12 Gorgeous Backyard Cottage Ideas

Whether a guest room or a working space, adding an extra unit to your home is one way to maximize your space.

Before you rush into a home makeover, you should find and shortlist some backyard cottage ideas that meet your taste and budget. And most importantly, take your time.

You can go for a cottage to blend in with your backyard’s landscaping. Alternatively, you can opt for one that resembles a pool house.

You can even find retailers that sell pre-made backyard cottage kits for installation in your home. There are so many to choose from!

To help you get started, here are 12 of our top recommendations for backyard cottage ideas so you can pick a design that goes well with your home.

12 Gorgeous Backyard Cottage Ideas

Top 12 Best Backyard Cottage Ideas

1. Kids’ Cabin

kids' cabin

Kids are adorable. But, sometimes, you need your own space. What better way to get your kids occupied while still ensuring they are safe?

A kid’s cabin can be the answer to your problems. You can find plenty of backyard cottage-style decor for kids’ playhouses. 

Since this is not an official dwelling, you can even opt for the budget DIY option. Opt for a wooden-style cottage with an A-frame design to cut down costs of lumbar.

Build the A-frame structures supported on a wooden raised deck and cover the roofing with plastic sheets to allow natural light to penetrate – the cottage should be ready! 

Add life to the cottage by placing a few flower pots to blend with the surroundings. Finally, Stuff it with tools you want your kids to play with, be it toy sets, craft sets, or a table and chair set to study.

The best part about this idea is that it is affordable, ideal for any space size, and of course, an excellent way to show your carpentry skills!

2. Green House


You can use your backyard cottage as a makeshift greenhouse. This is a great way to explore your arsenal of cottage backyard landscaping ideas. To capitalize on this design, you want a cottage that can easily blend in with your garden.

You want the design to primarily focus on showcasing the interior of the cottage. After all, the primary purpose of the cottage is to grow your plants and blend them with your backyard garden landscaping.

You can opt for an airy glass cottage. Simply build the structure using wood and finish up the walls and roofing with glass panels.

Leave out open spaces, such as the doorway, to allow fresh air to flow in the cottage. This glass and open-air design help to maximize natural light and fresh air circulation, ensuring you have the best environment for your plants to grow.

3. Guest Room

guest room glass cabin

Create a memorable experience for your guest with this glass guest cottage. Similar to the greenhouse above, this cottage can be made using wooden structures and glass wall panels.

However, the glass roof should be replaced with metal sheets while the doors and windows can be made from repurposed wooden frames with glass panels.

Since the cottage is see-through, it helps the interior decor to blend in with your backyard garden. Just like bringing the outside in!

4. Treehouse


If you have large trees in your backyard, you can add a treehouse as part of your backyard cottage plans!

Opt for a wooden structure to blend with the surroundings and finish it up with string lights for the perfect evening ambiance.

You can use the treehouse for relaxing, lounging, or as your kids’ playhouse.

5. Cabin Style Cottage

cabin style cottage

During those chilly fall or winter nights, a cabin-style cottage comes in real handy. You can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with friends or use the cabin as a guest house.

Go for a simple one-bedroom or studio-style cottage with simple interior decor and some flowering landscaping on the exterior. You can use wood or concrete for the cottage.

6. Tropical Style Cottage

Tropical Style Cottage

Missing the times you visited the islands for vacation? You can bring the islands to your home with a tropical-style inspired cottage.

Use dark wood to build your cottage and finish up the windows and door with clear glass. Inside the cottage, add decorative features such as sheer white colored curtains and sisal hanging lamps.

You can integrate the cottage with your landscaping – be sure to add tropical trees and plants such as palms, bamboos, and bananas.

7. Outdoor Shed

Outdoor Shed

Whether you want to use this space for woodworking or storage, design your shed with cottage-style decor. It can still be a single-room cottage, but with a more elevated design.

Built the cottage with lumbar and add a wooden door with clear glass panels. Paint the shed white to complete the attention-grabbing look!

You can even turn this shed into a makeshift pool house with a cozy daybed and some pillows.

8. Modern Art Studio

modern art studio
Image Source: decoist.com

Transform your backyard cottage into a modern art studio. Opt for a minimalistic wooden cottage with glass doors and windows.

To transform the cottage into a more modern-looking one, paint the borders of the door and windows with bold black paint.

Add mood lighting inside and outside the cottage, and add a small air conditioning unit inside for those sweltering hot days. Finally, decorate the interior with your craft tools.

9. Rainforest Cabin

Rainforest Cabin

Turn your backyard cottage into a beautiful rainforest cabin by integrating its design with your garden.

Simply go for the traditional cottage style design and pair it with large windows to make the cottage look big.

Surround the garden with a mix of different tree and plant sizes for that towering rainforest feel.

10. Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

You can also opt for an open-style cottage in your backyard that you can use as an outdoor kitchen. When you host parties, you don’t have to make a mess in your regular kitchen.

Your outdoor kitchen, equipped with essentials such as a stove and BBQ grill, can come to the rescue. Place the cottage within your garden for an outdoor resort-like experience.

11. Outdoor Library

outdoor library
Image Source: homestratosphere.com

Even if you have a small backyard, a cottage-turned library offers more than enough space to stock up all your favorite books.

Plus, it doesn’t have to be the same as a traditional library with blank walls and zero decors.

Turn your cottage library into a more relaxing atmosphere with the proper mood lighting, floor-length windows, and an abundance of interior and exterior plants.

12. Man Cave

man cave
Image Source: inhabitat.com

Lastly, you can create your backyard cottage into the perfect man cave. Build a simple wooden cottage and pair it with all your essentials.

We mean a minibar, TV, game consoles, and the right snacks. Football season will never be the same with this cottage-style man cave!

Final Thoughts

The right backyard cottage ideas allow you to turn these intimate outdoor spaces into anything you want. These twelve ideas above offer the ideal starting point.