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There are many people who have a lawnmower and loves to mow through it. But unfortunately, after uses at a certain time, they feel it’s not working as like as before.

This is because most of the people among them are unconscious about the mower engine’s performance.

Having a lawn tractor, sometimes its speed capabilities can be reduced day by day. It may happen for lacking proper care.

Though it is natural that its performance can be reduced automatically after long term uses, it can be prevented by gaining the proper knowledge of how to make a lawnmower faster.

To help you make your lown mower engine faster, we have discussed all the essential things you have to know for doing it perfectly.

How to Make a Lawn Mower Faster

How to Make a Lawn Mower Faster

Change the Adjustment on the Poly System

If you have a mower that drives using a belt, you can make a small change on the pulley system by resizing it. Most of the time, increasing the size of the pulley can make your lawnmower go faster.

Reduce the Size of the Spring

Reducing the spring’s size on the governor area of your lawnmower can also impact on speed up your mower. You can also remove the full spring from the governor area if you want to use it as a racing vehicle.

Always try to keep the gas tank filled

Never empty the gas tank. Always try to fill it up. Because when the tank is full fill with the fuel, the engine works fine and less chance to be damaged. It keeps your mower speed higher.

Keep the Mower Blade Sharped

When you keep sharped the blade, it can cut the grass so fast and helps to move the mower quickly. It also ensures you don’t need to mower your lawn more than one time that makes your work easy.

Use High-Quality Fuel

High octane gasoline is the most important part of your lawnmower. If you are not using a high-quality gas, the chance is the mower engine would not work thoroughly. However, if you want to keep the gas in the mower for a long time, you need to use a fuel stabilizer.

Use Inflatable Tires

When you think your mower is running slowly, the important considerations should be looking at tires. Before starting the mow, make sure the tires are properly inflated. It is one of the major causes of being slow the lawnmower.

Make sure all essential parts are working well

You know well that a smaller part of the engine can have a major role in maintaining the mower properly. So, it is very important to be sure all the essential parts are working properly.

Check User manuals for more direction

In the user manual, there are lots of information about setting the mower correctly. It can help keep the mower fast for a longer time. For instance, think about mower throttle. The mower throttle settings vary from one mower to another mower. That means, without looking at the user manual, it is quite impossible to set it correctly unless you are a skilled person.

How to Make Your Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster?

If you think about making your hydrostatic lawn mower faster, then the initial thing should thoroughly understand the entire process. And, after understanding the process, you have to follow all the step correctly. Keep in mind that if somehow any of the steps are missing or doing improperly, the whole techniques would be failed to make your lawn mower faster.


Before going to start, you have to arrange all the essential things in one place near you. It will keep you from wasting your valuable time during work. And also help you do the work fast and easily.

Remove housing from the flywheel

Now, you need to make the mower engine prepared to go to the next step. Then take a wrench to unbolt the bolt and detach the housing over the flywheel. But, be sure that you are taking the proper time to do this and working with endurance. Otherwise, you have a risk of becoming hurt.

Adjust the nut

After removing the housing and bolts, you should adjust the nut thoroughly. The nuts you may find under the bolts which are stayed as part of the whitish plastic part. After doing this, detach the governor and install all the nuts again.

Reinstall the housing

It’s time to reinstall the housing. During the reinstalling, take your proper time to do this. Because repairing a bigger engine is not an easy task. However, I suggest you make a written note to understand what should be done in a further step.

Inspect the muffler

When you are done with reinstalling the house, then you should inspect the muffler thoroughly because it is the most critical task compared to others. Have a deep look at it and see if it is packed and close well.

If it has any gap in the muffler, gasket, and the exhaust port, the mower loss of power and it can’t be run faster. This is one of the reasons to slower the mower speed. So all of this should be aligned correctly.

Inspect the air filter

All of the mower’s air filters are not cleanable. See whether your mower’s filter cleanable or not. If the filter is cleanable, clean your air filter in such a way so that it hasn’t any dirt in the filter area. On the other hand, if it is not possible to clean up, you have to replace the mower’s filter. Here, you should keep in mind that a clean air filter releases maximum airflow and helps to keep the mower’s engine proper working conditions.

Fill the gas tank

Once you have completed the air filter inspection, you have to fill up the gas tank with the best fuel. In the present, the 920 octane considered is best for these types of engines.

Last check

After finishing all the steps properly, look over to the previous step carefully, and see whether it is done correctly or not. Keep a close eye on the entire engine and identify the lacking if you are confused. Especially look at the screws, nuts, and bolts. And don’t forget to check the housing and clean the full engine.

How fast should you ride with your lawnmower?

Actually, there is no specific answer to how fast you should ride your lawnmower. It depends on your mower’s engine capabilities, equipment, terrain, and materials’ conditions. However, around 4 miles per hr is considered factually normal speed for your mower and keeping you safe.

The lawnmower experts think riding so fast is not the best choice for cutting the grass. Because when you are riding your mow so fast, there is a chance of tearing instead of cutting the grass, which is not good for your lawn.

Moreover, When the grass is torn, it will become brown and look like rubbish that doesn’t give you a profitable business!

When you are cutting the wet grass, you must keep your mower speed slower in half than normal. Wet grass clogs up your mower and reduces the speed forcibly that may hamper the mower’s engine. So, it’s the best option to be aware before going to cut the wet grass.

But, reducing the speed by yourself ensures all the grass is clipped through the mower blade.

If you use a dual-range mower, then riding no more than L3 or H1 (if essential) would be the best speed for keeping you secure. You can keep the speed to the H1 if the lawn is flat. And, using a PTO shaft, you should keep the 540 PTO speed. Increasing the speed of cutting the grass can damage the deck belt of the mower.

So, keeping all the equipment safe, make sure you are not cross your limit. And most importantly, try to keep balance with the mower and lawn.

Lawnmower speed is related to money for those who do the mower business. It’s normal that you want to the mowing as quickly as possible either for the business or personal mow. Mowing around the 4 miles per hour is the ideal speed for you and your mower machine.

But if you feel that you need to increase or decrease the speed based on adjustment with land and mower, feel free to do that. And don’t forget to check the lawn in depth before starting the mow.


A faster mower has many benefits. One of them is it allows you to mow the large area in a shorter time. So, you may want to get the solution of how to make a lawnmower faster. (Even your mower is already fast) Actually, though it has benefits, it has some negatives also. So when you are mowing any land, never try to limit your cross. It can hamper your mower and waste your time.

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