Best Climbing Harness For Beginners In 2022

Choosing the right climbing harness for the first time can be overwhelming. Not-so-good harnesses can make your whole experience dull, and you might even consider leaving your climbing passion for good.

Hence, if you don’t want to deal with chafing, poor attachment, and wobbly tangled ropes, get yourself the best climbing harness for beginners. Enjoy your outdoor adventures like never before with padded soft harnesses which are sturdy and enhance your comfort level.

But which one is the best? No more sweating; you have found the right article if you are looking for the best-quality harness for beginners that will meet all your needs.

3 Best Climbing Harness for Beginners

You don’t want to mess up your first rock climbing experience with unsatisfactory purchases. So, we have narrowed the list and picked the top-most products for you.

  1. 3M 1113346 DBI-SALA NEX Rope
Best Climbing Harness

Gain confidence and climb to your full potentials with the excellent product by 3M. Their advanced technology provides the ultimate convenience, longevity, and function to the users.

The full-body harness comes in four different sizes to allow flexibility for every body type. It has a low weight of only 420-pound and does not add any extra weight to your body.

Hence, you can use this product for an extended period without feeling fatigued quickly. Moreover, to add to the convenience level, the manufacturer introduced hybrid back, leg, and shoulder comfort padding along with an aluminum D-ring for the back.

The product also features ultra-soft edges that will increase the comfort level and prevent chafing. To ensure ultimate safety, it comes with holstered snap hooks that will break when required to save the climber from tripping.

Furthermore, it has a reflective substance on the front and back, allowing climbers to see clearly in the dark environment.

This incredibly durable body-rope includes long-lasting high-strength materials like repelling webbing and Tech-Lite hardware from aircraft aluminum. It has the capacity to withstand challenging activities daily.

That’s not all; the product comes with water repellent and an abrasion-resistant harness to reduce the contact of mold and dirt. Its moisture-wicking breathable pads will keep you dry and allow good air regulation. Moreover, the quick-connect buckles allow you an easy, hassle-free non-slipping connection.


  • Duo-lock Quick-connect buckles
  • Hybrid comfort padding
  • Water-repellent and abrasion-resistant
  • Repel web
  • Convenient holstered snap hook
  1. PETZL SRT Harness

If you are a new climber, this Pro Sequoia SRT Harness by PETZL is a must-have for you. It offers countless impressive features that will make your whole experience as smooth as silk.

The product comes with a front attachment point that enables a zig-zag prusik. This prusik is installed with knee ascent accessories to increase ease and comfort. Moreover, it features a semi-rigid and wide waistbelt and leg loops to improve the positioning. The soft padding allows comfort during the suspension.

That’s not all; to ensure the highest safety for the user, the company equipped the device with self-locking buckles for the waist and fast LT plus automatic buckles on the legs’ loops. These features allow the climber to fasten and remove the harness quickly and easily.

Furthermore, it comes with many gated attachment points that will easily allow you to fasten with Zillion or Micro flip lanyards. You can also install many accessories directly on the bridge. Another feature known as the mobile side attachment allows you to follow the string’s orientation during sideways movement.

A great thing about this harness is its flexibility. You can also use the versatile harness for carrying work tools. It comes with various instruments and retainers with five slots that enable to attach CARITOOL tool holder. You can even use the retainer to carry a chainsaw and handsaw.


  • Semi-rigid waist belt
  • Mobile side attachment
  • Double back buckles
  • Self -locking buckles
  • CARITOOL holder
  1. Black Diamond Climbing Harness

Upgrade your climbing gadgets with the Big Gun harness by Black Diamond. This comfortable yet durable product will make rock climbing a piece of cake for you. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, this gadget is perfect for everyone.

This is a heavy-duty product that can withstand challenging climbs. It comes with wide and spacious leg straps that grips you well yet allow ample room to breathe.

The leg loops are fully adjustable and removable; hence you can attach them according to your requirement. Moreover, it also includes durable foam pads, which prevent chafing.

Additionally; The product features two high-strength belay loops and 12-kN rated haul-loops that help you have better positioning and offer convenience. Another great thing is it allows enough places to hang essential gears.

It has left and right holster slots, including one space for carrying a hammer. Therefore, you can easily take all of your necessary side tools while climbing.

Furthermore, its thermoformed pad bullhorn waistbelt with trad buckles will allow you to climb faster and enhance your efficiency. Moreover, you can use this versatile product for indoor climbing too. The minimalistic design makes it the perfect harness for small indoor climbing games.

However, this product is a bit pricier than typical harnesses and also has a little extra weight. The weight is only noticeable if your carry extra gears with you; otherwise, you will not notice the weight.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Adjustable leg straps
  • High-strength belay loops
  • Full strength haul loops
  • Thermoformed foam waist belt

What to Look for Before Buying?

Now that you know about the top-quality harnesses, you should also know the key aspects you should not miss when you go out to buy one. Hence, this buying guide will lead you to the perfect product.


The harness should not be too heavy, even if it is a heavy-duty product. A minimal weight will allow you to carry on for an extended period without feeling fatigued. Most harnesses weigh around 400 to 500 pounds which is a well-balanced weight. So, go for saddles that are lightweight yet sturdy.

Adjustable Vs. Fixed Leg Loops

Fixed loops are generally lighter and easy to carry. So, if your priority is lightweight, you should go for fixed leg loops. However, if you climb in different climates, you might need to put extra layers of clothes or take off layers according to the weather’s demand. So, you should choose products with adjustable leg loops.


Manufacturers are now producing auto-locking safety buckles to ensure better safety for the climbers. Hence, most top-quality products feature duo-lock quick-connect buckles, self-locking buckles along with the traditional double back buckle. Therefore, before buying a harness, it is essential to consider the safety features.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What size climbing harness should I get?

A good-fitting harness rests perfectly over the Iliac Crest. To check the tightness, you should try to pull it down with pressure. If it does not go down, it is a good fit. Moreover, the leg loops should be nicely fitted but not too tight.

  1. When should I buy a new climbing harness?

If you are a professional climber and go on mountain-climbing adventures very often. You should consider replacing your gear after One year. However, if you are an indoor climber or do small range climbing, getting new products after six or seven years is better.

  1. How much weight can a climbing harness hold?

Heavy-duty climbing gears are rated considering force instead of weight because of the nature of use. A rock-climbing gear can hold up to 15kN pf force using the belay loop and 10kN of force with the waist belt. This the minimum requirement that all manufacturing companies must ensure.

  1. How do I choose a harness?

You should choose your gear depending on the nature of the work. For gym and sport climbing, you should use lightweight products with 2 to 4 gear loops. However, trad or multi-pitch climbing demands more gadgets. Hence you should select a product that will allow you to carry a range of accessories.

  1. How long does a Petzl harness last?

The lifespan of a Petzl harness is ten years from the date of manufacture. However, you might have to replace the gear before the given period if you see signs of damage. Hence, you should replace your gears based on the nature and frequency of use.

  1. What can I do with an old climbing harness?

You can use the harness for small household pulling activities. Moreover, ropes always come in handy for many works. You can also consider donating your old gears to charity, pet shelters, or zoos.

  1. Will I be safe when wearing a climbing harness?

Climbing harnesses fail only when the user does not put them on properly. Hence, if you get the right-sized harness and put it on ideally, you will have fewer injuries when you fall.

Final Words

So, now you have a clear idea about the top-quality harnesses and how they work. And hopefully, you will have a good start on your new journey with the top climbing harness for beginners. So, grab your ideal product and climb away with confidence and comfort.