How To Make The Absolute Best Backyard Beer Garden

Do you want to create a backyard beer garden? Are you looking forward to festive Sunday afternoons spent with a cold pilsener and some good food? If so, then I am here to help you!

Beer gardens offer a nostalgic nod to America’s love affair with beer, and their popularity is once again on the rise.

I mean, what’s not to love about an outdoor space designed for eating, drinking, and merry-making?

Beer gardens are about family, friends, and fun, but there are a few things to consider when setting up a backyard beer garden.

You could just throw some blankets on the ground and pull up a few lawn chairs, but really, if a backyard beer garden is what you want, then you might as well do it in style!

Let’s take a closer look at the elements that will help you create the absolute best backyard beer garden.

backyard beer garden

What You Need To Know About Beer Gardens

To create a backyard beer garden, your first need to know about the history of beer gardens in America. Understanding the history of beer gardens will help you make an authentic space that captures the spirit of a beer garden in your backyard. 

Brought to America with the arrival of German immigrants in the 19th century, beer gardens were outdoor spaces that became known for large gatherings and leisurely afternoons.

Breweries created the spaces to keep their underground beer cellars cool, but they soon became synonymous with old-world beer tankards, folk music, and food.

They have come to represent history, culture, and community, and these are the elements you want your backyard beer garden to exude.

Fun Fact: Warm, flat beer was served in summer until the breweries discovered that they could keep beer cold with ice in underground cellars. The fermentation also improved with this method.

Things You Need for the Best Backyard Beer Garden


Your backyard beer garden should have plenty of seating for eating and drinking.

Using rustic wooden tables and benches will give it that old-world feeling that will leave your guests feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Like bench legs and hinges, metal details will give your space an industrial vibe, perfect for a backyard beer garden.

Shade is also an important factor to consider for long, hot afternoons of indulging. Consider putting your tables under some trees or even a patio.

Fun Fact: In Bavaria, they planted chestnut trees over the underground cellars to keep them cool, and soon they added tables and chairs. 


backyard beer garden

Can’t have a backyard beer garden without beer now can we!

Whether you want to go the whole hog and have a keg or want a space to enjoy a cold one, a beer garden in your backyard needs to have a selection of yeasty yumminess.

Traditionally, beer gardens serve light beer, dark beer, and wheat beer, but you can serve whatever beer you and your friends enjoy.

If you plan a large get-together, you can buy a keg online or from your local brewery.

If it is a small gathering or an impromptu party, throw some ice and beer in a wheelbarrow and enjoy an afternoon outdoors.

You might be happy with a bottle of beer, but for those wanting a more authentic experience, invest in some large beer tankards. These will be perfect for drinking beer from a keg.

Fun Fact: A person who specializes in beer knowledge is called a cicerone.


You will need to soak up all that beer with some delicious food, so be sure to have some options at the ready.

As beer gardens are traditionally German, the most popular food served was wurst (a kind of sausage), schnitzel (crumbed and fried chicken or pork), and salty pretzels (bread-like knots).

In the USA, beer gardens serve a selection of other food that you could incorporate into your backyard beer garden parties.

Burgers, fries, and wings are quintessentially American and will be a perfect accompaniment to all that beer.

Nachos and pretzels are also great options to set out buffet-style on your rustic tables.

Just keep in mind that your backyard beer garden should be a place of relaxation. You want food that can be prepared and served with ease so you can enjoy the beer and good company.

Fun Fact: Traditionally, families could take a picnic of cheeses, sausage, pretzels, and potato salad to their favorite beer garden.


Curating the look of your backyard beer garden is the fun part!

The great part about decorating is that it can be an eclectic mix of traditional elements and things you love because it is your backyard.

The rustic seating is versatile and will work well with most decor you want to add.

Consider potting up some hanging baskets and hanging them from your patio along with a string of cafe lights. The hanging baskets and lights will add height and atmosphere to your beer garden.

Galvanised buckets will be a practical option for beer tops that will also add an industrial element.

Use beer bottles on the tables for flowers or candles on top of a hessian table runner.

If you aren’t keen on flowers, get crafty and use beer bottles or cans as planters for succulents.

There aren’t any rules here. Just keep the decor simple, rustic, and personal, and your backyard beer garden will be a hit!

Fun fact: Traditional beer gardens had tables with cloths for diners ordering food and bare tables for those bringing a picnic.


Games are not a traditional German element, but they have become a popular addition to American beer gardens. 

Adding games to your backyard beer garden is a simple way to enjoy the space more.

Here are a few game options for your backyard beer garden:

  • Bucket Pong
  • Jumbo Jenga
  • Jumbo Dominos
  • Outdoor Dart Board
  • Table Tennis

Fun Fact: Traditional beer gardens were an important cultural hub where celebrations, sporting events, and political discussions occurred.


What would a backyard beer garden be without a bunch of mates?

To fully enjoy the beer garden you have created, you will need friends to come over and enjoy it with you.

By drinking, eating, and playing games, you and your friends will be able to get the most out of your space when enjoying it together.

Fun Fact: Some traditional beer gardens still have extremely close benches and tables designed to share food.
backyard beer garden

Final Thoughts

If the last year has taught us anything, being at home isn’t so bad. 

But it can be even better if we create a magical backyard, or in this case, a backyard beer garden.

A space where you can get together with your friends to relax and enjoy a refreshing beer!

Making a beer garden in your backyard is a great way to make the most of the space and create an area that you can make memories in.