How to Raise a Pig in Your Backyard

Ever wondered how to raise a pig in your backyard? And if it’s even possible to do that?

What are the requirements for raising pigs outside? How much space does this animal require? How can you make the pig happy and content with its surroundings, which may not always be ideal conditions?

I’ll answer some of these questions and more in this article.

A potbelly pig needs lots of attention. Many people think that these animals only need food and water, but they actually need plenty of love too.

Pigs are very intelligent creatures; they’re also fast and aggressive when protecting their young ones. So if you want to raise one (whether for meat or as a pet), know what’s required before you decide, especially how much space it will take up.

What you need to know about raising pigs in your backyard

Pigs are easy to raise in your backyard if you have the proper setup and enough information about raising them.

1. Check if it’s legal for you to have a pig where you live

Also, please find out the laws concerning pigs near your home so they aren’t harmed or congested. It would be horrible if a flood killed all the pigs because they couldn’t escape one day.

2. Decide whether or not you want a pig that gives bacon or a sow that gives milk to its babies

How to raise pigs

If you want a sow, then make sure that when she gets pregnant, someone comes over every day to open her pen so she can go out and have her babies. If you don’t, make sure the pen is always enclosed so that they will not run away if they do get out of it.

3. Choose between having small or large breeds

If you want a smaller breed, then look into Berkshire pigs or KuneKunes.

4. Design an adequate confinement area for them to stay in

Make sure that it is easy to clean and has a roof just in case it rains. Pigs love the rain and will stay out in it for hours if they can.

5. Find out how much space an average pig needs

Make sure your backyard is at least six times more than the space your pigs need for themselves to be happy and healthy in their new home.

6. Spend time with your pigs

Make sure that the pigs you get are used to human contact and love people, or they will be difficult to handle.

7. Remember to have a lot of patience when raising a pig

Pigs may not run around the way you want them to at first, but in time they will.

However, pigs don’t require much work except for a little attention every now and then.

As long as they have enough food, water, and space to move around, then you’re good to go.

How to raise a pig in your backyard

How to raise a pig in your backyard

Here are all the information’s you need to know about raising pigs:

1. Pigs need an enclosure

Pigs need an enclosure because they need space to run around and play band time alone from other pigs. Make sure to have the space ready for them.

2. Build the enclosure with a strong material

You will need to build it with material that will last for a long time because if the pig gets out, it could destroy your house. So always check everything thoroughly before letting your pig in or out of an enclosure.

3. Food and water

Pigs eat vegetables, fruit, grains, and meat, so make sure to give them all whenever they’re hungry. They eat about 10 pounds of food every day, so how big your pig will depend on how much food you need to buy for it or raise food yourself plus, the cost might get expensive, so plan ahead.

4. Provide a warm place or a lot of blankets

You will need to give them lots of blankets when it’s cold outside because they get cold very easily.

5. Make sure they have the right amount of space that they need

If you want a potbelly pig, you need to have at least 2 square feet per pound of weight, so that means that a 100-pound potbelly pig needs 200 square feet to live in, which isn’t that much considering all pigs are huge animals.

6. Outside bedding

Pigs can go out and play in dirt or mud as they please. But inside, pigs only have the option of lying on hay because pigs don’t sweat, so they need somewhere to cool off. But remember hay is very expensive, so buy what you can afford.

7. Give them a lot of attention

Pigs also need a lot of attention because they can get really lonely if you don’t spend time with them.

Important guidelines to raise a pig in your backyard

Always be sure that your pig is fed. If not, they will go crazy and try to break out of their pen.

Don’t let them get too close to you too often because pigs are very stubborn about getting up after laying down, which can hurt you if it steps on your foot or leg.

Remember never to separate two pigs from each other because they love each other more than anything else in this world and could even die without the other one there.

A pig always wants your attention, and it gets mad if you don’t give it any, so make sure to talk to it whenever you can.

Never leave a pig alone because it could get sick or sad, so always care for them with love and respect.

If you want an easier time making friends with your pigs, then put a sock on your foot and let your pigs chew it all up so that they can get used to your smell being around them.

Make sure you pick a color or pattern of the pig that you like best because chances are there won’t be any black spotted pigs running around your yard.

Don’t be surprised if this animal that seemed so great is doing something completely unexpected by trying to break out of their pen or digging themselves out one day.

Keep an eye on them but give them some independence by not staring at them all day, every day.

When taking care of a pig, give it plenty of time for playing around outside because that’s what they like the most.

Don’t forget to keep some healthy food on hand, which they really enjoy eating.

Remember pigs are intelligent animals and fast too, plus they can get aggressive when protecting their young ones.

Also, give them lots of food and water so that you don’t run out, especially if the pig is big.


So now that you have this information it’s your choice if you want to raise a pig or not, remember that pigs are very big animals and will take up lots of room.