Top 5 Best Climbing Books In 2021 [ Rock, Mountain of All ]

Climbing books are favored by climbers and travel enthusiasts from all around the world. But, why? 

Well, these books mainly help at providing information and training about climbing and traveling. But, that’s not all. 

In fact, there are even books that contribute to shaping the mindset of the climbers. Here, the mental aspects can help at providing key insights into climbing. Hence, it makes the experience and climbing performance better. 

Just a heads up- 

In order to find the best climbing books, you’ll need to conduct a bit of research. This is because there’s already a lot of options to look for and choosing the best one won’t be an easy task. 

Fret not, we’re here to help. Hence, we’ve brought out this article which consists of the best 6 climbing books that you can find out there. 

So, let’s not waste any more time and begin right away-

Recommended Best Climbing Books

1. Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hillsbest mountain climbing books

best mountain climbing books
Hands down to the first and best book from the list- Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills. If you’re interested in the climbing and outdoor fundamentals then you’ll love this book. So, what does the book offer? 

Detailed Information

Firstly, the book has all the information about the avalanche. So, if you’re going on an avalanche terrain then this book will provide all the necessary information. 

In addition to providing information, the book provides safety tips as well. Furthermore, it shows steps and provides guidelines about evaluating hazards. Lastly, it even shows the rescue process of saving fellow climbers in emergency situations. 

Improved Illustrations

At times, some information gets a bit confusing at first glance. Also, some key information can get missed easily. Well, that won’t be the case if your book has illustrations. Here, the illustrations help in the understanding of information. 

As this is the latest edition, it contains all the improved and latest illustrations. Among the latest information, you’ll find the techniques of climbing’s and the gears needed. 

In fact, the illustrations are created by John McMullen who’s the director of the climbing magazine. So, all of the illustrations are clear and accurate to the point. 

Latest Edition

By now, you’ll already know that this is the latest edition of the book. So, what are the advantages of this? 

Well, most importantly, you’ll get all the latest information from this book. So, there will be no chance of providing any outdated information. 

Also, the book contains all the latest techniques that are needed at the time of climbing. In this new edition, a committee was made of the climbing educators and active climbers. And, they reviewed each and every instruction from the chapters. 

So, the additional instructions were reviewed by the best and the guidelines were set accordingly.  

Accurate & Updated Information

In the end, the accuracy of every information is ensured as the book is written by experts. Moreover, the AMGA (“American Mountain Guides Association”) professional members have reviewed all the works and information of the book. So, the accuracy of the information given in the books is ensured at all times. 

On the other hand, the updates of information have been ensured by the AAC (“American Alpine Club”). Hence, the updated information has been ensured in this latest edition. As a result, you’ll find all the practices and key information needed when rock climbing.

  • Contains all the latest information.
  • Accurate Information.
  • Has improved illustrations.
  • Gives ideas about key techniques of climbing.
  • Shows ways to rescue fellow climbers.
  • Backed up by experts.
  • Has absence of technical additions in the book.

2. Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance (How To Climb Series)—best climbing training books

best climbing books
Climbing isn’t about techniques and power only, you’ll need a bit of skill and climbing performance as well. But don’t worry if you don’t possess any skills as this book contains everything you’ll need. That said, let’s break down the key features- 

Updated Training Guide

Yes, you heard me right. The book is a complete training guide in improving physical and mental strength. 

With practical examples and informative tips, this guide will teach everything there is. Here, the coaches have put in their experiences in creating a whole guide that’s packed with examples. 

Evidence-Based Information

The author of the book has been a professional coach for years. In fact, he’s taught a lot of people on improving physical and mental strength. With all his experience, he has written this book for all. 

As he’s able to work with many people, he has put in all the types of helpful evidence. Here, the evidence-based information will help people rely more on the book. 

Chapters On Improving Strength

The author has given the emphasis on improving the strength of the climbers. If the climbers can improve their overall strength then the process of climbing will be a lot easier. 

Basically, the chapters contain necessary exercises and training for the climbers to follow. Also, there are certain guidelines mentioned in the chapters in order to make things clear.

  • Has chapters on improving the overall strength.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Contains evidence-based information.
  • Provides training on different aspects.
  • Helps to build climbing skills.
  • The training routines are generalized.

3. Climbing Anchors (How To Climb Series)–best rock climbing books for beginners

The colored photographs and illustrations in this book will make every information clear. Hence, we’ve included it on our list. So, what other features does the book offer? Let’s find out- 

Improved Illustrations

By now, we’ve already mentioned that this book is known for the improved illustrations. Updated with almost 120 photos, the book really helps at understanding all the information. 

In case you might be wondering how the colorful photos help in understanding information, here us out. At times, the information gets confusing and ambiguous. 

And, the photos provide all the labels of the step-step process. As a result, the information can be understood from the photos easily. 

As the book contains plenty of photos, you won’t face much of a problem to understand the information. 

Provides Essential Knowledge

Climbing isn’t only about techniques and skills, you’ll need the knowledge as well. And here, the book provides every knowledge there is to rock climbing. Starting from safety guidelines to efficient anchoring, the book will teach it all. 

In the end, you’ll be able to know the techniques alongside the knowledge of rock climbing. Hence, you’ll eventually know everything there is.

  • Easy to understand.
  • Contains clear information.
  • Provides a lot of updated illustrations.
  • Doesn’t contain outdated information.
  • Provides knowledge and techniques.
  • Has a bit of compressed information.

4. The Rock Warrior’s Way: Mental Training for Climberbest books about rock climbing

Mental training is one of the key aspects of climbing. And, if you’re looking for a book that provides mental training then you’ll love this one. 

Oftentimes, mental training is completely overlooked when climbing. So, this book is quite different from the other ones on this list. That said, let’s break down the features and see what the book has to offer-

Provides An Idea About Sports Psychology

When dealing with mental training, it’s essential to have an idea about sports psychology. Well, if you purchase this book then you’ll be able to know about it easily. 

In the book, you’ll find the key guidance and mental resources related to sports psychology. Moreover, you’ll find different examples and experiences shown by the author. 

By learning about all the materials, you’ll be able to channel that concentration at the time of climbing. 

Contains Different Assessment and Information

The book contains guidance on risk assessments and motivation analysis. Also, it provides the opportunity for mental focus. As a result, you’ll be able to channel your attention when climbing.

  • Easy to understand.
  • Contains different exercises to practice mental strength.
  • Helps to channel the attention.
  • Provides motivation analysis.
  • Gives an idea about the psychology of sports.
  • Is a bit wordy.
  • Outdated Edition.

5. Alone on the Wall (Expanded Edition)

Well, that brings us to the end of our list. This particular book is known for portraying the solo of Alex Honnold. Here, the book focuses mainly on Honnold’s achievements. So, let’s break down the features- 

Honnold’s Achievements 

Without a rope or protective gear, Honnold managed to complete the solo ascent. In fact, he didn’t even have a partner to help him out. After completing the climb, he was crowned as one of the best climbers out there. 

Other than this, the book is filled with Honnold’s achievements. Here, you’ll observe how he took risks and overcome them. In the end, there are certain photographs and illustrations as well. 

To summarize, this book is considered a climbing journal. And, people who’ll read it will understand Honnold’s achievements. So, by reading this book, you’ll be able to know about the brave and courageous life of Honnold.

  • Clear and concise information.
  • Gives an idea about Honnold’s achievements.
  • Portrays the courageous journey of Honnold.
  • Contains illustration and photographs.
  • Written in first-person which isn’t favored by many readers.


Well, that’s been it. Hopefully, we made it all clear for you. Now, you’ll be able to buy the climbing books easily. 

In the end, we’d like to say that all of our products on this list are the best ones you can find out there. Moreover, they bring a lot of key information and insights about climbing. So, you won’t be disappointed with any of the books from the list. 

And, if you have any queries then do let us know in the comment section below. So, why don’t you buy one from the list? Good Luck! Keep Learning!


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