Best Tree Climbing Rope Reviews: Top 7 Picks for Arborists

Any arborist worth his chops should be equipped with the best tree climbing rope. It’s literally the most important gear for any serious tree climber!

It’s a must need gear for every arborist. But getting the best one could be challenging, there are so many different types out theree. There are lots of brands offering multiple rope types.

As an arborist myself, I completely understand the pain of not getting the right ropes for climbing. My team and I tried out more than 33 different climbing ropes and finally came up with only the best ones we could recommend.

Check this detailed buying guide that will help you choose the best ropes according to your demand. And avoid having analysis paralysis when you need to finally pick a rope.

Keep reading the detailed reviews below to explore the world of quality ropes!

best tree climbing rope

Compare Our Top 3 Choices for the Best Tree Climbing Rope

Our Choice

Blue Ox Rope

Blue Ox Rope


  • Versatile working capability
  • High tensile strength
  • Multiple strands for stronger rope
Most Affordable

Yacht Braid Premium Rope

Yacht Braid Premium Rope


  • Quality cores
  • Made with 100% polyester
  • Easier to handle
Popular Brand

Pelican Rope

Pelican Rope


  • ISO Certified
  • Quality braided cores
  • Great customer support

Top 7 Best Tree Climbing Ropes Reviews

I’ve managed to drill down 7 best possible climbing ropes out of a grand total of 33.

There are actually a lot of factors to consider when getting a climbing rope, like the length, tensile strength, girth, type of material, price, and lots more.

We’ve helped to drill down to the key features and benefits that each of these top 7 climbing ropes has to offer:

1. Blue Ox Rope – Picked By Most Arborists, the Best Arborist Climbing Rope

Blue Ox Rope 12-Strand Arborist Climbing Rope, 1/2
9.7/10 Our Score

Blue OX rope, famous rope manufacturer in the USA, researched and discover the quality building materials that especially perfect for every tree professionals.

Blue Ox confidently announces itself best in the market for its manufacturing quality. This rope comes with 12 polyester strands that make it more durable and faithful to the arborists.

Besides, its high tensile strength makes the arborist crazy that is around 8k pounds amazingly. Oh, heat or abrasion resistant capability makes the rope more durable and long-lasting.

Rarely, you may found the rope bit shorter than the stated measurement. Don’t be pressured. Start working with this rope automatically increases the length as it’s stretchy. Oh, the price range is average, so no one can avoid this rope when finding quality ropes.

  • The ideal length makes this rope user-friendly.
  • Versatile working capability.
  • High tensile strength
  • Not slippery
  • Multiple strands make the rope stronger.
  • Last longer when it cares well.
  • Lock the power line when working.

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2. Blue Ox Rope Red– Outstanding Color Combination makes it more visible!

12 Strand Polyester Arborist Climbing Rope 1/2 inch, Blue/Orange (100 feet)
9.7/10 Our Score

You have already known about the famous brand Blue OX Rope. Oh, you know the history behind the brand name “ Blue OX”?

Well, this 100 feet rope comes with a pair of color that makes the rope visible at any situation arborist stay.

The tensile strength is not less in number that is 8k pounds comparatively best. This polyester made rope (the USA produced) comes with 12 strands announcing its easier holding capability.

The only limitation is the versatility. You may find a few ropes that can be used for various purposes. But this one is only suited for tree climbing or tree related services. After you are searching for the tree focused quality rope. Isn’t it?

  • Quality static rope
  • 12 braided but no core available.
  • Comparatively High-Tensile strength.
  • The excellent color combination makes it more visible.
  • Great holding facilities.
  • Reasonable price

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3. SG Knots Arborist Bull Rope– Overall Best Rope For Tree Work!

SGT KNOTS All Gear Arborist Bull Rope - Double Braid Core with Urethane Coating (5/8
9.7/10 Our Score

It’s top notch quality make me amazed to buy it once more. I was a bit crazy to find out the best rope but unfortunately didn’t get even after 5th buy. By the way, from Jeffs’s, my friend heard about this rope and got the real diamond I was looking for.

Whether it’s outdoor or indoor, it’s durable and flexible. This rope comes with double protected layers that make it stronger than the other.

Arborist loves this rope for its excellent core that gives UV rays protection or chemicals effect or weather support.

Polyester covers make these ropes extra-confident about longer-lasting, and it works. By the way, your wide ranges of choice to pick your favorite color also. So you can choose any of them depending on your demands.

It’s a little harder to discover its cons as you already know its’ quality. But the price is a little high comparing others. By the way, it’s simple as it’s proving the utmost quality and dedicated service for your happiness only. So why you are not ready to pick this on your cart?

  • Ultra protective layer with double shell.
  • Perfect for tree services, including home or outdoor uses.
  • Multiple size ranges that make a choice broad.
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Great durability
  • Long-lasting rope with high tensile strength
  • Quality fibers

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4. MudFog Climbing Rope– Quality Certified By the Professionals!

MudFog Nylon Kernmantle Static Rope 11mm - for Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Canyoneering, Rescue, Hauling and Mountaineering
9.6/10 Our Score

Have you ever tried nylon ropes? What was your experience worst or best?

MudFog featuring this nylon made climbing ropes with extended-lasting capability. It covers various purposes at one picked. By these ropes, you can survive outdoor as well as indoor.

The ideal thickness is 11mm, help climbers hold its comfortability. Like other reputed brands, this rope has a pair of colors option to choose the suitable one.

No one will dissatisfy as there are bunches of choices about sizing. Some can go for 150 feet and others for 200 or 300 feet.

Oh, in some rare cases, people find their ropes a bit shorter than the stated measurement. It’s an accident, but for this rope, you will surely get the stated lengthy ropes.

If you are going to use it for rock climbing, then it would be a bit less lasting comparing other works. But congrats when you are using it for tree climbing or tree related work. So stay confident about the actual quality.

  • Quality certified by UIAA
  • Versatile length
  • Bunches of colors available
  • Built with Nylon, announcing its quality and durability.
  • Long last when no abuse.
  • Great for both single or double line
  • Worked well on emergency cases.

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5. All Gear Tree Rigging Rope– Best Arborist Rigging Rope!

SGT KNOTS All Gear Arborist Climbing Rope - Polyester Tree Safety Line (1/2
9.6/10 Our Score

The history behind this famous brand is untold, But their promise is still alive that help grabbing them thousand so love mostly form arborist like you.

Lot’s of ropes available, but this one is a bit unique inbuilt-structure. This rope is made by 100% polyester ready to tackle higher force and friction that every arborist needs.

One thing, this polyester not so stretchy as others as well as it can prevent sudden abrasion, heats, and frictions.

Tensile diversity makes the climbers surprised. You can pick this rope up to your demands or project requirements. There is a pair of tensile strength limit one is 6.5k ponds with 24 strands and the other is 7.5k pounds with 16 strands.

This brand understands well how important the rope color is this help climber or arborist define their roadmap. Even it saves form sudden cutting or any accidents. That why it comes with a visible color that can be clear at any trees you try.

Figuring out all of the essential features, recommending you to consider this one for the next purchase. But keep in mind, nothing is long-lasting when no cares. That’s why you should care about it enough for better services.

  • No extra hand cover needs but for extra comfort can buy.
  • High-end built materials.
  • Extra tensile strength
  • Anti-abrasion capability.
  • No UV rays or chemicals can spoil it.
  • Eye-friendly visible colors.

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6. Pelican Ropes– Get The Premium 16 Strand Arborist Climbing Rope For Quality Tree Services!

Pelican Rope Arborist-24 7/16 inch (11mm) Climbing Rope - 7,000 lb Tensile Strength - 24-Strand Lightweight Tree Rope for Climbing - Tree Pulling Rope - 150 ft.
9.3/10 Our Score

As an arborist, can you think of your jobs without a climbing rope?

Fortunately, no one. But most of the arborist got bored trying the worst quality ropes.

Now relax, this polyester rope won’t make you dissatisfy anymore. Yes, high tensile strength, protecting covers, heat resistant ability, low quality braided core make this rope considerable instead of having lots of ropes available in the market.

The tensile limits start form 7k ponds with 24 strands to 7.12k pounds with 16 strands. One thing, more than 40 years, these brands are working with no rest just for developing exact quality to its customers. Proudly their brand is certified by the ISO.

Oh, it cares about the arborist flexibility that why comes with 24 strands. You know these strands make the rope enough smooth and comfortable to hold.

It’s hard to discover its cons as this rope focus on customer satisfaction only. Oh the tensile strength bit less comparing other stated ropes in this list. So make it your choice if you need less tensile strength. By the way, you can go to others as you have options.

  • Variety of length picking expected one.
  • Provides extra comfortability to the arborists.
  • Quality braided cores.
  • No heat or abrasion can cause any harm
  • ISO Certified that announces quality
  • Great customer supports

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7. Yacht Braid Premium Polyester– Overall Cheap Spliced Eye Tree Climbing Rope!

Yacht Braid Premium Polyester Rope 1/2 inch, Blue
9.4/10 Our Score

Won’t it make you happy if you got double braided rope for your next climbing?

Undoubtedly, it will make your cheers! Fortunately, the blue ox released this rope with a double braided core to make it more durable and long-lasting.

Not so weighty at all; instead it’s handy. Oh, splicing is more relaxed than the other ropes available around you.

It will be a perfect deal if you are seeking high tensile strength ropes as it comes with 8.4k pounds tensile strength. Few customers found a little gap on the core anyway; you have an alternative to contact with support. After all, it’s considerable.

  • Quality cores
  • Made with 100% polyester
  • Easier to handle
  • High tensile strength
  • Provides premium quality
  • spliced eye climbing rope

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Choosing the Best Tree Climbing Rope

best tree climbing rope

Climbing rope is not a rope; rather, it’s life-saving material that every arborist understands deeply. That’s because thousands of arborists mainly seek quality ropes, not a cheap one, but most of them experience the worst quality of ropes.

By the way, the following things will surely help you find the best climbing rope available in the market to take the next challenge.


The material is what the product is made from. And this makes a big difference, not just to the rope’s strength and longevity, but also its price.

There are some modern rope essentials like polyester, nylon, or others. But only focus on polyester or nylon-made ropes. As these are less stretchy but long lasted.

Rope Shell

Few ropes cover available those are made usually that works not so good. But quality ropes contain the high-end shell. Oh, it’s simple to ask why I need a quality shell?

Well, the shell protects the ropes from outer hits, frictions, abrasion, or UV rays and what’s not actually.

This shell increases the rope’s life a minimum of 3x longer than usual. But we, the arborist, don’t pay any heed to this rope shell in some cases. Honestly, it’s a must need factor to ensure before every single purchase.

Tensile Strength

best tree climbing rope

The higher the tensile strength, the higher will be the working ability. Tensile strength varies ropes to ropes and model to model. But the idea is to pick the tensile one.

For 100 to 150 feet ropes 6.5 to 8.5k pound tensile strength is perfect. But if you get more, then it’s your luck. One thing never considers tensile strength instead ensure this high.


Strands make the ropes stronger and more durable. Some ropes have fewer strands, and some have more. No reason when cores are well.

But if someone expects the best possible quality, he or she considers the strands. Try to pick more strands of ropes as it helps to hold the rope easily.

Is it a Must to Choose an Eye-Friendly Color?

To answer it directly, it’s a must. But simple to have confusion and eagerness to explore the reasons working behind it.

However, no one has any schedule of accidents; instead, they can occur at any time. That’s why every arborist should be careful about their works.

If someone selects ash color ropes, he or she is in danger. The reason is simply that this color is not yet clearly visible when working. That’s because cutting tools can cut this thinking it is a part of a tree or anything bad can occur.

For this reason, need a highly visible color that is crystal clear when working or mainly this rope helps the arborist or climber to think out their road map.

To cover up all the things, you must ensure eye-friendly visible color even if you are buying for recreational purposes.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a list of quality ropes that will boost your service automatically. One thing, it’s right that you have a list of high ropes but do the math with your demands. You should go for only the best-matched rope according to your mind.

However, to do your math quickly, check out SG Knots Arborist Bull Rope, take it into consideration and hopefully, let you get your top quality rope!