Grilling Bacon: 5 Absolute Best Ways to Cook Bacon on the Grill

Since the dawn of time, bacon has been a staple in many people’s diets. Some have even attempted to construct a Baconator from Wendy’s, with no success. The King of all foods is also the King of all Grill-ables.

Grilling bacon can quickly become a sticky mess that leaves you with little to no food at the end.

There are, however, 5 absolute best ways to cook bacon on the grill that will leave you free from any mess and an empty plate when done cooking.

In order to get started properly grilling your bacon, there are a few things you should know:

Do you know the best ways to grilling bacon?

Guidelines for Grilling Bacons

1. Cooking times may vary depending on how exactly crispy you like your bacon (this may affect cooking times).

2. Use a clean grill with a non-stick surface for any of these cooking methods, except aluminum foil.

3. Never throw away bacon grease. It is delicious and should be used as a condiment or just snacked on.

5 Absolute Best Ways to Cook Bacon on the Grill

Take the time to understand each method and consider the best way for you and your family.

1) Grill Grate to the rescue.

While it’s been said that this method may result in some undercooked spots, it will still taste amazing even if slightly chewy.

The good news is that all you need to do is move your bacon around from side to side so no one area gets overcooked. Simple, Just place your piece(s) of bacon on your preheated grill grates and cook each side for approximately 5 minutes.

2) Aluminum foil is your friend.

When cooking bacon on the grill with aluminum foil, you can pretty much guarantee that all sides of your bacon will be cooked thoroughly and evenly.

All you need to do is wrap a few pieces in a sheet of aluminum foil and place them face-up on the grate(s). Cook for about 10 minutes or until desired crispiness has been reached.

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3) Soak it up.

Soaking your bacon in cold water before grilling it may sound strange, but this method actually works quite well when grilling bacon.

Just make sure to use thick-cut bacon so that it won’t fall apart while being soaked.

There are no cooking times for this method. Simply soak your bacon in cold water for about 10 minutes and then place it on the grill to cook.

4) Cook low and slow, just like you would campfire-style.

Slow cooking is a pretty straightforward process when it comes to cooking bacon on the grill.

All you need to do is turn your heat down to a medium setting and cook each side until desired crispiness has been reached.

The main benefit of using this method is that there won’t be any burnt pieces or undercooked pieces since everything cooks relatively slowly together.

There are no particular standards when it comes to how long you’ll want to leave the lid down with this cooking technique either. Just keep an on your bacon while still keeping a close eye on the grill for any flare-ups.

5) Use that lid.

Using a grill with a lid is a great method for cooking bacon because it reduces the risk of your bacon being burnt to a crisp.

Just cook each side until desired crispiness has been reached, making sure to check frequently.

The only downfall when using this method is that there are no real guidelines as to how much time should be spent cooking each side.

It’s best to use this technique when you’re already grilling something else and will always have an eye on the grate in case of any flare-ups or other issues that may come up while cooking your bacon.

Before going out purchasing another brand new grill just for cooking bacon, consider using your existing grill for this task instead.

While grilling bacon may not be an exact science, it can be a fun challenge for BBQ enthusiasts who wish to master each of these techniques in order to get the perfect bacon to bite every time.

So whether you’re cooking up some burgers and fries along with your batch of bacon or you just want to eat it all by itself, remember that there are 5 absolute best ways to cook on the grill.

What temperature should you grill bacon?

It isn’t difficult to cook bacon on the grill, but there are some important factors that you should take into consideration.

First of all, it is important that when cooking bacon on the grill, you ensure that your coals have reached medium heat before placing the slab of meat onto them.

This will allow for even cooking both in thickness and length.

Typically, 350 degrees Fahrenheit will be sufficient for this type of grilling process.

After placing the cut side down onto the coals, it is also best to place another layer directly underneath it.

This ensures even distribution throughout each piece.

When cooking 6 pieces or more at once, you may want to consider using aluminum foil sheets that are doubled up to any meat sticking together.

The best way to grill bacon is by using the indirect heat method.

This means that the cooking grate of your grill should be about 6-8 inches away from the coals, allowing for an even distribution of heat throughout.

If you are cooking smaller pieces of bacon, then placing them on top of a sheet metal rack above the coals may allow more direct exposure.


When grilling bacon, it is important to remember to always control your fire so that it does not become hotter than 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

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If you want crispy strips of bacon, try combining different cooking techniques in order to get the perfect crispiness each time.

You can start by preheating your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit before placing your bacon onto aluminum foil.

This method will result in bacon that is soft on the inside, but crispy on the outside.

You can also use the lid when cooking, which is a great way to add some smoky flavors to your grilled bacon.

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be sure to impress your family and friends when hosting any barbecue events or when enjoying your breakfast meal in peace.