Biggest Backyard Pools: 25 Most Amazing Pools in America

Few ever have the luxury of having a pool in the backyard. Often the price of getting one is what puts many off.

But what if you could? What if you had the opportunity to have the pool of your dreams? What would it be like?

We have compiled a list of the top 25 of the biggest and most amazing backyard pools in America to serve as an inspiration.

Biggest Backyard Pools in the United States 

1. The Sanctuary 

The Sanctuary Camelback Mountain
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Arizona’s Paradise Valley is adorned with this sleek masterpiece of a pool. The Sanctuary sits on Mount Camelback, amidst a plantation of artistic cabanas and rich flora.

The encased pool is a splendid sight to behold and as the name implies serves as a sanctuary to the many guests who visit to grace its waters. 

2. Omni Grove Park

Omni Grove Park
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Asheville’s Grove Park is situated in the Appalachian table lands, North Carolina. The park is a leisure subterranean resort, with one of the biggest natural backyard pools in America.

Omni Grove Park mineral pool comes with alcoves, optic stars and waterfalls, to help rejuvenate its visitors. 

3. Caesar’s Palace

Caesar's Palace
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This Las Vegas hangout is often called the garden of the gods. It offers one of the biggest backyard pools in America, with seven extravagant pools.

Each pool has separate watering inlet, and a unique feel. 

4. The Joule

The Joule
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Located in Dallas, The Joule is a rooftop pool nestled in a crest of skyscrapers, towering the beautiful Main Street.

It has a window frame at one end and allows you to swim as though above the skies.

5. Viceroy Miami

Viceroy Miami
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While this is the longest, it doesn’t boast of being the biggest backyard pool in America. It has double sided, large thermal whirlpools.

It sits under skyline condos and a lush flora. The Biscayne Bay view makes a memorable evening hangout. 

06. Amangani

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The stunning jacuzzi is situated in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It is a 115-foot pool overlooking the Teton range.

The pool’s temperature is set at 80 degrees, to be warm in winter and temperate in summer. Being one of the biggest backyard pools, it is a lovely place to watch the sun go down.

7. The Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget
Photo credit: Heiko Tobien, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This is one of a kind three-storied pool, is fitted with a shark tank, solo cabanas, and stunning waterfall.

Its shark tank is a thirty-foot aquarium, with 16 species of sharks and 300 kinds of fish. It is an impressive sight and one of the biggest backyard pools in America.

8. Post Ranch Inn

Post Ranch Inn Big Sur
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Big Sur boasts of the biggest backyard pool in California. It’s a romantic pool located on the cliffs. The pool encloses a temperate jacuzzi, always kept at 104 degrees, and seems to stretch into the skyline.

9. Historic Tropical Beauty

Historic Tropical Beauty
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This is a modern 1850 home in Florida. It was restored and replenished with new additions, mostly the pool.

The pool is apt for the timeframe the house was designed. It’s adorned with rich tropical landscapes, suitable for a retreat. 

10. Green Roof Pool House

Green Roof Pool House
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This is a modern pool in Texas. A steely limestone design is used to deck the pool, while the interior is made of mosaic tiles.

The insides have tubed stools and the exterior features waterfalls, stones, and colorful plants.

11. Key West Pool

Key West Pool
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There’s no better place to experience natural landscape than here. It’s one of the biggest backyard pools in the city, designed with pebbles on the surfacing.

Pure coral stones are used for paving and decking the pool.

12. River View

River View
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This is a lap pool, nestled within Connecticut stones. Nestled in a private condo, the pool allows you a solemn view of the Greenwich River. The pool is exclusively designed for spas and exercise. 

13. Old Naples Beach Pool

Old Naples Beach Pool
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The pool is finished with natural pebbles and compliments the azure water that reflects the horizon. The pool pavements are made in a way that won’t burn your feet even under the hot Florida sun.

14. Moonlight Swim

Moonlight Swim
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With its superb lighting, this Dallas modern mini pool is alluring for night swimming. It is flanked on the sides by corner walls, elevated as patios, for your easy entry into the pool. 

15. L-Shaped Luxury

L-Shaped Luxury
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This has “floating” sidewalls, and an artistic fountain.

While it’s not among the biggest backyard pools, its small L-shaped design makes it an outstanding mini pool, Texas has to offer. The glacial light works and fountains portray the pool’s splendor.

16. Italianate Pool

Italianate Pool
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The Italian-styled pool features several fun designs. It is among the biggest backyard pools in California. The pool has urns, fountains, and sculptures. 

17. Brick Yard

Brick Yard
Image source: Littlehampton Bricks from Pexels

The exquisite pool is designed inside a rectangle, decked with bricks all through. Integrated into this Texas pool is an equally brick-lined spa, to add to visitors’ pleasure. 

18. Backyard Theme Park 

Backyard Theme Park 
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Located in Oklahoma, this property houses one of the biggest backyard pools in the US. The azure family pool is surrounded by marble-like concretes.

Also, setting it apart is the thick flora and fauna, giving it a splendid view.

19. Indoor Inground

Indoor Inground
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Do you want the feeling of sliding through currents of water, but hate being outside? This New Jersey Pool is a veritable answer.

Here, mild sunrays slide in through the window, while you’re gliding in the pool’s soothing waters indoors. 

20. Rock And Boulders

Rock And Boulders
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One of the biggest backyard pools in California is the Rock and Boulders. Here guests slide through the 30 feet tube and land with a big splash in the glacial pool. 

21. Hansen Dam Recreation Center 

Hansen Dam Recreation Center
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The remodeled backyard pool with modern-day cabanas has a magnificently designed fountain around it.

Being amongst the biggest backyard pools in California, its outdoor kitchen sends heat and flavors to the pool area.

22. French Countryside Pool

french countryside pool

This curvy-designed backyard pool is a family property. The builders adorned the pavements with synthetic grass, in place of pebbles. 

23. The Ridgewood Pool

Ridgewood pool

This is about the biggest backyard pool in Ridgewood, New Jersey. With glacial waters and thick grasses that spread to the pool edges, it’s quite some piece of architecture.

24. Beach Entry 

Beach entry houston

The curvy design and bubbly currents make the pool an exquisite place in Houston.

Beach Entry’s pool has two compartments, the upper compartment gushes down temperate water as you soak your feet.

25. Grand Wailea Resort

Grand wailea

Located in Maui this resort features six waterfalls, a Tarzan rope swing, hot tubs, caverns, and the world’s first water elevator. 


Have you had a splendid time going through this list of sizzling swimming pools? I think so!

And I don’t see why you shouldn’t plan your dream home with a pool in your backyard. It doesn’t have to be as huge or grand as the ones in this article. But you can certainly borrow bits and pieces of ideas from these pools.