How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden: 9 Effective Tips

If you want to maintain a good looking lawn and a healthy garden, you’ll need to find out how to keep rabbits out of your garden.

Rabbits are known for how much damage they can cause to a garden, and it is difficult getting them out once they’ve found their way in.

But with the right information, you won’t have any problems!

This article will provide tips on how to keep rabbits away from your backyard oasis so that you can enjoy gardening worry-free.

How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden

1. Install a fence that’s at least 3 feet tall to keep rabbits out of your garden.

rabbit and fence

Install a fence that’s at least three feet tall to keep rabbits out of your garden.

Most fences are not high enough, and the gaps in between can be big enough for them to squeeze through.

You’ll want it to cover any area around your yard you don’t want bunnies near so that they have no way of entering unless they break down the entire perimeter!

2. Plant taller plants in the garden to make it harder for rabbits to reach them

sunflowers in the garden

Another way to keep rabbits out of your garden is to plant taller plants, such as sunflower or corn, so that they are too high for bunnies to reach.

Plant flowers or herbs that rabbits don’t want to eat, such as lavender and thyme. These plants will keep the animals away because they won’t be tempted by your garden!

3. Install an automatic sprinkler system

automatic sprinkler system

You can also use a motion-activated sprinkler system to scare off any unwanted visitors from going near your yard at night when you’re not home.

An automated sprinkler system around your property line will be able to spray water every time an animal gets close.

This scares them off and keeps them out of the area while you’re gone during the day or asleep at night!

4. Cover your garden with netting when it is not being used so that rabbits can’t get inside

garden netting

Netting can be great as it keeps the pests away from your garden if you are going on vacation or leaving at night for long periods of time when they may start getting hungry.

This stops that problem before it starts so everything stays nice and safe!

The types of netting that can help deter rabbits are chicken wire, hardware cloth, or even fencing.

5. Install a deep fence

deep garden fence

What does it mean by a “deep fence”? Well, most fences are installed by digging in mere inches into the ground. By installing a fence deeper, say by at least one foot in or more, you’ll better protect your garden.

Most people know that rabbits can hop. But did you know rabbits can burrow deep underground too? This is why deep fences may be a good way to stop rabbits from burrowing underneath your fence.

Good fencing that’s buried deep in the soil is a great choice to keep rabbits out of your garden. Find one that’s very sturdy and long-lasting.

Not only does it create a barrier that the rabbit cannot get past, but it’ll also look great in your garden!

6. Use chicken wire around vulnerable plants and flowers

garden chicken wire

Rabbits enjoy eating flowers, young shoots, and vegetables such as peas or beans.

The last thing you want to do is have rabbits ruin your garden! They’ll eat all of your plants until they are nothing more than a memory.

This is why the chicken wire is another great way to stop rabbits in their tracks. It’s inexpensive, easy to install, and can be placed anywhere in your garden. No matter if you have a huge sprawling yard or a small one!

If the area where you live has an issue with rabbits in general, it’s probably best to not grow anything at all since there will be no way for them to get into your property.

But if your green thumb is starting to itch, you can always build a small greenhouse.

7. Place cayenne pepper on top of soil near plants

cayenne peppers

These cute furry mammals can do quite a number on your well-pruned garden that you’ve painstakingly grown from the ground up.

In fact, just one rabbit’s appetite for vegetation could cause an entire crop loss if left unattended over time.

Rabbits will eat almost anything including vegetables such as carrots and potatoes, herbs like cilantro or basil, and even fruits such as strawberries.

If using fencing or chicken wires doesn’t work or you feel it might spoil your garden’s aesthetics, you could try placing cayenne pepper on top of the soil near your plants.

Rabbits have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, which is why putting something that has such a strong scent will be a good way to keep them away.

8. Put up an electric wire along the outside of your fence

electric fence

So, what if a regular fence or chicken wire doesn’t work?

Try an electrified fence! Don’t worry, most electric fences aren’t designed to kill, maim, or downright fry the animal on the fence with high voltage.

Electric wires only have a small voltage that’s just enough to give a tiny zap to animals, like that darned little rabbit.

9. Get a cat

get a cat to keep rabbits away

If nothing works, bring out the big guns: adopt a cat from your local shelter or breeder. Cats love hunting small animals, and this will keep them away for good.

Plus, how cute is that? You’ll finally have someone who’s ready and willing to defend their territory without hesitation – how could you say no?

Final Thoughts

Rabbits are probably one of the cutest little mammals you’ll ever meet. But it could also be one of the most destructive forces your beautiful garden will ever experience.

The ideas and solutions we’ve outlined in this article to keep rabbits out of your garden can be used in any type of backyard.

You can use one or several of them, depending on your budget, whether you’ll be DIY-ing or hiring someone to install, and if the rabbits are still causing a lot of damage to your garden.

But trust me, if done well, any one of these solutions here will most definitely help keep those bunnies away from your backyard.