7 Best Tree Climbing Boots in 2022

In a hurry? Our Recommendation: Bates Men’s Work Boot- Overall Best for Side Zipper & Composite Toe

Tree climbing boots are slightly different for safety matter. You can’t use boots randomly. Because all of your bucks and time both have the same value. Am I right?

Tree climbing boots made with some specialized character and essential features. Those you won’t get ever on other shoes/boots. But among this giant market, finding the preferable one is tough and confusional.

However, after long research of 50 hours, we made a go-getters checklist of 7 Top most tree climbing boots to make your journey easy in 2020.

Stay with us and grab the golden boots you are looking for. Oh and one thing, a detailed buying guide also awaits! Just grab it before buying.

best tree climbing boots

Compare Our Top 3 Choices for the Best Tree Climbing Boots

Our Choice

Bates Men’s Work Boot

Bates Men’s Work Boot


  • Long-lasting slip-resistant sole
  • Awesome bootlace
  • More than enough room available
Most Affordable

Malestrom Military Tactical Boots

Malestrom Military Tactical Boots


  • Suits well on every weather
  • Made with composite toe
  • Replaceable cushion
Popular Brand

Merrel Moab Tactical Boot

Merrel Moab Tactical Boot


  • Ultra comfort technology
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight and durable

Top 7 Best Tree Climbing Boots/Shoes Review

1. Bates Men’s Work Boot – Best Overall Choice with Side Zipper and Composite Toe

Bates Men's Delta-8 Work Boot
9.4/10 Our Score

This exclusive boot featured from the boot geek “Bates” comes with various dimensions and comfortability for its customer.

Lots of shoes Bates released but this model they launched especially with some unique features. To be more specific, the men’s working boots made with composite toe and side zipper both ensure comfortability.

Why is this one preferable for tree climbing? I know it’s your inner question. Well, these boots don’t slip on any condition rather it’s made with slip-resistant technology.

The sole is made with rubber with no hazardous metal — other majors materials, including leather and nylon.

A unique side zipper lets you easily handle the boots with longer-lasting as it’s cause no extra pain. It just depends on your needs.

Non-Metalic materials feel you extra peace with a piece of inspiration using this boot more. All the raw materials of these boots surely help you drawing a view of quality and durable boots at last.

You including no one will find a single metallic characteristic or materials on these boots. That means a bunch of comforts waiting for you.

No matter if you have more full feet as there is enough room to give you comfort.

The only cons I can mention, the boots are not waterproof. However, the solution is straightforward for this type of issues. You should care that no drop of water can make the boots wet. 


  • Made with quality fabric as well as the leather
  • Long-lasting slip-resistant sole
  • Awesome bootlace
  • More than enough room available
  • Affordable prices

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2. Merrell Men’s Working Boot – Affordable Waterproof Climbing Boots

Merrell Work Moab Vertex Mid Waterproof Composite Toe Clay 10 M
9.5/10 Our Score

Merrell has a long history of providing quality materials for climbing and hiking. All of their products made with maximum quality. By the way, you can say this as a pair of golden boots.

Because of all of your demands it knows well and optimized these shoes according to your expectations.

The waterproof technology makes the boots more popular for tree climbing. Besides, the raw materials are fabric and leather equipped with modern technology that keeps your feet warm and healthy.

Oh, I think you have a question, is the boot durable?

Of course, it’s designed with durable & long-lasting metrics. Amazing;y, you would have no pain or any worst feeling at least when wearing it whole day long even.

If you are googling for soft toe boots, then it would be the ideal choice.

I would not recommend this one for the summer season; instead it suits winter or cold weather very well. As it’s waterproof, no oxygen can exchange. As a result it feels unbearable warm in some rare case. By the way, this one is perfect for cold weather. So no worry if you work on cool weather at all.


  • Multi sizing options available
  • Quality and durable sole
  • Provides utmost protection
  • Protects from external issues
  • Ensure the maximum comfort level

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3. Keen Utility Men Work Boot – Best Arborist Work Boots

KEEN Utility Men's Flint Mid Steel Toe Work Boot
9.5/10 Our Score

Keen Utility already covered so many hearts with their mind-charming products. It always concentrates quality and comfort strongly. For instance, this Pittsburgh boots comes with all essential features a climber needs.

The shoes upper surface made with a great color combination that feels you unique among thousands. The nubuck leather made boot comes with breathable technology that feels your feet ultra-ease.

There is an opportunity to replace the footbed, that means it just on your control. Other things that will make you surprised is the oil and slip-resistant capability. It permits the climbers using it with no limit rather how they needs can use it.

Steel made toes keep the toes natural and let it take enough breath to long-wearing comfort. One thing, it keeps your foot natural that you won’t get on any other boot.

Because most of the boots are unbreathable, that means you can’t wear them for an extended period. It’s a perfect boot for tree climbing after all.

The durability may fall because of not caring it properly. Yes, you can use it roughly but a long run, please do its proper care and maintenance for long-lasting service. As you are going to pick these boots for tree climbing, you don’t need to extra caring. Keep it as simple as possible.


  • Premium quality soles
  • Multi-color options that make a choice broad
  • The replaceable footbed ensures comfort
  • Natural inner surface that keeps your feet long time healthy
  • Easy caring technology

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4. Merrel Moab Tactical Boot – Gear Up Your Working Experience!

Merrell Mens Moab 2 8in Tactical Waterproof Boots, Black, 10.5, Medium Width
9.6/10 Our Score

Merrel, a distinctive brand famous for producing quality boots across the world. All of their shoes priors the user comfort and happiness only.

In some cases, they sacrifice thousands of hours just for exploring new technology to make their product elegant.

This fantastic pair of boots made with ripstop and leather. The weatherproof technology increases its popularity on the market as every climber loves it.

Oh if you suddenly fall on an ocean your foot will stay dry at last. I am not kidding with you instead hope you got the quality of the boots.

Another thing, these boots only suit the men entirely not for women or girls. The easy-peasy zipper allows you easy on/off.

The versatile color option makes the choices broad and easy to choose the desirable one.

The pair of boots mainly work best in cold weather comparing summer. So it would be wiser to use it for cold weather. Otherwise, it’s not possible to get back the minimal output at least.


  • Ultra comfort technology
  • Wider feet no matter at all
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Considerable prices and no hidden cost

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5. Malestrom Military Tactical Boots – Best Arborist Climbing Boots

Maelstrom Men's Tac Force Military Tactical Work Boots
9.2/10 Our Score

Have you any idea about military boots? Do you know the performance of the military boots? Extremely it’s wow and excellent.

By the way, leave it as you are using it for tree climbing not for joining on the military. It priors the quality that because comes with breathable and waterproof technology. The outer part made with the excellent condition of leather and nylon.

For nylon, it helps to give a unique look that feels you professional. For leather, this leather is polishable, that means you can polish it before every trip you for.

There are lots of sole available although, the sole pad is excellent and authentic in quality. The other important thing for every climber is non-slippery boots where it’s perfect.

There are various color picking options as well as the sizes. The twist is they are giving a quality warranty, and if you got any little issues, they are ready to provide you with support and the new one also.

You should be careful enough when choosing the size. One of the brothers got the half size less than his feet and bought that. After that, he made a loss just as that boots didn’t fit him anyway. So, do this properly, the remaining features are perfect that surely makes you happy.


  • Handy boots comparing others
  • Not so pricey that’s why pickable for anyone
  • Suits well on every weather
  • Made with composite toe
  • Replaceable cushion

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6. Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boot– Jump Up your Climbing Speed 2x More!

Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boot - Khaki
9.5/10 Our Score

Have you ever tested nylon webbing boots? This one is the same as we asked. You will get so many benefits with this pair of boot.

For instance, slip resistant capability allows you climbing tree without any fear at least. The ventilation system is really authentic that help is staying your feet with tons of comfort.

The sole quality is average, but the footbed is well-made that feels soft and ease. I chose the boots just for long-time comfort.

The outer surface is strong enough that cause no harm even in heavy load and over-walking.

Fortunately, we got these boots with no significant issues. Yes, no reason to be surprised. You will also be amazed as we were. By the way, as you need for tree climbing, this one wouldn’t lose you anymore. Instead this can be your golden boot!


  • People love it as no pain it causes
  • Help climbers feet taking a breath
  • Longer life cycle
  • Provides maximum ankle support
  • Well-made and durable toe

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7. Reebok Men’s Working Boot – Get The Imported Boots On Your Budget!

Reebok Work Men's RB4513 Comp Toe Work Boot
8.4/10 Our Score

You will get so many brands offering low price and advertising their glittering quality. But are they bear the exact condition that you are looking for?

The answer is few of them. By the way, this quality tested brand featuring updated climbing boots with various benefits.

The boots made by the hundreds of experts who know well how to make it comfortable. Otherwise, the comfort level is higher than the available brands in the market.

People love these boots because of their extra arch support. The internal environment of the shoes is more than the nature that keeps the feet as usual as you are taking rest.

Surprisingly, very few shoes you can use for rapid response or any emergency cases where this one is ideal.

The combination of leather and nylon is just excellent that makes the boot more durable and long-lasting.

Besides, footbed, sole, toe all essential made for professionals only. The thing will make you happy that most of the professionals love this charming boots as their first choice.

It might be painful if it doesn’t fit the size properly. That’s because kindly ensure the size for a better experience. One thing, tree climbing can be more comfortable as you think by this boot because all of the essentials exist with this bundle.


  • Long-lasting rubber made sole
  • Pair of colors available
  • Versatile sizes that fit anyone
  • Safety and quality certified
  • Not slippery that suits in tree climbing best

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How to Choose the Best Tree Climbing Boots

Suppose, five tree climbing boots attract you most but to understand it’s deep what needs first?

Surely a detail helping guide that helps you find the best-matched product according to your expectations.

However, we stated the basics of tree climbing boots. Read these carefully before targeting your expected pair of boots.

Sole: Formula of Defining Quality

From your side, what are the essential materials of every shoes, boots or footwear?

Surely you will enlist the sole. Whether it’s climbing boots or biking boots or standard footwear quality sole is a must.

In tree climbing case, the sole should be stronger and made with quality raw materials. We recommend rubber made soles from our in-depth research for tree climbing especially.

As rubber help to cling with the tree and gives extra support that you wouldn’t get from any other materials.

Toes: Turning your decision!

When you are on long journey toes needs extra comfort; otherwise, you will be injured. Besides, tree climbing boot needs extra pressure or force bearing capability. That’s because boot toes should be well-structured.

Multi types of toes available but we only recommend three main types. Such as steel toes, composite toes, or soft toes. Any of them can make your suitable choice no matter.


Is there anyone but don’t want more comfort when doing hard works?

Surely everyone wants. Footbed allows keeping your foot with natural comfort and make a foot-friendly environment.

Please be strict to choose the breathable footbed. So you can wear it undoubtedly.

Slippery Vs. Non-Slippery

In this doodle, lots of buyers waste thousands of bucks. For instance, our team member Graham bout a pair of the boot for tree climbing. But that one was slippery boot.

So when he went out for tree climbing failed after thousands try. At last, he had to buy the new one. That’s because please make sure that you are picking non-slippery boots.

Enough Inner Space

What inner space usually do?

Well, it helps your leg stay healthy and make a natural movement. Besides, it helps to exchange the Oxygen that feels peace, nothing else. For this reason, inner space should be wider as it fits.


This is another trap that may cost you bucks with no actual value. Yes, there are various types of shoes or boots. One is perfect for climbing, another for biking. Hope you got the point. Now utilize it and only select boots those work best in tree climbing.


best tree climbing boots

Very few people neglected the size and ordered an average size. This is a core mistake because few boots don’t fit you well without exact size. For this type of issues, we all should be a bit serious about sizing.


It’s optional but still essential because some of the boots give ultimate result in summer and another type of shoes works well in summer.


Durability is the must need material for every product we pick. However, for climbing boots durability measures by some raw materials. We recommend nylon webbing or rubber.

It wouldn’t give enough return if you select any other elements, instead causes a considerable loss.

Top Boot Brands

So you need to know the top boot brands finally. There are thousands of brand featuring themselves as best. But finding the real one is so tough you know. After core research, we found and enlisted top 3 boot/shoe brands for tree climbing. Let’s explore these out.

Merrel Boots

Merrell, an American footwear company, giant boot brands founded in 1981. From then, it promises to provide the exact quality and maximum comfort on their every single product.

They do so. After an extended period, near about 50 years passed. Still, they are best in their product quality and all dimensions.

To make you clear, their climbing boots are just awesome, enriched with all necessary features and comfort materials.

By the way, Merrell a trusted boot brands that deliver as you expect.

Keen Utility

Keen Utility, the thousands of heart conqueror, started the dreamy journey with outdoor footwear. By the time they spread themselves and take place on customers hearts.

Nowadays, they mainly serve waterproof leather, slip-resistant soles, steel toes, soft toes and other essentials to make the boots perfect.

One thing they mainly believe showing their capability by their service and most dislike the cheapy and fake marketing.

Keen Utility focuses on working boots whether for men or women — all kinds of work boots available here with maximum comfort and happiness.

Bates Boots

Bate Boots, a versatile boots brands that understand everyone’s demands got the market since 1885. After an extended period, more than 100 years, it is on the spot of quality that still strongly desired about their services. Whether you are a biker, worker, climber or someone else, Bate boots would knock on your door with a pair of golden shoes.

From tactical boots to military boots, it provides all kinds of footwear with promising quality. They grab all types of modern footwear technology that helps them attract customers most. Within 100 years, it joys millions of hearts and fills the expectations level delivering their excellent services.

So when you are on Bates Boots, you are undoubtedly making the right choice you ever have made.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top tree climbing boots?

Defining the tree climbing boots but possible. After core research of 48 hours, we got few of them. Finally, we discovered the Bates Men’s Work Boot- Overall Best for Side Zipper & Composite Toe as the climbing boots overall.

Which toe should I choose?

You will find various options available in the market. For instance the composite toes, soft or steel toes. But confusion started here actually which ones work best. For tree climbing, all of the toes works great, but soft toes remain perfect overall.

Do I need any extra accessories with boots?

Well, to be straightforward, the answer is YES But never be worried as it only depends upon your demands and expectation level. By the way, accessories mean socks and all other things. Mainly it’s up to you that anything else you need with this boot or not.

Which features should focus only when looking for tree climbing boots?

Lot’s of features you will find when looking for tree-climbing boots. But the main features you should focus on is the anti-slippery boots or rubber made soles. As rubber made soles help not being slippery at all.

Final Thoughts

So you guys finally grabbed the list of best tree climbing boots. Now look forward, but one request you to be sincere enough every decision you take. Because, when you buy once, you are done!

Always keep in mind all of our detailed criteria those will surely help you pick the desired one.

Happy climbing!