How To Climb A Tree With Spikes: Does It Hurt The Tree?

So you want to learn how to climb tree with spikes?

Most probably, the answer is Yes. However, you will find lots of ways of climbing trees. But still, people search for spiking method or climbing spurs just for its ultra-fast climbing ability with utmost security.

The efficient spikes placed on the tree very quickly and help the climbers continuing his journey with the tank of confident.

Does climbing a tree with spikes hurt the tree?

how to climb trees with spikes

Yes, unfortunately, climbing a tree with spikes do hurt the tree. That’s the reason no one should climb the tree with a spike on pruning purpose. However, happily, you are allowed to climb with spikes only when you are removing the tree.

After all, it’s a popular way of climbing trees as it needs a short period of time and give a safety journey from start to end.

Whatever, go more in-depth and discover the climbing strategy step by step. Oh, never miss the safety tips, and warnings include below.

Let’s go!

Start To End: How To Climb Trees With Spikes

Oh, climber! You know we reached the climax to touch the main point. Be with us and grab it for the next climbing!

1. Get To Prepare Initially

So, you are going out for the next climbing. Great, but few things must be completed perfectly as you are seeking real taste like me.

For first, you should select the climbing spots and trees. Visit the place and care a few things like its environments, besides trees, deadly branches. One thing, surely checks if there are any dangerous things available or not.

Kindly re-check the gears including the flipline, spikes, pads, guff guards, etc if you find the little issue on any gear change or repair it fast.

When the expected day comes, make sure the gear and all essentials with you along. One thing, keep a bottle of water to make the journey fresh.

2. Draft & Finalize The Roadmap

Did you check the roadmap of your journey? You know, experts discourage to sail out without checking the roadmap carefully as accidents can occur at any time.

Form my own experiences; once I was excited enough to go for climbing a fatty tree. However, the day came, and I went out. All of the gears checked thoroughly, but unfortunately I was a fool actually because I didn’t check the road map, that’s why I got on a sudden trap I was temporarily injured.

That’s why requesting you to check the tree very well from start to need if there’s any mushroom, whole, or else.

3. Learning About Perfect Angles

What would be the angle of your spikes when starting the climbing?

Learning about angle will save you from a sudden accident. If the angle is wrong, then you can fall by the slippery or any other incident.

That’s why arborist advice to maintain an ideal angle. However, from research, arborist confirmed that the 30-degree angle of the spike by the tree is perfect to ascending.

But the angle can be more or less depending on the situation. This is an estimated perfect so you will try to place the spikes according to this math.

In short, it needs better angling as more angling helps in placing the spikes on a better form. However, this help in comfortable and relaxing ascending as well as the descending.

4. Set All The Essential Gears

Best Tree Climbing Harness or Saddle

I think you already got that what are the essential gear actually. If not yet, you can check out our 11 essential tree climbing gear to make your journey safe.

However, wear the pads, harness, waist belts. Ensure the adjuster and fliplines. Don’t forget to take your helmet and gluffs. One thing should wear the protection glass to make your eye safe from the dead branches. You can also use tree climbing boots.

You will get differents pants and shirts made for only climbing. Don’t be tight about costing rather prior your happiness first and buy those gears also.

5. Start Climbing With The First Footstep

You are welcome if you did the previous steps successfully. However, now concentrate on your goal and move forward.

You are all set to go. Now bravely place the first spike on the tree one thing place the flipline with the tree. When one spikes placed, never wait rather up another spike and continue spiking.

Oh one thing, stay your leg straight and keep the angle perfect. Rotate the flipline according to your needs.

You shouldn’t concentrate on any other thing instead do it deeply. When completed ascending, take bit rest and water. Complete the work and start descending.

Never make your leg round take it straight and continue going down. Make sure spikes are well set before the next footsteps.

Safety Tips

Stay confident when reached the climax. One thing stays concerned about spiking as there’s a bit risky.


You would know that it’s merely restricted to use spikes on a tree as it hurts and damages essential tissues. Moreover some says spiking help in spreading disease from tree to tree.

So make sure only you use it for cutting or removing purpose only.

Wrapping Up

Congrats! You, a proud climber, successfully completed all the necessary steps about climbing a tree with spikes.

Hopefully, you already planned for next climbing with spikes. If you are doing so, check it our best tree climbing spike for finding the desired one for 2021.

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