5 Things You Need to Build a Backyard Calisthenics Gym

A lot of people don’t have an easy way to work out at home. They need things like weights or fitness equipment that are too heavy or bulky for their living space.

Fortunately, backyard calisthenics gyms are the perfect solution.

They’re inexpensive, take up little space in your backyard, and can be customized according to what kind of workouts you want to do.

This article will give you all the information about backyard calisthenics gyms so that you know how it works and which one would be best for you.

First, let’s start with:

What is a backyard calisthenics gym

A backyard calisthenics gym isn’t really a “gym”. Instead, it’s more like an outdoor workout space where you use your own body weight instead of weights like dumbells or barbells.

Backyard calisthenics gym

It usually has many pieces of equipment used in regular calisthenic workouts, such as pull-up bars, parallel bars, and dip stands.

Some backyard gyms have gymnastic rings and boxes too. Usually, it’s just whatever you guys want to do with your backyard.

You can do training routines using your body weight and different pieces of equipment (that are not normally found in conventional gyms).

This type of exercise allows your muscles to adjust to a range of movement that they may not be used to doing inside a machine at a traditional gym.

Things you need to build a backyard calisthenics gym

In every calisthenic gym, you must have this essential equipment:

1. Parallel bars

Parallel bars allow you do dips and chin-ups, among many other moves. They can be found on Amazon for $45.

2. A pull-up bar

A backyard calisthenic gym is not complete without a pull-up bar.

You can buy many different types of backyard bars, but the best ones are mounted or adjustable.

3. Parallettes bars

Parallettes bars are two bars close enough to each other so that your feet can touch both at once while doing dips or handstands against them.

4. Rings

Rings are an essential piece of backyard calisthenics equipment that allows you to do a wide variety of different moves such as dips, push-ups, and more.

You can build your rings or buy them on Amazon for $40 to $50. They’re pretty straightforward to install too.

Rings in a backyard calisthenics gym
Source: Shutter Runner (Flickr)

5. Dip bars

These are generally just straight-up poles that you can prop your feet against while doing dips.

They cost about $50-100 depending upon the materials they are made from; you need to make sure they are stationary or will not move during workouts because this could cause injury.

How do you make a calisthenics gym

1. Mark out an area of the backyard where the equipment can go safely and flatly without disturbing anything important such as sprinklers or yard decorations.

2. Dig down into the ground about afoot to ensure that all of the equipment is stable on flat ground with no rocks underneath it.

3. Have a professional make a wooden frame around your backyard fitness area where you want it to be, so they can install posts or beams for you, which will keep your dip bars sturdy during dips and chin-ups while also being able to handle any extra weight if needed.

4. Buy all materials such as parallel bars, rings, dip bars, boxes, etc., and assemble them in the backyard.

5. Start training in your backyard calisthenics gym.

How much does it cost to make a backyard calisthenics gym

It will cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 if you hire a backyard angular structure builder and buy all of the equipment.

If you go DIY (do-it-yourself) and make your own backyard bar with posts in the backyard, buying parallel bars and rings, etc., it will cost less than half of that.

Doing it yourself will take a lot of effort and time. But it’ll save you so much money. On top of that, you can make your backyard calisthenics gym to look exactly the way you want to!

Starting calisthenics as a beginner

If you’re new to calisthenics, you’ll need to start slow and build up strength over time. It’s a lot tougher than it looks!

When using a backyard calisthenics gym, you can do dips, chin-ups, and push-ups on the parallel bars. Once you’re strong enough, you can move on to doing pull-ups.

After that, all of the essential backyard equipment will be at your disposal.

Top 3 most important calisthenics exercises

These three are common but no-brainer calisthenics exercises. If you can do these well, they can help to burn off fat and strengthen multiple parts of your body at the same time.

1. Pull-ups

Pupp up bars in backyard calisthenics gym
Source: Indrid Cold (Flickr)

These are fundamental exercises that help with back and arm strength and work on your grip and upper body.

2. Dips

This is a standard exercise that’s really effective for your triceps, chest, and shoulders.

3. Chin-ups

This is an oldie but goldie. Chin-ups test you in many different ways, especially your arms, shoulders, and back.

They test your core because it balances out with your lower torso during all three stages of the chins, which is:

  • Hanging from the bar with arms extended
  • Pulling yourself up to the bar
  • Pushing yourself back up

How long should a backyard calisthenics workout take

When doing backyard calisthenics, depending upon what difficulty level you set for yourself, it shouldn’t take more than 1 hour at most per day.

One of the main goals of backyard workouts is to reduce cortisol levels in the body while performing easy exercises in a safe environment with suitable equipment.

There are many variations of backyard workouts that you can do based on different strength levels and with

Final Thoughts

No special training is required if you are going with backyard calisthenics.

There will be a learning curve, though, but once everything is set up and you start training, it won’t take too long before you get the hang of backyard calisthenics.

This is all you need to know about starting your own calisthenics gym. I hope you find this information helpful, and good luck with your training.