Best Tree Climbing Spikes (in 2022): Top 8 Arborist Picks

Spikes, one of the most important materials for spiking or climbing trees from small to large. Now it’s important to choose the best spikes set as your safety depends on its quality while climbing trees.

So before choosing any spike set first check its built material and the brand as it is trustable or not. Also, see some customer reviews and their opinion on that product.

Now to help you out here I researched a longer period and finally made a list of real products that deliver the best quality for tree climbing.

So you can confidently continue with us till the end and pick out the perfect spikes according to your demands.


Best Tree Climbing Spikes In 2021

If you are in a hurry here’s a quick list of the 8 best tree climbing spikes:

  1. Buckingham Steel Spur Kit– Get the Extra Big Buck Pads
  2. Klein Tools Tree Climber Set– Multiple Climbing Essentials at One Purchase!
  3. Evoke Gear Spike Set– Get Aluminum Spurs For Next Bravely Spiking!
  4. Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike Set– Offering The Advance Features!
  5. Gecko Climbers– A professional Climbing kits sponsored by Gecko!
  6. Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike– Get The Climbing Hero on Your Budget!
  7. Sport Climbers Spikes– Sky-rocket You Tree Climbing with This Power Booster!
  8. Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike Set Pole Climbing Spurs Climber Adjustable

Don’t skip any of them as we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for you!

Compare Our Top 3 Choice for Tree Climbing Spikes

Our Choice

Steel Spur Kit with Big Buck Pads

Steel Spur Kit with Big Buck Pads


  • Lightweight functionality
  • Easily climb
  • High magnetic gaff guards
Popular Brand

Klein Tools Tree Climber Set

Klein Tools Tree Climber Set


  • Very sharp and sturdy
  • Durable and lasts long
  • Secure and fastens well
Most Affordable

Sport Climbers

Sport Climbers


  • Suitable for most trees
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Affordably priced

8 Best Tree Climbing Spikes 2021 Reviews

1. Buckingham Steel Spur Kit – Get The Extra Big Buck Pads – Most Comfortable Tree Climbing Spikes!

Steel Spur Kit with Big Buck Pads
9.9/10 Our Score

Still, don’t you get any clue about the construction materials of the spike?

Hopefully, you got it. It’s the stainless steel that allows your spiking easier and confidential.

By the way, some of us think about the limitation weight it can bear. It’s widely capable of carrying 350 pounds at a time. So no matter what’s your weight hopefully it would be a perfect one.

Climbers become happy because of their multiple working capabilities. Because this spike you can use in tree climbing, pole climbing so many purposes.

Buckingham always cares about its reputation and quality. All of your received tools will be well-equipped and perfectly packaged.

People find this product great because no shin pressure means no pain or suffering at all. You may think the price bit high but trust me it’s fair with its high standard quality.


  • Comfortable bucking pads
  • Giving an extra carrier bag
  • Well-efficient spikes
  • Long-last and durable metal
  • Ensure journey full of ease and happiness

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2. Klein Tools Tree Climber Set – Multiple Climbing Essentials At One Purchase!

Klein Tools CN1907ARL Tree Climber Set with Pole Climbers, Leg Irons, Climbing Gaffs, Climber Pads, Straps, Gaff Spikes, Stirrups
9.5/10 Our Score

No words need to explain the brand reputation of Klein Tools because it’s an established famous brand that is promised to provide quality.

Guff or spikes is not necessary rather quality spikes or guff are mandatory for every single spiking you go for. Hope you got the hidden gist.

However, this Klein Tools made a climbing set offering you a list of surprises. To be more specific, there are cushioned pads, straps, hooks, spikes, and so on.

All of their tools are made with high-end quality. For instance, pads are made with 100% upper graded leather ensuring the comfort level.

Besides, nylon pads last longer than usual. The stirrup is enough to wide for better foot support when you need it. The spikes’ quality surely satisfies any climber.

You should wear climbing boots; otherwise, you may feel pain for a long journey. Oh one thing, you will be happy because it won’t slip instead you spike on multiple trees at a time. However, if you are someone professional, this one would be the best choice.


  • Variety of sizing options.
  • High-end leather pads.
  • Reasonable price
  • You can easily replace the gaffs/spikes
  • Capability of providing professional services

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3. Evoke Gear Spike Set – Get Aluminum – Best Pole Climbing Gaffs/Spurs

Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spur/Spike Set Pole Climbing Spurs Adjustable Pro Harness Lanyard
9.5/10 Our Score

Evoke Gear, a famous brand, come with this premium spiking set at a lower price than the spikes available in the market with the same features.

These kits are offering you a pair of graffs including pole or tree graffs. You don’t think much about the hight as it comes with adjustable height. The construction materials are enough light-weight and handy.

Have you ever slipped when spiking? It’s so risky, you know. In some rare cases, it can occur death accidentally. To handle it confidently, you need this extra spike set to stay your maximum safety. Lots of climbers got this spike set as non-slippery even you climbing multiple trees at a time.

Won’t you be much happy if you find this spike more than your expectations? Of course, you will. By the way, this spike set gives extra shelter to the climber when they are on the journey.


  • Aluminum made spurs lasts longer comparing others
  • Two-sided pole make spiking easy
  • Price is considerable
  • No slippery
  • User-friendly design

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4. Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike Set – Review Offering The Advance Features!

Tree Climbing Spike Set Aluminum Climbing Spurs Adjustable Extra Pole Gaff Evoke
9.1/10 Our Score

If you want to wear something lightweight while climbing, this spike set can be the right one for your preference.

Aluminum Spikes
Made of high strength aluminum, these don’t feel heavy like conventional metal ones. But this doesn’t compromise with the durability in any way. Evoke used high strength aluminum to withstand whatever the situation throws at it.

No matter whether it’s tall or short trees that you climb most often, you will find this set very reliable.


You don’t want your legs to feel numb due to the pressure of the lower straps on your back leg. To make sure you feel comfortable all the way, this spike pair has comfortable padding with velcro straps to fit your size perfectly.

The padding is wide enough to provide added comfort no matter how long it takes you to finish the task.


Apart from velcro straps adjustments, you can also adjust its height as you feel comfortable. Each joint can be adjusted according to the climbing requirements, whether it’s high or low climbing.


Apparently, the spike set looks stunning. It got black and red color combination along with leather straps. Tree graffs and black pole graffs are also included with this gear.


  • Offering high-quality spikes
  • 100% polyester made harness
  • Comfortable pads
  • Premium quality climbing line
  • Price is comparatively cheaper than its providing quality

  • Durable aluminum material
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable height
  • Wide pad
  • Velcro strap
  • The leather straps aren’t much durable

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5. Gecko Climbers – A Professional Best Tree Climber Kits Sponsored By Gecko!

Gecko Tree Climbers
9.4/10 Our Score

Yes, you will find many of their products related to climbing trees, rock or others. I’m telling you that all are made with maximum quality but most of them.

You shouldn’t trust the brand reputation instead use this as a metrics of finding the best spike as reputed brands deliver quality mostly.

This spike comes with ideal height and weight covering capability. The weight limit is 400 pounds, that’s undoubtedly more than you. Isn’t it?

The leg straps are made with ease and comfort that feel you calm and motivated work. The leather-made belt lets you keep with the trees safely.

Finding cons is harder as I didn’t get silly of the error on my 2 years of use. But note the point, start climbing on a perfect angle; otherwise, it can slip on any while. Oh if you are a professional one, then no excuse, go for this to get the gist of the next climbing.


  • User-friendly design
  • No pain or sufferings
  • Longer safety with a bunch of ease
  • Reasonable price comparing the quality
  • Perfect for tree climbing

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6. Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike – Cheap Tree Climbing Spikes, Get The Climbing Hero on Your Budget!

Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike Set Aluminum Pole Climbing Spurs Climbers
9/10 Our Score

One key thing you need to make sure before climbing is to wear a lightweight spike set so that it doesn’t make your legs feel numb while climbing. This spike set is designed to keep it lightweight and much comfortable for you.

Aluminum Build

The spike set is made of high strength aluminum material to keep the weight to a minimum while climbing. Even though it’s lightweight, Evoke Gear makes sure that the durability isn’t compromised on this. You will find it durable enough to withstand intensive force and pressure with ease.

Wide Pads

The very first thing that makes a spike set great is its comfort. Evoke Gear made this tree climbing gear keeping that in mind. These are wide and comfortable to wear pads that will make your legs feel very comfortable no matter how long it takes to climb the tree.

In addition to that, it features Velcro straps to provide your legs a perfect fit regardless of your body type.


Like most good-quality spike sets, this one also allows you to adjust its height according to your preference and comfort. Even if you need to set different heights while climbing, you will find it very convenient for allowing you to do that.


Even though the straps on this set aren’t made of leather, still, the combination of rubber and plastic will hold up well regardless of the conditions.


  • Awesome built quality
  • Durable and affordable
  • Sharpest spike helps in steady spiking
  • Breathable pads help in a longer journey
  • Handy spikes that no need extra energy
  • Lightweight aluminum spikes
  • Wide comfortable pads
  • Adjustable height
  • Velcro straps on pads
  • Cuffs are made of plastic

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7. Sport Climbers Spikes – Sky-Rocket Your Tree Climbing With This Power Booster!

Pair of Sport Climbers
8.5/10 Our Score

You will get lots of spikes available in the market. But this will amaze you, especially for its super jumping power.

The elegant finish lets you climb on any tree without any confusion. The journey never ends thanks to its high comfort level and inspires you to rise for an extended period.

You are thinking about pain or anything else because of the more extended use of the spikes? You are slightly right. But this one differs from those types of spikes and will undoubtedly cause no pain or anything, just the cool and great feelings.

The raw materials are the high-end quality with excellent working capabilities. By the way, this one is comparatively the fastest spikes to climb the tree at this time.

Look for the exact size first. Otherwise, it can hurt your ankles. One important to remind, someone finds it not dig deep in some angle error cases. That’s why do it on a perfect angle for deeper digging and a safe journey when you are climbing.


  • Versatile working capability
  • High-end building materials
  • Overwhelming quality
  • Faster climbing ability
  • Perfect for all types of trees especially pine trees

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8. Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike Set Pole Climbing Spurs Climber Adjustable

Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike Set Pole Climbing Spurs Climber Adjustable Long Graff
9.3/10 Our Score

Tree climbing is a highly risky job that requires you to have proper gear before attempting to reduce injury. Evoke Gear seems to understand this fact well, and came up with this metal spur set to provide you security as well as comfort.

Metal Construction

This pair of spikes are made of high strength metal to bear the loads and toughness of climbing without much issue. Unlike cheaply made ones, the metal doesn’t easily break due to pressure and force. Even if you are a pretty heavier person, you can rely on these spikes.

Leather Straps

To suit the toughness of metal spikes, the Evoke Gear used 100% genuine leather to make the straps. You will find that the straps are sturdy enough to handle whatever situation you throw onto it.

Compared to the conventional ones that are made of artificial leather, it will last much longer and provide you great climbing experience.

Adjustable Height

You can adjust the height as per your body demands to get a perfect and secure fit. Apart from that, the sleeve and leg iron connections are also adjustable for you to use it more conveniently.

Comfortable Padding

To provide you with a comfortable tree climbing experience, this spike set has a soft padding that will feel much comfortable on your legs. You can also replace the pads if you need thicker pads.

  • Highly durable metal construction
  • Adjustable height
  • The straps are made of durable quality leather
  • Pads aren’t much thick

How To Choose The Best Tree Climbing Spike

No one is capable of buying the best tree climbing spikes without an in-depth roadmap or guide because you will find thousands of products featured by hundreds of brands with a badge of “Top Notch.”

Unfortunately, they don’t bear a little proportion of quality; instead, it is just cheap marketing to attract customers.

Don’t hesitate rather keep the following toots on your minds and get an expected spike with a bunch of smiles.

Lightweight Or Heavy?

Do you know why the arborist suggests a lightweight spike set?

The reason is the open secret. But still many of us do the same error by choosing a heavily weighted spike. The suffering secret is revealed when they use it on the continuous term. The main problem they face is immense pain and ankle discomfort.

In some serious cases, they suffer from a minor fracture as well as waste lots of bucks.

Hopefully, you got how important the light-weight spikes are for climbing whether for tree climbing, pole climbing, or rock climbing.

That’s why every climber we request deeply just for picking a light-weight one because this will let them working next steps successfully.

Build-Materials: Matters Most For Longer Lasting

Is there anyone who doesn’t want long-lasting spikes?

Hopefully, you won’t get a single one. Every buck we use purchasing the spikes is valuable. That’s why no joke about build materials.

Most of the manufacturers providing aluminum-made spikes and others featuring stainless steel-made spikes.

But few manufacturers don’t express their raw materials very clearly. Be strict enough about these types of cheapy brands.

Keep in mind that real reputed brands always focus on gathering client satisfaction; that’s why they share their utmost understanding of their quality and brands.

That’s because we suggest everyone double-check the build materials. Personally, our team made the best experience with aluminum-made high-quality spikes. For instance, Klein Tools Tree Climber Set would be a suitable pick.

Gaffs Sizes: Saves You From Slippery

This one is another essential metric to explore the best tree climbing spikes. For spiking, quality gaffs determine the roadmap for climbers. You know reports say most of the accident occurs in tree climbing is for the improper gaffs.

People are unaware of sizes and dimensions. It’s common sense, and the more sharpen the gaffs, the more it can dig. Unfortunately, climbers don’t understand this simple case.

However, for your safety, please be wise enough to judge which one is better for you. Little gaffs don’t work better in some cases. So it would be better to select the large gaffs.

One thing to keep in mind, don’t use gaffs when walking instead use them only when spiking. These techniques reduce the risk of a slippery accident.

Shin Pad: Key For Comfortable Journey

Removing big trees need more time and energy than the smaller one. In this case, climbers need to work the whole day long wearing all the gear.

Yes, this is the point of getting a well-made, comfortable shin pad.

Few of us don’t think so great the shin pads or leg straps. But still, it’s matters. Wearing leg straps help you hanging with the tree and make your climbing easy. But when the pad is non-breathable, byte time it will feel bitter to you.

To cover up this suffering, you need a comfortable pad with advanced features. For instance, we recommended cushioned pads that are breathable and long-lasting too.

Choosing Height: Make A Perfect Deal

Oh, have you ever thought about height?

It’s must need metrics for every climber you know. Because, when the size doesn’t fit you, then the entire investment goes to hell.

To fix it up, you should change your options. You may find spikes with two common characterizes one is adjustable height, and another is non-adjustable.

You should choose the adjustable one to suits you perfectly. By the way, never picked non-adjustable sp[ikes that will surely make you a sufferer nothing else.

Some Things To Be Cautious Of

Lots of brands hide their worst behavior, preferably present false advertising to get more sales. For this type of product, climbers face so many problems. To make it specific, one of our teammates make the same mistake, and his ankle got injured for three months.

On the other hand, their packaging is not well-equipped which makes confusion about its quality. Mainly you should check the reviews and then consider if it suits you well with an overall high score of good ratings.

Tip: Don’t trust all the reviews randomly as many fake reviews are available. So judge it by the real review and combining your expectation levels.

Others: Don’t Skip! It Can Upgrade Your Choice

If you think yourself enough now to find the best one, you can skip this part. But it’s necessary to keep in mind that nothing is valueless when it’s knowledge.

In this part, our team researched the minor factors to consider when buying tree climbing spikes, such as accessories, carrier bags, and others.

These are a bonus, not mandatory. That’s why you should sacrifice when you got all the essential metrics perfectly.

There is some reputed brand that offers carrier bags and optional accessories to make their customers happy actually.

So it would be a wise decision to choose those types of kits only when they meet all the essential requirements first.

Quality Or Price: Which One To Consider?

So you are finally on the climax of finishing the go-getter’s guide for quality spikes. But the final battle is running your mind is quality vs. price.

I know well the feelings of this moment. But to make you clear, recommending you focus on quality first.

Our respectable member, Jeffs, bought a set of spikes on his budget that were low quality got damaged within a few months. Unfortunately, all of his bucks went into the garbage.

We suggest you ensure the quality of your welfare as we don’t want someone to waste money like Jeffs.

Pole Spikes Vs Tree Spikes

The pole spikes and tree spikes both are two different things. The pole spikes are shorter than tree spikes. Tree spikes have bark. On the other hand, pole spikes do not have this.

You can read best climbing sticks.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Do climbing spikes hurt trees?

Yes, climbing spikes hurt trees. Climbing spikes make holes in the trees that injure the tree’s fundamental tissue. These spikes made holes/wounds sometimes support unnecessary water-sprouts. Climbing spikes leave permanent defects in your trees that may reduce your wood’s value.

Climbing spikes may infect healthy trees with inflectional diseases. Though climbing spikes are numerously used by tree pruning workmen, they should be avoided.

How do I climb a palm tree with spikes?

If you want to climb the palm tree with spikes, then you have to check about your personal protection equipment, check your climbing spikes and their pole holes. Tighten the pole hole according to adjust it with your legs.

Climbing palm trees with spikes should be avoided because it does not provide you a quick climb-down facility during an emergency like an insect’s cut or you cut yourself.

How do I adjust climbing spikes?

Tree climbing spikes have their left & right side, and you have to be careful while bringing them together. Climbing spikes include climber pads, climber straps, steel split ring, wide stirrup, and safety belt gear. You have to adjust them by following proper instructions for your safe tree climbing.

How to put on tree climbing spikes?

After adjusting the climbing spikes equipment together, it is ready to use. You have to put your toes on the climbing stirrup and then fasten the climber strap near your anklet tightly. The next thing you have to do is attach the upper belt tightly as well.

You have successfully put on your climbing spikes, and you are ready to climb trees.

How do I strap on my climbing spikes?

You need to strap your climbing spikes to ensure safe tree climbing action. If you want to strap on your climbing spikes, then you need to fasten your climbing strap near your anklet, and then fasten the upper strap tightly in the same way. You should strap your climbing spikes as tightly as possible.

Lose traps can cause an accident during climbing trees.

Should I use climbing spikes while pruning trees?

Climbing spikes should be avoided during tree pruning though maximum professional/ non-professional workmen use climbing spikes while pruning trees. Using climbing spikes during tree pruning is easy and costs less than other tree climbing equipment.

Though it looks as if using climbing spikes saves your money, but it causes a significant loss to your trees. Climbing spikes leave the wound mark on your trees that diminish their money value in the future. So, you should not use climbing spikes while pruning trees.

Are tree gaffs and pole gaffs the same?

No, tree gaffs and pole gaffs are not the same though both of them are manufactured for tree climbing action. Both of them are almost similar in design except for tree gaffs used for thick-barked trees; on the other hand, pole gaffs are suitable for thin-barked trees.

Tree gaffs having weird high-heel angles according to many users when pole gaffs having a flat angle.

Is it ok to use pole gaff for a tree-climbing action?

Using pole gaffs for tree climbing is ok. Pole gaffs are suitable for thin-barked trees like palm trees, but you can use them for thick-barked trees like redwoods. Using pole gaffs during tree climbing is similarly accepted by tree climbers. Actually, many climbers prefer pole gaffs for tree climbing to tree gaffs.

What kind of trees should be spiked while climbing?

Climbing spikes are harmful to trees, but many people use climbing spikes for tree climbing. The right trees for use climbing spikes are palm trees, redwoods, pines, cedars, live oaks, and furs.

Can I use a climbing rope or belt while climbing a tree?

Yes, you can use a climbing rope or safety belt while you climb any tree. A safety belt or climbing rope is highly recommended for tree climbers. A safety belt or climbing rope will save you from every unwanted accident that may occur during tree climbing.

How can you tell if a tree is safe to climb?

There will be no fungus or mushrooms growing on the tree’s trunk. Splits, cracks, deep cavities, missing chunks, etc. are the indicators that you shouldn’t climb the tree.

What do tree climbers get paid?

If you are thinking about considering tree climbing as a profession, you can earn $20,000 to $50,000 per year, which is around $10 to $24 per hour. These figures were found in a survey of self-employed climbers who perform grounds-keeping and landscaping duties.

How to spike the tree while climbing?

As you go up on the tree, bang your legs against the tree. The spikes will immediately get fixed inside the tree.

Wrapping Up

So you are now out of fear and confusion as you covered the list of best tree climbing spikes in 2021. Well, congrats to you but before punching your card, please make sure once you are buying the perfect one. As once you paid, you are a gainer!

Oh one thing, if you want, check this one from our recommendation as lots of benefits we got from this pick. By the way happy spiking!