How to Build a Backyard Infinity Pool: Cost and Design Plans

Infinity pools are also known as infinity edge pools because the edge of the pool seems to disappear into infinity.

These types of swimming pools give swimmers an absolutely breathtaking view while they swim laps in their backyard infinity pool.

If you want to build your very own infinity pool in your backyard, you should know how much it will cost and what designs are available before you buy supplies or start digging.

Design a plan for an infinity pool in your backyard

The first thing that you need to do is to establish the measurements for your infinity pool.

Backyard infinity pool on a cliff

Let’s assume the infinity pool will take up about 1/3 of your backyard. So it’s important to keep in mind where the infinity edge will be and what view it will be facing.

This means that you’ll also need to consider other things like what type of landscaping or furniture will go around your infinity pool. But most importantly, what type of infinity pool do you want.

Choose a type of infinity pool that you want

The infinity swimming pools are more expensive and take up more space in your backyard.

The advantage, however, is that there are fewer limits when it comes to designing your infinity pool.

Here are three types of infinity pools you can choose to have:

1. Infinity lap pool

Infinity lap pools have a straight infinity edge, meaning that the water flows over the infinity edge.

These infinity pools are ideal if you want to do continuous laps in your infinity pool without stopping.

2. Infinity kidney shape pool

Infinity kidney-shaped pools have an oval infinity edge instead of a flat one, which means that swimmers can swim in two different directions around the infinity pool.

By Sean Madden from

This type of infinity pool gives swimmers more freedom when they’re swimming laps in their backyard.

3. Infinity round pool

Infinity round pools are not shaped like circles or ovals; this type of infinity swimming pool is actually still rounded rectangles with two curved ends to them.

The reason behind this design is simple:

Infinity round pools cost less than infinity kidney or infinity lap infinity swimming pools.

How much does an infinity pool cost

Infinity pools typically cost 2 to 3 times as much as regular above-ground or in-ground pools.

It’s difficult to say how much exactly infinity pools cost, because like everything else in the world, they vary in price depending on what types of infinity pool you want and how big it is.

For example:

Infinity pools usually start at $10,000 and go up from there.

Basically, infinity pools are really expensive because they take a long time to design and build, plus they’re very complex compared to regular backyard swimming pools.

However, once you’ve designed and built your infinity pool in your backyard, it could be well worth the money.

After all, who wouldn’t want an amazing infinity pool in their backyard?

Now that we’ve established what type of infinity pool we want and roughly how much it would cost to build it, let’s talk about:

How much do infinity pools cost to maintain and run

As I mentioned earlier infinity pools are very complex.

They also take up more space than regular above-ground or in-ground pools, which is why infinity pools aren’t cheap to run and maintain.

There are three costs that go into infinity pool maintenance:

  1. Electricity supplies
  2. Water repair
  3. Maintenance Labor

The price of electricity is based on how long you switch on your infinity pool lights at night because most infinity swimming pools come with LED lighting along the infinity edge.

Infinite round pool by Thomas Hawk from

As far as water goes, infinity pools need to be filtered like every other backyard pool. However, infinity swimming pools need their filters changed more often due to heavy use.

Finally, labor costs for infinity pool maintenance depend on the time it takes the workers to perform infinity pool maintenance tasks.

Once you know what types of infinity pool you want and the price that comes along with it, you can begin planning your infinity pool in your backyard.

The main thing is to plan ahead and design carefully before building an infinity swimming pool in your backyard.

How to build an infinity pool in your backyard

Many people enjoy infinity pools because they are very aesthetically pleasing.

These types of infinity pools are uniquely designed to give the viewer the impression that the pool goes on forever.

Here is a step-by-step guide to building an infinity pool in your backyard.

1. Calculate your yard dize

Before you can make any infinity pool designs, you’ll need to know how much room you have available in your yard.

If the infinity edge will take up about 1/3 of your space, you’ll need to be sure to keep this in mind before calculating.

It’s also important to figure out where you want it placed too because there might not be room for any other furniture or landscaping surrounding it.

2. Design your infinity pool

Once you know how much room is available, the infinity pool design will become more clear.

Consider things like what type of infinity pool (lap, kidney, or round) you want and where it’s placed in your yard.

Think about whether money limitations are preventing you from choosing a shaped infinity swimming pool over the infinity lap shape.

3. Choose your materials

Before construction can begin, choose your materials for building an infinity pool in your backyard.

As mentioned before, infinity pools are usually designed to have a small 1/3-1/2 land ratio with the rest being water so be sure to consider this when selecting materials.

For example, if most of the space will be water, a thin infinity pool liner can be used.

4. Dig the hall for the infinity pool

After the infinity pool is designed and materials are selected, you can begin digging up your hall.

If you want the infinity edge to be made out of concrete with natural stone coping, be sure to dig down about two feet before installing it.

5. Prepare the land for construction

Begin by filling in any low areas or uneven spaces with dirt to create a flat surface that will support your infinity swimming pool’s foundation and walls.

After this is done, put down some gravel and use a level to make sure everything is completely even.

Once the land is prepared for building an infinity pool, you’ll need to dig out holes where you want each of the infinity pool’s four corners to be placed.

Ensure the walls are sturdy and won’t move or crack under pressure before moving on.

6. Build your infinity pool foundation

After preparing your land for construction begins with leveling it out, the infinity pool’s foundation can be laid.

Be sure to build it strong enough so that the infinity-edge stays in place and doesn’t move around when you walk on it.

The infinity pool walls should be lined with bricks or stones before building the pool. It’ll make it a lot sturdier and more aesthetically pleasing.

7. Place your infinity pool liner

Once your infinity swimming pool is built, your last step will be to put in the liner and fill up the water.

It might take a little while for everything to settle after construction. This is why we recommend not filling up the infinity swimming pool until a day later at least.


Infinity pools are truly beautiful additions to any backyard. It immediately enhances your backyard and makes it look very exclusive.

Though be it as it may, building an infinity pool in your backyard can be a complicated and costly process. But it’s quite likely that you’ll find worthwhile the trouble once the infinity swimming pool is completed.