will play a part in your planning. 

To Theme or Color Scheme, That is the Question

Backyard Bridal Shower

You will need to think about the bride or bridal couple here.

This event, although pulled together by you, is about them, and the details of the party should reflect that.

If you have a friend that loves a good dress-up party then consider a themed backyard bridal shower. 

Some fun theme ideas are:

  • Blushing Bohemian
  • Sweet and Succulent
  • Fancy and Floral
  • Traveling from Miss to Mrs
  • Flirty Fiesta

If themes aren’t your bestie’s thing, then go for a color scheme to tie everything together. Again, choose colors that the couple will love!

Here are a few color combos that are perfect for a backyard bridal shower:

  • Pretty Pastels
  • Black, White, and Gold
  • Pink and Rose Gold
  • Moody Maroon, Forest Green, and Gold
  • Classic Neutrals

Make an Entrance

Backyard Bridal Shower

Yes, I mean go out and buy that cute dress so you look fabulous! You are the host after all!

But what I really mean, is to create a clear entrance for your guests that sets the scene for your backyard bridal shower.

Guests should know exactly where they are going and have an easy (and safe) spot to leave their gifts. 

Consider creating cute signage, theme, or color scheme appropriate of course, to make your guests feel relaxed. You could also offer them a fun welcome drink on arrival!

Great Food and Fun Games

Backyard Bridal Shower

As a host, keeping everyone fed with delicious food is a must!

A buffet is a great option for a backyard bridal shower because you can adapt it to suit any weather, theme, and dietary requirements (don’t forget to check that with your guests!). 

My favorite is a Harvest Table, filled with meats, cheeses, fruit, pastries, crackers, and pate. Add a dessert table to this with the bride and groom’s favorite sweet treats and you have a winning combination that you can change to suit your guests.

You also can’t have a backyard bridal shower without games!

They can be sweet and simple or saucy and suggestive, depending on the couple and the crowd.

Some fun game options for a backyard bridal shower are:

  • Ring Hunt: hide a selection of rings around the yard and the person who finds the most at the end of the bridal shower wins a prize
  • Bra Pong: yes you read that right! Hang a few bras on a wooden board and have couples see how many ping-pong balls they can get into the bra cups out of 3 shots. The loser has to have a shooter
  • Ring Toss: guests have to throw large metal rings over bottles to see who scores the highest
  • Date Night Jar: have guests put date night suggestions in a jar for the bridal couple
  • Find The Guest Bingo: guests have to find people who match the card and the first one to fill up the card wins

Make it Memorable

Backyard Bridal Shower

This should be a night that friends, family, but most importantly the bridal couple, remember forever. You have been chosen to be the Maid of Honor for a reason, so dig deep and pull out all the stops to show the couple how much you love them.

Here are a few ways you can personalize the evening:

1. Music

Make a playlist for the bridal shower based on the music that the bride and groom like best. 

Ask them for a list of special songs and be sure to include these. A fun option is to ask each guest to add a song to the list before the bridal shower and share why that song is significant. 

You can then make an album with the playlist and the special memories everyone has shared. That way you have a unique party favor for the guests and a way to remember a lovely event.

On the topic of music, don’t forget to let your neighbors know you will host a party, and maybe drop off a snack basket and some cake as a thank you!

2. Slide Show

This may seem corny, but having a slide show with pictures of the couple is not only special but a great ice-breaker. It provides a talking point for family members meeting for the first time, and it also allows the couple to look back at the moments that have made up their lives together so far.

3. Photos

Having a photo booth is essential when hosting a backyard bridal shower.

An attractive backdrop and some fun props will mean hilarious photos that friends and family can treasure forever. 

You don’t need to hire a photographer, but definitely make a bridesmaid with a good eye the designated photographer for the day. Ask her to run around with an iPhone or Polaroid camera and document all the small moments that would otherwise be missed in the excitement.

4. Party Favors

Backyard Bridal Shower

Giving each guest a memento from the bridal shower is a great way to end a fabulous party.

Here are some of my favorite options:

  • Gift Bag filled with the bride and grooms favorite foods
  • Succulents and potted plants that doubled up as table decor
  • Pamper Set filled with bath salts, soap, and a candle
  • Personalized T-shirt
  • A handwritten note from the couple tied to a bottle of wine

And There You Have It, How to Host an Unforgettable Backyard Bridal Shower

There are a few key elements to hosting a bridal shower that people will remember. But once you have ticked these things off your list, have fun with it! This is your opportunity to celebrate two people who are important in your life, and it should be a happy occasion.

Plan as well as you can, and take your duties as host seriously, but after that, remember to have fun and make your own memories!