3 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Groundhogs

If you don’t get rid of groundhogs, they can do a lot of damage to your backyard.

Groundhogs are borrowers, which means they live underground. With long front teeth, they can chomp through anything from power cables to irrigation systems.

They have been known to cause serious damage to not just the backyard but also indoor areas such as basements and garages.

In this article, we are going to give the 3 easiest most effective ways to get rid of groundhogs.

However, if you choose to remove the animal from your property please take note that it’s considered illegal in some areas to release a trapped wild animal back into nature without proper clearance from local wildlife authorities.

Source: James Cullen (Flickr)

How do groundhogs behave

Groundhogs are fiercely protective of their territory and will feel threatened by almost anyone, including humans.

If a groundhog feels threatened, its first instinct is to lash out at the opponent in any way possible, which includes biting or attacking with sharp claws.

It is best to leave the situation as soon as possible before the groundhog becomes more aggressive.

How can you get rid of groundhogs in a natural way

there are many natural ways to get rid of groundhogs, we gathered the best three methods that have proven to work.

1. Use peppermint spray

The smell of the peppermint will repel groundhogs in its immediate vicinity in a safe way that won’t harm any other wildlife in your yard.

Fortunately, only the groundhog will feel the effects of this spray because it’s non-toxic to any other animals or humans.

Peppermint oil is very potent which means even the smallest amount will have a large effect.

Groundhogs are not naturally attracted to peppermint so using them together will give an unpleasant smell for unwanted visitors without harming anyone else around you.

2. Use water

Using either a sprinkler or garden hose, you can use the natural element of water to your advantage.

Groundhogs have very small eyes which makes them vulnerable to even just a light spray.

They are not comfortable with any kind of moisture because they are excellent swimmers but terrible at dealing with nature’s version of rain.

The most benefit will be seen if you combine this with another repellent such as peppermint oil because it’s non-toxic and safe for kids, pets, and other wildlife that may want to play in your yard.

3. Use Epsom salt

Epsom salt is non-toxic and can be used on any surface including garden beds, lawns, trees, and even the shed you’re trying to protect from Groundhogs.

The salt will not harm the groundhog or any other animals that might be in your yard.

Your only concern will be the potential for salt damage to plants and vegetation.

Salt is extremely dehydrating for whatever it touches so make sure you don’t accidentally get it on anything you want to keep alive such as trees, flowers, vegetables, and garden beds.

When used alone this is a very effective deterrent but can also be combined with peppermint spray or water to improve its effectiveness.

Now that we’ve shown you how to naturally get rid of groundhogs, let’s move to chemical ways to get rid of groundhogs under the shed.

How to get rid of groundhogs under the shed using chemicals

Using chemical repellents is one of the best ways to deal with Groundhog under your shed.

Source: Mark Moschell (Flickr)

There are two main types that fall into this category.

These are liquid and powder repellents, both of which can be found at your local hardware store or online.

Groundhogs have very small eyes so they will feel threatened by anything that falls into either category because it’s not something they would ever encounter themselves.

1. Liquid repellent

This formula uses peppermint oil as its primary ingredient but contains other substances to ensure the effect lasts longer than just the smell alone.

It has an unpleasant effect on any animal that tries to get near it.

The reason this formula is so effective is that it’s strong enough that all other animals are naturally repelled by the smell but safe enough to not have any lasting effect on them or us.

2. Powder repellent

This formula has a very similar effect as the liquid-repellent except instead of being dispersed through a spray, it’s distributed evenly throughout your lawn using a water-based application.

This allows for better overall coverage and faster results than spraying alone can accomplish without actually harming anything in your yard other than unwanted visitors like groundhogs.

Do groundhogs come out at night

Yes, groundhogs are nocturnal animals.

They do not hibernate during winter and will continue to look for food during the colder months of the year.

People might mistake a groundhog for an opossum because both animals have similar characteristics such as their pointed faces and bushy tail.

What do groundhogs eat

Groundhogs store large amounts of food in their dens during summer and autumn to help them survive through the winter months.

They eat grubs, nuts, insects, grasses, and even small animals such as snakes and small birds.

Like humans, groundhogs need a balanced diet to provide all the nutrients they need for good health.

What do groundhogs sound like

Source: Steve 1828 (Flickr)

Groundhogs will grunt whenever there’s danger nearby.

If you see a groundhog making grunting noises that means it is warning other animals about the possible danger that has been detected nearby.

When pressured by predators such as feral dogs or foxes, groundhogs will make loud shrieking noises to scare them away.

Groundhogs are very social animals and communicate with each other through touch, scent, and vocalization.


Groundhogs aren’t creatures of habit which means they can return to anywhere they’ve already been if their current food supply runs out.

When one groundhog is found, you need to be sure not to leave it unprotected because another one will probably come along eventually.

To make sure your yard is safe from groundhogs for good use both spray and powder repellents together for maximum effect.

These are the most effective ways to naturally get rid of groundhog under shed fast and easy.