Best Ascenders for Tree and Rock Climbing In 2022

Ascenders come in handy when you find yourself in a compromised position while rock climbing. Climbers often face sections of stones that are really steep or angled. You might have to vertically pull yourself up the cord to skip those dangerous parts.

But pulling yourself up can be challenging, especially when you are fatigued from all the climbing. Therefore, to navigate through these impossible rocks, you need the best ascenders for tree and rock climbing.

But finding the perfect quality ascender is a tough job. Sometimes they fail to provide a good grip making the situation more problematic. So, we will help you find the best quality climbing gears in this article.

Best Ascenders for Tree and Rock Climbing In 2021

Compare The Top 3 Best Ascenders for Tree and Rock Climbing

Our Choice

Notch Jet Step Foot Ascender

Notch Jet Step Foot Ascender


  • Dual Cam feature
  • Toothless cam
  • Can use it on both legs
Most Affordable

NewDoar Hand Ascender Climbing Gear

NewDoar Hand Ascender Climbing Gear


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Solid rubber handle
  • Adjustable foot ascender
Popular Brand

GM Climbing Hand Ascender

GM Climbing Hand Ascender


  • Thermo-molded ergonomic rubber handle
  • Sturdy stainless-steel cam
  • Multiple webbing holes

3 Best Ascenders for Tree and Rock Climbing

We have carefully reviewed three ascenders for tree and rock climbing. This insightful article will help you have better knowledge about this tool and make an informed purchase.

1. Notch Jet Step Foot Ascender

Notch Jet Step Foot Ascender
9.7/10 Our Score

Climb like a professional and dodge all the tricky steps with the Notch Jet Step Footgear. The efficient climbing tool will enhance your performance and allow you to perfect your skill in no time.

This sturdy product comes with an innovative dual-cam feature that reduces spring tension and lowers drag. Hence, you can function more efficiently with less drag and keep climbing for a more extended period. Furthermore, the feature also reduces the amount of cord required to self-tend, which boosts your performance.

Are you tired of ascenders that cannot function properly on wet or compromised ropes? Luckily, this product has toothless double cams, which help eradicate all rope wear providing a solid grip even when it is muddy, frozen, or wet.

Moreover, you can use the versatile footgear on either your left or right foot without facing any trouble. The ambidextrous product comes with a Y-shaped bottom strap which reduces unnecessary movements on foot.

Additionally, it also includes smooth fairleads, making rope installation and removal easier and preventing kicking out. The rope diameter capacity is 8-13 mm, which means you can install a sturdy thick rope without any hassle.

Moreover, weighing less than 8oz, this product is ultra-lightweight. You will not feel like you are wearing anything extra on your foot with this weightless device. Unlike other jet steps, this one will allow you a smooth operation and won’t damage the rope.

What We Like
  • Dual Cam feature
  • Toothless cam
  • Reduces drag
  • Prevent spring tension
  • You can use it on both legs
What We Don’t Like
  • A product might expose you to chemicals
  • It may have low-quality coating on the metal

2. GM Climbing Hand Ascender

GM CLIMBING Climbing Hand Ascender (Right Hand and Left Hand) for Arborist Tree Climbing Rigging CE UIAA
9.7/10 Our Score

Be it tree climbing, rock climbing pulling, or hauling loads, the GM Climbing Hand Ascender got all grounds covered. This game-changing gear is a must-have product if you want to have the best climbing experience.

This device comes with a thermo-molded rubber safety grip which reduces slipping problems and allows a better grip.

Unlike typical gears, this one does not include metal grips; its rubber safety catch enables users to operate the cam system conveniently using just a thumb. Its improved friction will allow you a firm hold even if you are wearing thick gloves.

Moreover, the manufacturers use stainless steel to make the cams. Therefore, this high-quality material keeps the cam in good condition and gives you a longer service. The stainless-steel cam is rust-resistant and can function well even during icy or wet situations.

That’s not all; this product features multiple carabiner holes to provide a better way of handling connections and incorporating different gears. It comes with two-hole attachments on both the bottom and top sides of the tool.

You can use this product for tree climbing, and it is also helpful for rigging, hauling, and pulley techniques. Therefore, with multiple webbing holes, versatility, durability, and ease of use, this is undoubtedly one of the best ascending tools you can buy.

What We Like
  • Thermo-molded ergonomic rubber handle
  • Sturdy stainless-steel cam
  • Allows firm grim on challenging weather conditions
  • Multiple webbing holes
  • Multipurpose use
What We Don’t Like
  • Cam teeth may damage the rope
  • Removing rope is hard

3. NewDoar Hand Ascender Climbing Gear

NewDoar Hand Ascender & Foot Ascender & Foot Loop Set for Tree Arborist Rappelling Gear Equipment CE Certified Rope Clamp for 8~12MM Rope (Right Blue Set)
9.6/10 Our Score

Upgrade your climbing gears and enjoy climbing adventures to the fullest with the rappelling hand gear by NewDoar. The impressive tool will boost your confidence and performance, allowing you a smooth sailing ride every time.

This company uses a top-quality aluminum alloy to produce the frame. The quality material is extra-light, which weighs only 0.52 lbs. However, it is exceptionally sturdy and durable despite being so light. It can handle weight up to 308lbs or 140 kg. Moreover, it comes with a high 8.5 KN breaking strength and 4 KN tension.

Additionally, this hand gear comes with a solid rubber handle cover and safety catch. The rubber material provides a firmer grip on the handle and prevents slips even during rain or snow.

The manufacturers introduced a spring inside the safety catch, allowing you to operate the device using your thumb. It also enables a convenient rope installation and removal process.

That’s not all; this gear also includes a foot ascender loop to enhance your climbing efficiency. The company uses high-quality, sturdy polyester material to produce adjustable foot loops. This lightweight, compact device reduces the extra-weight and burden of carrying multiple gears.

On top of that, the right foot loop comes with a versatile pedal belt that makes rope launching easier and the process less tedious. Furthermore, it also includes an adjustable webbing feature to allow users perfect positioning on the boot.

What We Like
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Solid rubber handle
  • Adjustable foot ascender
  • Removable pedal belt
  • High-quality aluminum alloy body
What We Don’t Like
  • Harsh cam teeth
  • Foot loop complex to use

Things to Consider Before Buying

Before you go out and grab a climbing ascender, it is essential to keep some key points in mind. So, here are some crucial features you should look for in your climbing tool before buying.

Cam Tooth

Most climbing gears come with some great features and impressive designs. But, if the gear’s cam tooth is not right, all the other cool features get overshadowed by that one disadvantage.

Too harsh or aggressive cam tooth can damage your rope easily and increase chances of accidents. Moreover, ascending rope becomes extra challenging if the product does not include smooth teeth. Hence, it is vital to buy products that ensure less damage to the cord.


No one wants extra-heavy gears that will pull you down and add unnecessary weight. Therefore, it is essential to get lightweight yet durable and sturdy products for better performance and increased efficiency. The weight can vary from 160 grams to 240 grams.


The handle is one of the most crucial parts of the product; therefore, it is essential to pay extra attention. Most companies feature rubber handles for ensuring a better grip.

Rubber materials also provide a firm grip even when wearing gloves or during rain or cold weather. However, you can also find steel handles available in the market, but those offer less grip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you use foot ascender?

Put the tail of the rope into the boot step by unlatching it. Hold on the part of the rope with your hands and pull yourself up by putting pressure on the foot. The cord will slide through the foot ascender automatically, allowing you to keep going further.

How do ascenders work?

These tools come with a toothed cam, which is the main gripping point. You will have to attach your rope with the device and allow it to pass through the toothed cam. The cam clamps onto the rope, allowing climbers to put pressure on it to pull themselves upward.

How do you use a knee ascender?

Knee ascenders enable climbers to go upward using both legs, like climbing an invisible stair. The product remains above the foot ascender; you will have to step up normally with a foot ascender with one foot. Then step up your other leg, and the knee ascender will allow you to go up like a stair.

How does a chest ascender work?

A chest tool remains attached just below the chest. It remains connected to the harness directly. The device slowly glides up with you up the rope helping you to have a firm grip to move up.

Do you need two ascenders?

It is possible to work using only one ascender for climbing. However, for added protection, experts recommend using two devices. And it is crucial to make sure that both remain attached to the harness.

How do you ascend a rope with an ascender?

You will have to put some extra rope through the ascender and put your weight on the cord. Next, glide the hand tool up with one hand while holding the extra rope on the other hand. Then you will have to pull the excess end of the string, which will also pull you upwards and repeat the process.

How do you set up ascender?

Start by attaching the ascender to your harness; you can use an extra carabiner on the tool for added safety. It comes with angular teeth that enable it to glide upwards but creates friction when you pull it downwards. So, make sure the teeth cap is touching the rope.

Final Thoughts

That is all you need to know about the best ascenders for tree and rock climbing. Hopefully, you will find the perfect ascender for yourself through this comprehensive review and buying guide. So, grab the best climbing tool and climb away!