Best Tree Climbing Harness or Saddle – [Top 7 Picks For 2021]

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Tree climbing harness is must need materials for every arborist or climbers. It saves your chest from outer pressure and many more accidents.

As climbers depend on this harness most, it should be over quality harness that causes no damage at all. But finding the right one is tough as lots of cheapy rands available.

In this concern, we researched and finally found 5 of the best harness and 2 of the best saddle for every professional.

One thing, for making your purchase perfect, includes an in-depth buying guide with some must need factors. So, if you think, read that once before buying.

By the way, let’s start!

Best Tree Climbing Harness

So, here is the list of best tree climbing harness. Don’t skip a single one rather be continue deeply.

1. YXGOOD Treestand Harness-Get the Safety Belt and stay relax while working!

YXGOOD treestand harness becomes popular for its versatile working capability. These picks usually use for gardening art, tree servicing works, or fire-fighting needs.

This half-body harness will cover your waist and legs safely. The waist strap limited to 85 o 120 cm that means anyone can comfortably wear it for their safety issues. Along with it, the leg strap is 60-75 cm, indicates the user comfort.

These straps made with breathable foam that lets them taking breath quickly, that’s because climbers or arborist feels utmost ease while working.

The weight-bearing capacity is 330 pounds, an average limit that allows most of the arborist. Oh, the attached rings make the tools bearing easy as you can bear up to 5 handy tools you need when working.

You can use this harness for various work purposes including construction, camping, and so on.

Yes, you may indeed find d rings swing incorrectly in some rare cases. So you should be sensitive enough while receiving the harness. After all, it’s an excellent choice for a master arborist, climbers, or others to make their journey safe and comfortable.

  • User-friendly design.
  • Multi-purpose uses.
  • Quality waist and leg straps.
  • Breathable foam that allows taking oxygen.
  • Extra rings that help climbers bearing their needs.
  • Affordable prices that anyone can easily consider.

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2. YaeCCC Climbing Harness Belt– Best for fire rescue and tree-related jobs!

YaeCCC knows well safety is all that finds every professional. That’s why their design and dimensions all are mainly for ensuring arborist or climber safety.

This harness belt is specializing in fire rescue works. Besides, it’s a better alternative for tree climbing or related task.

This full-body harness comes with 3 in 1 safety, for instance, the shoulder straps, waist, and leg straps. These straps proudly made with aluminum and polyester.

YaeCCC focuses user comfort most that is why beginners to professional all guys recommend this harness.

You may not find on-off buckle. Without this, the harness is the best-comparing other product. One thing, this would be the ideal choice if you are planning for family climbing. It fits well to you, including your partners and child.

  • Best for recreational purposes.
  • Fire rescuing capability hits it to the top.
  • Comfortable pads.
  • Made with 100% polyester and aluminum.
  • Reasonable prices with various packages.

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3. X XBEN Climbing Harness– Professional Pick for Rock Climbing and Tree Climbing! Best Arborist Harness

This CE certified climbing harness suit with all types of professionals including the tree climbers, rock climbers, engineers, and so on.

This harness made with stronger materials that keep it durable and long-lasting. The comfort level is higher than usual. By the way, do you know the raw materials of the harness?

It’s the polyester, nylon webbing, EVA foam, to make sure your safety and comfort zone. Oh, there’s magical tension transforming ability that feels you are sitting nothing else.

The sphere of using this harness is wide ranges. From tree climbing to roofing, it’s the comparatively best choice.

This half-body quality harness can bear up to 300kg; I think it’s more than enough but secure to use.

If you are on family needs, specifically for you, your partner or older child, I am then recommending this one to get the real twist of recreational climbing. I know some find bit issues in rare cases, but it’s not for all. Be more sensitive; luckily you will get the best one.

  • High-end frame construction.
  • Easier set-up.
  • Stable connection with utmost safety.
  • Long time relaxed journey.
  • Solve the bunches of the puzzle with this one solution.
  • Ensuring built-in quality with CE certification.

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4. Kiss loves Climbing Harness– Get the Safety Manager with no harassment!

Kiss loves with a double module to make your choice broad. It’s available for the full and half body both. The primary purpose is to secure you and make your journey safe.

These lovely brands concentrate on making a high-end harness with quality raw materials. Nylon webbing and other strong materials make the harness long-lasting. The breathable mesh increases user comfort 3x more than the usual.

Because climbers can spend more extended periods wearing this harness with no bitterness, the waist, and leg loops size is ideal that fits well to anyone from fatty to slim!

There is a pair of back buckles that set the waist confidently to move next. The surprising matter is that you can use it for various purposes depending on your demands. That’s why it saves your lot of bucks and provides multiple services.

Some people will confuse your choice with a silly mistake. But be strict enough on your position and consider it according to your needs, not by others. If it suits you well then no wait, just go for these. Oh trust me, this one won’t make you dissatisfied in any circumstances.

  • CE certified & quality tested harness
  • Versatile colors option available
  • Durable and long-lasting harness.
  • Well-suited for multi-type of jobs
  • Strongest buckles including front and back both.

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5. Oumers Climbing Harness– Wider waist belts make it more comfortable!

This black color red border harness comes with a full waist belt as well as the leg loops. That’s why anyone can easily pick this one without confusion.

Oumers always prior diversity of their every product. For instance, this harness is extra full, constructed with pressure transforming capability, attached extra back buckles to secure your journey, and so on.

These mesmerizing factors have already made a core place on thousands of hearts. This excellent harness is giving you the frame construction guarantee.

The waist size is 30” to 59,” and the leg loops is 17” to 31”, that means all of your family members can easily use this harness.

Honestly speaking, it’s hard to find the drawback still it has. So you should be sincere about choosing the right one. Keep in mind, an accident occurs suddenly. No matter they are giving their quality guarantee so you can undoubtedly pick this one to your cart.

  • Fire rescue capability
  •  All the connections are solidly built
  • Well-suited for adult as well as the teenagers
  • Comparatively less price
  • Quality certified harness

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Best Tree Climbing Saddle

So you already come up with 5 best tree climbing harness. By the way, we only focus on your happiness. That’s why enlisted 2 of the best saddle in 2020. Don’t be confused; we researched a lot.

6. Weaver Leather WLC– Featuring Angle Side D rings to ensure your comfort!

Weaver Leather, the reputed brand, is featuring this saddle with many variations. It comes with double-sided rings that reach comfort on an advanced level.

Weaver leather focuses the climber safety most. That’s because they attached a rubber made a back belt to give firm support.

The leg straps made with 100% nylon that proved its durability and long-lasting. Moreover, there are first aid kit sections where you can take with you the emergency kits.

This well-made saddle offering a couple of colors, one is brown, and another is red. So, what’s more, you need from a saddle brand in this budget? Hopefully, it’s enough for you and your family to go out.

The fabulous pick only limited to fall arresting work. Otherwise, you can pick it for multi-purposes, surely the tree climbing also. The price seems to someone a bit higher but be concentrate on quality and trust me this one would be the best choice.

  • Angled D rings
  • First aid kit facility
  • Versatile color
  • Secure to use as it cares most.
  • Made with 100% Nylon.
  • Perfect sizing for multiple audiences.

Check Price On Amazon

7. Weaver Leather WLC 500– Ensuring the durability with high-end quality!

You have already known how reputed the brand Weaver leather is. However, this WLC 500, a great saddle with some exclusive features.

Moreover, this saddle comes with 4 sizing options, that means you have a wide range of opportunity. Double dee rings make comfortable to access. It keeps your waist safe and as secure as possible.

The extra 6” backside waist provides back support genuinely. The leg straps are adjustable depending on your demands. It would be a perfect choice for you and your team.

Finding a great saddle is a bunch of relaxing and relieved from anxieties. By the way, you will be getting more than enough if you are planning for this. Although few people think the price is a little bit high. But it’s considerable as providing high quality.

  • Works well for spiking
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Built with strong materials
  • Long-lasting saddle
  • Provides cushioning facility

Check Price On Amazon

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Buying Guide For Tree Climbing Harness or Saddle

We give utmost priority to your every single buck. But to be honest, still, there are lots of people who lost their dollars choosing the lowest product or for their low-knowledge.

Finding the tree climbing harness doesn’t need any Einstein theory; instead, it’s a game of few essential factors. Let’s play!

Built-In Materials

This is the first toots to check the quality harness. Carefully check all the built-in materials. You should give priority only nylon, polyester, or aluminum included the harness. That would be ideal.

Leg straps

Very few brands offer breathable foam using on leg straps. The term breathable indicates that these pads allow your skin to take enough breath as usual.

Waist belt

Waist belt, the most important part of every harness that saves someone’s waist or more deeply your life.

So before finalizing a harness it’s mandatory to be ensured about its quality and benefits. By the way, a quality waist belt can make your journey tasty.


It’s another important factor to judge. I saw lots of examples that made the same mistake by choosing the wrong sizes.

The size of the harness varies brand to brand and product to product. First, you know the exact size you are looking for, then pick the matched harness undoubtedly.


In some rare cases, some of us don’t think about audiences instead of buying randomly. Unfortunately, sufferings start when that doesn’t suit him well.

In the harness market, all ages of harness available form teenagers to old. So when buying a harness, it’s your responsibility to choose the audience correctly.


It’s last but not least. However, the purpose is another essential factor to consider. Some buy harness aiming engineering work, some for rock climbing, or some buy for tree climbing.

To make it clear, the purpose is different based on demand. That’s why you should be ever careful choosing your expected purpose harness to get the maximum output possible.


After a long journey, you reached the climax with a list of best tree climbing harnesses and saddles in 2020. As well as you read the buying guide also. Hopefully, you are now enough to find the desired harness and saddle.

After your consideration, you can keep X XBEN Climbing Harness on your sense to buy, as I recommended it from my own experiences.

By the way, happy climbing!


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