How to Make a Dreamy Fairy Garden Pond

A fairy garden pond is usually a miniature artistic sculptor that’s so small you can hold it in your hands. But what if you can create a slightly bigger version and place it in your garden?

Do you want to transform your garden into a magical haven? What you need to do is learn how to make a fairy garden pond.

The best part about creating these beautiful miniature water ornaments is that you can go any direction you want. You can add anything you want, from tiny colorful beads and other trinkets to small plants.

So, in the guide below, we’ve shared the basics for creating one, allowing you to add the elements you want to after.

Fairy garden pond

Fairy Garden Pond Ideas

You can create different types of fairy garden ponds. You can use various tools such as PVA glue, white paint, or podge glossy for creating ripple water effects.

Using water effects, you can design still water that mimics a pond, puddle, lake, or deep river.

You can also create flowing water similar to a fountain or waterfall. Alternatively, you can go for real water effects by creating a fairy garden pond with a pump.

1. How to Make a Fairy Garden Pond with Still Water

This first idea involves making a fairy garden pond with a still water design.

Tools That You Need

  • Various sizes of rocks – including small, medium, and large rocks
  • The base for your pond – it can be a large flat rock or large container
  • Blue acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • PVA glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint palette

Step 1: Create The Pond Base

How To Make A Fairy Garden Pond, Create the Pond Base

Put blue and white paint on the palette and paint the top of the flat, large rock to create the base of the pond.

The color combination should create a water design with ripple wave effects. Let the painted part dry before moving on to the next stage.

Step 2: Create a Perimeter

This last step involves creating a perimeter wall with different-sized rocks to establish the pond’s wall.

Step 3: Put Together Large Rocks on the Base

When the top has dried, arrange the large rocks around the rim at the top of the painted flat rock. Focus on fitting the rocks into the ridges and grooves of the flat rock for a more realistic look.

Step 4: Add Medium-Sized Rocks

After filling the entire base with the large rocks, the next step is to add the medium-sized rocks to fill any gaps left behind. For a more natural look, try to integrate different shades of medium-sized rocks.

Step 5: Finish Up with Smaller Rocks

Finish up the pond with the smaller rocks. You can use these pebble-sized rocks to create accents you want. For example, you can layer a pile of rocks on one end.

How to Make a Fairy Garden Pond

Step 6: Add Some Final Decor Detail

So, what makes a pond a fairy pond? That’s easy – add some fairies! This is the last stage to transform the design into a fairy garden pond by adding several accent details.

You can add some miniature fairies (if you’d like but definitely not mandatory), small patches of plant, sparkly stones or beads to add some color or a small mock bridge.

2. How to Make a Fairy Garden Pond with Pump

This type of miniature pond for fairy gardens involves using a pump. You will use several makeshift tools and materials to create a realistic working pump mechanism.

Thus, when you turn on the pump, a smooth flow of water escapes the watering can into the container placed underneath the stones to fill the pond with water.

Tools That You Need

  • Commercially available small pond pump (H-max of 12 inches)
  • 12-15 inch fountain pump hose
  • Plastic shoebox with a lid
  • Toy watering can
  • Toy garden bench
  • Cable ties
  • Wire mesh
  • Different size stones to cover the shoebox
  • Plastic ivy to conceal the water hose
  • Electric drill with ¾-inch drill bits
  • Decor items such as beads, artificial coy fish, artificial plants

Step 1: Set Up the Pump

Start setting up the water feature. The water feature mechanism should involve water flowing through the pump, up the hose, into the watering can and out the spout onto the pond, making its way back to the shoebox.

This step involves setting up the pump. Start by drilling multiple holes into the plastic shoebox. These holes are where water will pass through when returning to the shoe box from the pond.

Lastly, include two large holes on either end of the shoebox lid. The holes will be used for the pump’s electric cord and water hose.

Step 2: Make the Connections

Place the pump into the shoebox, which acts as the water reservoir, and place it behind the garden bench. Connect the fountain pump with the hose and attach the other end of the hose to the watering can.

Place the watering can on the garden bench. You want to set up your pond to access an outdoor power outlet so you can connect the pump.

Step 3: Test the Connections

Before moving on to the next step, check the connections to ensure they work. Make sure the following is done;

  • The watering hose should be completely inside the watering can to prevent any spills.
  • The water spout should protrude from the bench’s edge so water flows into the shoebox below.
  • If the pressure is too high that water overflows in the watering can, reduce the pressure on the pump
  •  If the flow is too low, increase the pressure or shorten the length of the water hose.

Step 4: Arrange Everything to be Neat

After checking that the mechanism works, secure the watering can with cable ties. You also want to make the pond look neat, to conceal the pump by digging a hole to accommodate the lip of the shoe box.

When you place it in the shoebox, it should be at least half an inch on the surface of the ground. Cover the remaining part with dirt. Use a piece of wire mesh to cover its lid to prevent any dirt from entering inside.

Step 5: Finish Up with Decor and Final Touches

How To Make A Fairy Garden Pond, Finish Up with Décor and Final Touches

Layer the mesh with different size stones and decor you want, such as plants, beads, artificial koi fish, flower pots, and artificial button mushrooms.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to make a fairy garden pond is pretty simple. With the basics, you can pretty much design anything you want, be it an artificial or realistic miniature pond with flowing water.