8 Best Kids Gardening Gloves For Your Children

Children usually like to “help” out in the garden. We like it when they’re available, but we also like to make sure their hands remain protected while picking up fruits, soil, or whatever they may find.

A good pair of kids’ gardening gloves ensure that sharp leaves and stems, or mud even, don’t hurt the fragile skin of your little lovelies.

Whether for fun or some serious gardening exercise, we’ve rounded up the best 8 gloves you can trust to protect your toddler’s hands. We’ve tested each and recommend them for your children to wear while doing garden chores.

8 best kids gardening gloves

Compare Our Top 3 Choices for the Best Kids Gardening Gloves 2021

Our Choice

G & F Kids Genuine Leather Work Gloves

G & F Kids Genuine Leather Work Gloves


  • Made of suede soft leather material
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Outside surface is shirred elastic making it waterproof and stretchy
Most Affordable

Vgo 3 Pairs Kids Gardening Gloves

Vgo 3 Pairs Kids Gardening Gloves


  • Highly flexible material with cute cartoon designs
  • Easy to clean, machine-washable and quick dry
  • Has an elastic cuff for snug and perfect fit
Popular Brand

Melissa & Doug Good Grip Gardening Gloves

Melissa & Doug Good Grip Gardening Gloves


  • Sturdy and durable gloves for kids’ gardening work
  • Easy-to-grasp and rubber latex palm coating
  • Soft fabric base, machine washable

Top 8 Best Kids Gardening Gloves 2021 Reviews

1. G & F 5013M JustForKids Kids Genuine Leather Work Gloves

G & F Products 5013M JustForKids Kids Genuine Leather Work Gloves, Kids Garden Gloves, 4-6 Years Old
9.6/10 Our Score

The G & F 5013M JustForKids gloves are excellent for handling gardening tools. It’s neither cotton nor polyester, so it’s not your typical hand covering. These gardening gloves sport a suede cowhide leather with makes it highly flexible and comfortable to use.

There’s a touch of elegance in its plain mustard color and brand logo nestling nicely on the cuff.

What We Like
  • It uses a suede soft leather material
  • The outside surface is shirred elastic, making it waterproof and a tad stretchy
  • It has anti-slip properties
  • It’s best for 4-6 year-olds
  • G & F 5013M is one of the more affordable kids’ gardening gloves
What We Don’t Like
  • You can only use it for gardening
  • There’s no way to wash them

2. Vgo 3-Pairs Age 5-7 Kids Natural Foam Latex Coating Gardening Gloves

Vgo 3-Pairs Age 5-7 Kids Gardening Gloves, Children Yard Work Gloves, Soft Safety Rubber Gloves (XXS, KID-RB6013)
9.8/10 Our Score

These gloves are so comfortable, we’re yet to find any children saying otherwise. The material is breathable, with a polyester liner and neat coating of moire grain on the palm area.

The outer appearance makes children look like their favorite superheroes. Choose from the three-color pairs – blue, green, and purple – and let your kids use the hand covering for other stuff if gardening isn’t their thing. They can wear Vgo gloves to paint or play sports.

Vgo 3-pairs gloves are primarily a rubber material but have great flexibility and grip. The elastic cuff remains loose and comfortable while ensuring dust doesn’t reach the hands of a hardworking child.

What We Like
  • It suits a low budget
  • Kids love it for its variety of bright colors
  • It has protective extended cuffs
  • The moire palm coating is excellent
  • You can wash these gloves
What We Don’t Like
  • The latex smell is almost pungent
  • Vgo gloves run large

3. COOLJOB 2 Pairs Kids Gardening Gloves

COOLJOB 2 Pairs Kids Gardening Gloves for Ages 2-12, Toddlers Rubber Coated Work Gloves, Gift Set for Boys & Girls, Green & Yellow, Small Size for Age 2-5 (2 pairs S)
9.7/10 Our Score

COOLJOB 2 Pairs will have your child giving fluffy teddies a run for their money. The funky external design complements the latex-powered grip, giving kids perfect control of their tools.

Parents can also get a pair of adult COOLJOB gloves to match what their toddler is wearing.

What We Like
  • The pair of gloves is comfortable for outdoor activities
  • It’s colorful and available in two distinct styles
  • It has anti-slip
What We Don’t Like
  • Wearers are limited to a narrow age range: 2 – 5 years

4. Melissa & Doug Dixie And Trixie Ladybug Good Gripping Gardening Gloves

Melissa & Doug Dixie and Trixie Ladybug Good Gripping Gardening Gloves
9.6/10 Our Score

If your toddlers enjoy upping the ante by doing hard gardening tasks such as touching thorns and wielding tools, you need to get these gloves for them. It’s less water-resistant than some of the other big hitters on our list, but that works if your kids are cool with touching wet surfaces.

Aptly named Ladybug, the pink design catches the eyes of many little girls. The cotton-latex blend structure is great for simple tasks.

What We Like
  • It has latex palm coating extending to the fingers
  • The gloves are durable for kids’ work
  • The fabric base is soft and thick
  • The Ladybug gardening gloves cuff extensions are great
  • It’s safe to wash in a machine
What We Don’t Like
  • It has a baggy fit

5. Twigz Kids Gardening Gloves

Twigz Kids Gardening Gloves
9.6/10 Our Score

These high-quality kids’ gardening gloves are worth every penny you spend on them. Besides their excellent design, they last longer than the average gloves. It’s one of the few wear-resistant yet comfortable hand coverings around, with elastic wrists that ensure a snug but convenient fit at all times.

Because these gloves are breathable, we found that some children suddenly take an unusual interest in contributing to the growth of their parents’ garden. We suspect the unique PVC dots design on the palm makes kids feel like they have a superhero-type grip with a strut to match.

You never have to worry if things will slip from your little one’s hands—they won’t. They even protect the hands of the child, making Twigz easily one of the best gardening gloves for toddlers.

What We Like
  • PVC dots provide firm and secure grip
  • It’s comfortable and breathable
  • The elastic wrist design offers a snug fit
  • It’s durable and flexible
What We Don’t Like
  • You can use it only for gardening

6. HANDLANDY Kids Gardening Gloves

Kids Gardening gloves for age 5-6, age 7-8, 2 Pairs Child Garden Working Gloves for girls boys, Dot & Butterfly & Ladybird Print (Medium (age 7-8), Pink (butterfly + dot))
9.6/10 Our Score

HANDLANDY comes in two exciting shades of pink. One has a back full of colorful dots, while the other is awash with pastel butterflies. The gloves are pure cotton, offering maximum comfort while the knitted wrists ensure that your child’s hands remain clean, dry, and dirt-free.

If you prefer other designs, there’s a variety of these gloves with patterns of blue and green.

What We Like
  • They’re breathable gloves
  • These gloves are probably as soft as your pillow. Maybe softer…
  • It’s highly durable and anti-slip
What We Don’t Like
  • The smallest sizes are for 5-year-olds

7. Kiddie Master Kids Gardening Gloves

Kids Gardening Gloves by KIDDIE MASTER: 2-Pairs Children’s Gardening Gloves Set (2-6 Years) for Home/School Gardening| Breathable Cotton Gripping Gloves for Yard/Lawn Work| Top Kids Learning tool Gift
9.4/10 Our Score

Do you like cotton base gardening gloves for your kids? The KIDDIE MASTER gloves set is soft. It provides adequate protection as they make their way around the garden doing your heavy lifting.

The large palms and short fingers make for a striking appearance. But if you don’t like them, the company is offering a full refund to unsatisfied buyers. The latex coating of the KIDDIE MASTER kids’ gloves covers both the palm and fingers.

What We Like
  • It has a cotton-only fabric base and crinkle-free finish
  • The latex rubber coating is excellent
  • The gloves have long cuffs to enhance protection
What We Don’t Like
  • You should wash well before use since the latex coating has a strong smell

8. GLOSAV Kids Gardening Gloves

GLOSAV Kids Gardening Gloves for Ages 2-12 Toddlers, Youth, Girls, Boys, Children Garden Gloves for Yard Work (Size 6 for 11, 12 Year Old)
9.8/10 Our Score

GLOSAV gardening gloves appeal to the cuter side of kids. The smiley face and panda patterns are adorable because kids easily fall in love with pandas. They’re more likely to support your gardening project if they have illustrated pandas on their hands.

There’s a foam latex and polyester back coating, offering good grip and breathability.

What We Like
  • It’s the perfect gloves for the outdoors
  • GLOSAV has a stretchy feel
  • It’s anti-slip and is available in 4 separate sizes
What We Don’t Like
  • It’s not exactly affordable

Final Thoughts

kids gardening gloves

When you need a little “helping” hand in the garden, you’ll need the perfect kids’ gardening gloves to slip your children’s hands in. These gloves are also the perfect companion to kids’ gardening kits.

We’ve checked out these 8 products and each one of them is good in its own right. They’re affordable and will work well for your kids.