Top 5 Best Climbing Sticks For Saddle Hunting In 2021

Climbing on the trees has a lot of importance. But why?

Well, by getting up on the trees, the hunters will be able to lay an ambush. Moreover, it allows the hunter to spot their prey easily as the viewing range increases.

But, here’s the issue-

Climbing up the trees can be tricky and if you miss any steps then you’ll get major injuries. And, here’s where the climbing sticks save the day as they provide that assistance.

Just a heads up-

Choosing the best climbing sticks for saddle hunting isn’t as easy as you think. This is because there are already a lot of brands available in the market with shiny features.

Don’t worry, we’re here for you. In fact, our research team has worked non-stop in gathering all the data. Finally, we’re able to handpick our 5 favorites in this article.

After conducting the research for almost 50+ hours, we’re able to select the Muddy Pro Sticks (4-Pack) as the best one. This is because this product has the best versatility. And, the solid yet lightweight aluminum construction makes working with this stick easier.

Other than that, there are 4 different products that we’ve discussed in this article. So, without any further ado, let’s begin-

Recommended Best Climbing Sticks

1. Lone Wolf 4 – Pc. Climbing Stick—-best rated

best climbing sticks for saddle hunting
Presenting the first product of the list- Lone Wolf 4 – Pc. Climbing Stick. If you’re on the market for a climbing stick then you’ve definitely heard about the brand Lone Wolf. 

The Lone-Wolf brand has been producing tree stand and tree steps for the past decade. And, people mainly love this brand due to their durability and easy usability. So, what does this particular product offer? 

Overview & Construction

Firstly, the USP of this product is the sturdy built and lightweight design. Here, the product is made of a lightweight structure. As a result, it’ll be easier to use. Being lightweight, the tree has excellent portability as well. So, you won’t have any problem with moving this product. 

Even though the product is lightweight, it has crazy toughness. In fact, the sturdy construction of this product makes it stable. So, it won’t wobble when you climb on it. Here, the durability of the products helps to last longer than the others. 

Set-Up Process

If you don’t want to waste time on the setup process then you’ll love this one. This is because the setup process doesn’t take much time. But, why? 

Because of the ingenious design, the climbing stick mounts on the trees directly. So, you won’t have any problems with mounting this product to the trees.

Easy Adjust-ability

As the climbing stick has reversible steps in it, you can adjust the position according to your wants. Also, the process of adjusting the position is simple and easy as well. 

Other than that, the V-brackets of the climbing stick makes it adjustable to the natural contour of the tree. So, it’ll fit better into the trees as well. Speaking of the fit, the product fits easily on the trees of 4-22” diameters. 

What Makes This A Good Product

At the end of the day, the sturdy yet lightweight construction makes this a great product. With the other attractive features and benefits, you’ll easily favor this product over others.

  • Made of lightweight construction.
  • Has a lot of toughness.
  • Doesn’t cause any wobble when climbing on it.
  • Has easy adjust-ability.
  • Has extension straps.
  • Is a bit expensive.

2.  Xop-Xtreme Outdoor Products Climbing Stick

Product Overview

The first and foremost product to look into is the Xop-Xtreme Outdoor Products Climbing Sticks. This one stands out in the crowd for some apparent reasons. Let’s check it out together, shall we?

Well, firstly, we have to burst the bubble about the arch step technology. You see, this ensures that the step has enough space for hunters to place their feet.

Thus, they don’t have to live in fear of missing a step and getting injured. Moreover, you’ll have plenty of places to move your legs when you’re up on the tree looking for animals to hunt.

On top of this, this climbing stick also has in-depth standoff brackets. You see, this works to give you a good amount of space between your feet and the tree. Thus, you can climb the tree without a hassle.

On the other hand, it has fast-strap heat-treated steel buttons. This ensures that the stick is tightly attached to the tree. Thus you don’t have to live in fear of falling down while climbing the tree.

Furthermore, the sticks have a camo pattern. Thus, it blends in the jungle. As a result, the animals don’t notice the shiny objects high in the tree. And you can prey on the animal quite easily.


  • It can blend in the jungle
  • You won’t miss a step
  • Allows easy climbing
  • You can lock it while carrying it


  • Locking sticks make a rattling sound


3. XOP Climbing Sticks—best tree stand climbing sticks

tree stand
Well, we’re almost at the end of our list. And, the 4th product we have for you is the XOP Climbing Sticks. So, let’s break down the features and take a look at what the product offers-

Overview & Construction

Made from aluminum, the product is extremely lightweight. So, you’ll have the benefits of easy portability and usability. Apart from that, the lightweight construction makes the product quieter. But, how? 

As the product doesn’t have much weight on it, the steps don’t produce any noise whatsoever. Hence, you can take your hunting skills to the next level as your prey won’t notice you in any way. 

Setup Process

Well, the setup process of the product is pretty simple. In fact, you’ll just have to mount them on the trees and that’ll do the trick. Apart from this, they come with standoff brackets. 

Here, the brackets make sure that there is enough space between the trees and the boot. 

What Makes This A Good Product

The added stability and easy usability make this product one of our favorites. Besides, the lightweight construction and easy portability will also make you favor this one over the options in the market.

  • Extremely durable.
  • Has a lightweight construction.
  • Easy to move.
  • Has added stability.
  • Easy to use.
  • Has an easy setup process.
  • It’s a bit beefier.

4. Guide Gear Quick Climbing Sticks—Best for the money climbing sticks

climbing sticks
Say hello to the tree-friendly product of our list. The Guide Gear Quick Climbing Sticks is one of the safest yet durable ones in the list. That said, let’s take a look at the product in-depth-

Overview & Construction

Well, the product has a completely different construction than the other ones on the list. Here, this particular product is made of steel construction. As it’s made of steel construction, it has extreme toughness. So, it won’t get damaged quite easily.

Other than that, the stick has a dual step design. So, you’ll be able to come down and get up safely. Besides, the product is made of a compact design. Hence, it’ll help in the transportation of the product as well. 

Setup Process

Even though the product is made of metal construction, it’s still easy to set up. In fact, the setup process is similar to the other ones on the list. So, you won’t have any problems with it and the process won’t be time-consuming. 

What Makes This A Good Product

Lastly, we’ll recommend this product to everyone we meet mainly due to the solid construction. Other than this, there are key features like-easy setup process and easy portability. So, you’ll have a lot to choose from in this product.

  • Has an easy setup process.
  • Has great portability.
  • Made of solid metal construction.
  • It’s sturdy and stable.
  • The dual step design provides additional safety.
  • Has a compact design.
  • Doesn’t have the best fit.


5. Hawk HWK-ACS-4PK Hunting Climbing Stick

Product Overview

The second one that we’ll like to talk about is the HWK-ACS-4PK climbing stick from the brand- Hawk. Although it didn’t win the championship, it did put up a great fight. So, are you willing to check out its unique features?

Firstly, you need to know that this climbing stick bites into the tree like a tiger. In fact, it’s said to have tree-digger teeth bite. As a result of this feature, proper support is ensured when you are climbing the tree.

On top of that, the climbing stick also has gripping boot steps. And for this, you get raised ends. As for the benefit, you won’t slip from the steps. 

Moreover, it also has a versa button. And what does this magic button do? Well, it prevents noise when you’re packing or installing a climbing stick. Thus, you get to do your work in silence, and that’s an important aspect for hunters.

Lastly, let’s talk about the construction. Here, the stick is made of aluminum which is a light material. 

Thus it makes the entire climbing stick light. Hence, you get to carry it around quite quickly, and you can change your position according to your need while hunting for prey.


  • Provides proper support
  • You won’t slip
  • You can carry it around
  • Packing the sticks won’t make sound


  • Locking pegs are feeble

6. Novix NX-MIN4 Mini Climbing Stick—Best for Outdoor Mobile Hunting

Product Overview

Coming up on the third position, we have the Novix NX-MIN4 mini climbing stick. Now, you might have heard about the Novix brand due to their amazing products. 

But, you might be unfamiliar with this particular product. So, let’s check it out together-

For starters, we have to mention the pivoting brackets. Yes, this climbing tree has brackets that can be tilted. And how does this help?

Well, you see the trees are curvy, and they like it. But that also makes things uncomfortable for you. This is because you can’t sit properly on a curved-up surface.

Hence, the pivoting bracket allows you to stay upright. And because of this, you can sit on top of the tree for hours when you’re hunting for prey.

Apart from this, this climbing stick also has pivoted steps that boost your confidence while climbing. Now, this is an important aspect because while climbing, you need to have faith that you won’t fall off.

Otherwise, you won’t even get the courage to even go on a hunt. Instead, you’ll be afraid of the fact that you’ll become the prey yourself. But with the Novix NX-MIN4 climbing stick, you won’t have to fret over this matter.


  • You can sit in an upright position.
  • You won’t have the fear of falling down.
  • It can be easily carried together.
  • It can be carried in a single tube.


  • Isn’t long enough 

7. Big Dog Treestands BDSL-24 Climbing Sticks

Product Overview

At the very end, we have Big Dog Treestands BDSL-24 climbing sticks. Now, even though it didn’t make it into the top 3 categories, it still isn’t an underdog. So, are you ready to look at what this product has to offer?

Well, firstly, this climbing stick has dual wide steps. That means people get more than double space for their feet. Hence, there is no chance of missing a step because of the lack of foot space.

This makes the overall experience safe, and hunters can climb the sticks easily. In fact, they don’t become the prey themselves.

On top of that, the steps are strategically placed. This means that the steps won’t be too far away or too close. Now, if it’s too far away, you won’t be able to reach the steps. But if it’s too close, then you won’t be able to climb the steps comfortably and quickly.

Besides, it has lock straps. This means that you can lock the steps together. After that, you can carry it all-around easily. You won’t have to fear the sticks getting out and falling out on the ground. In other words, it stays secure.


  • You’ll have enough foot space
  • You won’t feel discomfort while climbing
  • It stays secured
  • Allows faster climbing


  • The steps are at an angle
  • The strap design isn’t so great

8. Muddy Aerolite Climbing Sticks—-best lightweight climbing sticks

best lightweight climbing sticks
Lightweight climbing sticks are easier to use. Moreover, they’re great for portability.  And, if you’re looking for a lightweight product then you’ll love this one from our list. The Muddy Aerolite Climbing Sticks is one of the lightest products on our list. 

So, let’s take a look at the features it provides- 

Overview & Construction

This climbing system has quite a bit of versatility. As it’s made of a lightweight design, it’s easier to set up and pack. As a matter of fact, you can upgrade it according to your needs completely. 

On the other hand, the product is made of aluminum construction. As a result, it’s durable and lightweight at the same time. Apart from this, the sturdy construction of the product makes sure it stays strong and doesn’t get damaged easily. 

Set-Up Process 

The hushed buckle system and the cleaners made of nylon make the packaging of this climbing system a bit easier. Besides, this system is easy to set up due to the lightweight design. 

What Makes This A Good Product

The reason why we recommend this particular product is the lightweight construction and easy usability. Also, the product has easy portability and doesn’t take much time in the setup process.

  • Has double step availability
  • It’s durable.
  • Lightweight construction helps in portability.
  • Easy to use.
  • The setup process doesn’t take much time.
  • Doesn’t fit well on trees that are below 9” diameter.

9. Muddy Pro Sticks (4-Pack)—best saddle hunting climbing sticks

Climbing sticks
Hands down to the best saddle hunting climbing stick- Muddy Pro Sticks (4-Pack). Made of aluminum construction, these sticks are one of the most durable ones in the list. Also, the construction makes them lightweight and easy to use. So, let’s take a look at the other features that this product provides-

Overview & Construction

By now, you’ll already know that the product is made of aluminum. As a result, the product doesn’t have a lot of weight. Even though it’s lightweight, the aluminum construction makes it extremely durable. 

Other than that, this product can be mounted straight or crooked. Here, the cam system ensures that the attachment procedure can be adjusted according to your choice. 

Setup Process

Similar to the first two products, this one has a pretty straightforward setup process. And, to make things even easier, the manufacturers have provided an instruction guide with the product. 

Besides, the setup process itself is easier when instructions are followed correctly. In the end, you’ll just have to wrap rope’s length on the tree. After that, you’ll have to singe the length down and secure it firmly. 

What Makes This A Good Product 

Well, the product brings a lot to the table when it comes to key features and added benefits. Also, the security features and easy setup process makes things even better. Lastly, you won’t have to worry much as the product comes with an instruction guide of its own.

  • Comes with an instruction guide.
  • Has an easy setup process.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Has a lot of toughness.
  • Comes with safety features.
  • The teeth of the product provide added grip.
  • Produces a bit of noise.


Things To Consider Before Buying The Right Best Climbing Sticks

We know that we have gone a bit overboard with the info for each product. However, it was vital because we had to justify each and every one of them. But due to this, people tend to get overwhelmed.

Thus, we have added this little segment to map out the things you need to look for before buying. In fact, this part will help you prioritize the features and will give you an idea of what to look out for. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

Weight of The Climbing Sticks

One of the first factors to look out for when buying a climbing tree is its weight. You see, weight works hand in hand with the safety factor of the whole tree climbing process. Now, you may ask how does it do this?

Well, the weight of the sticks ensures the proper balance that is necessary for climbing the tree. Hence, you don’t face real danger while climbing the tree.

As for the actual weight, it has to be more than you and your equipment. This is because the climbing sticks have to support both the weight. And for safety purposes, we suggest you buy sticks that have way more weight than you.

Height of The Sticks

Another factor that plays a role in decision-making is the height of the stick. You see, the stick has to be tall enough so that it can reach the tree. Otherwise, what’s the use of a climbing tree, right?

So, always try to ensure that the sticks are long enough to fulfill their purpose. However, you should also note that the modern climbing sticks come in sets. So, you can pile them up one after another to get the job done.

Thus it’s one more feature that you should look out for.


Thirdly, ensure that the climbing sticks can fit all types of trees. You see, the trees have different structures. Thus it’s important to make sure it fits all the trees.

Otherwise, it won’t be useful at all. In fact, you’ll be quite angry at the fact that it won’t work on the trees that you desire to climb. Thus you won’t be satisfied with the product.


Lastly, you can check out the different functions that each climb sticks offer. For example- some of the great brands provide good traction. Thus you don’t slip and fall because of the mud and water.

Other companies ensure that you have enough space for your feet. This way, you don’t have many chances of missing a step and falling down. In fact, your foot gets more space, which ensures your overall safety.


Question: What climbing sticks do the hunting public use?

Answer: The hunter folks usually tend to go for sticks that are lightweight. This is because they have to carry the heavy sticks for long hours. Apart from that, the sticks also have to be sturdy to ensure that the hunters don’t fall down quite easily. 

Question: How high should 3 climbing sticks be?

Answer: Each of the sticks is 30 inches long. So, sum it up, and you’ll get 90 inches. However, the best part is that there are 2 intervals between the climbing sticks. Hence, the size reaches up to 150 inches at times. In other words, 12.5 feet is exceptionally large. 

Question: Are Climbing Sticks safe?

Answer: Well, the climbing sticks are quite safe, and there are some factors that add up together to make it safe. The first thing is the weight. The weight of the stick has to be more than you. Also, the steps that stick out of the sides make the entire thing safe to a certain degree. Other than that, foot space also ensures that you have enough room for your feet. 

Question: Who makes the best climbing sticks?

Answer: The lone wolf sticks are the best that the market has to offer. You see, these types of sticks have high mobility, and on top of that, they’re lightweight, making them suitable to transport from one place to another. 

Question: How long are lone wolf sticks?

Answer: The lone wolf sticks tend to be 32 inches long, and the distance between the steps is 15 inches.

Question: How high can you get with 4 Lone Wolf sticks?

Answer:  With 4 lone wolf sticks, you can get about 20 feet high.

Question: How do you climb a tree with one stick?

Answer: All you have to do is climb on top of the stick. Then place the upper rope higher than the original position. Later on, slide to the side of the tree, unhook the climbing stick and place it somewhere above you. 

Question: How do you carry a climbing stick?

Answer: The proper way to carry a stick is by letting it hang on the side of your arms. Do this by loosening the strap and wrapping one side of the strap around your neck. This way, you get to take out the sticks one by one when you climb the steps. And that makes things very efficient.

Wrapping Up

That’s all, folks. Hopefully, we’ve made it all clear for you. Now, you’ll be able to select the climbing sticks for saddle hunting. In fact, you’ll be able to even recommend some of the products from this list. 

This is because all of the products that we’ve discussed in this list are the best ones in the market. Moreover, all of them bring a lot to the table and the additional benefits will impress anyone. 

So, why don’t you buy one from the list? Good Luck! Keep Climbing!


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