5 Practical Tips on Building a Pool on a Sloped Backyard

Aspiring pool owners, take note. There are many ways to overcome the challenge of building a pool on a sloped backyard – and we’ve got your back (literally).

There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying the cool water in your backyard. Unfortunately for some homeowners with sloped backyards, this can be discouraging.

The space constraint created by the slope makes the construction costlier. But luckily there are ways to get around this predicament that don’t necessarily mean breaking the bank (or tiring yourself out).

That said, here are 5 tips that will guide you through the process (and a bonus if you read on!)

Tip #1: Build a Retaining Wall 

A retaining wall is an addition to your pool that could serve both functional and even decorative purposes. A retaining wall around your pool will help hold back erosion and reduce the impact of sloppiness.

This will also help to prevent sinkholes from forming and destroying your landscape structure. Since a retaining wall is often built on two sides, it can help support the land in the middle. Beyond functionality, a retaining wall around your pool will also add a flare and provide a sort of privacy.

How to Create a Retaining Wall for Your Sloped Backyard

You can create a retaining wall at the uphill or downhill part of your slope. There are different types of retaining walls you could consider from gravity walls to cantilevered and anchored.

If you need additional help with building a retaining wall, check out this video by River Port. You’ll learn more about the cost implications, materials needed, and other helpful information:

Tip #2: Terracing

Like retaining walls, terracing involves building several retaining walls along the slope. However, there is a major difference between a terrace and a retaining wall. The former’s main function is to support the sloppy area while a terrace levels the slope.

Again, this functional structure could be further enhanced with a sculpture and flowers to beautify your pool space. Terracing will be a better option for you if there are engineering complications with building a single wall.

When building your terrace, it is helpful to note the total height of the wall, each terrace design, style, and geogrid.

All these are necessary to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your terrace.

Tip #3: Have The Right Layout 

Since your backyard is sloped, there are several factors to consider before choosing a layout. First and foremost, the elevation changes required for your design, as expected, some layouts are more adapted to higher grounds, while others are more adapted to sloppy grounds.

For example, you could choose to add several decking levels to your pool as well as waterfall-like features on higher elevations.

The type of swimming pool you choose will affect the shape, design, and flow of water in the pool. So you will want to ensure that the pool chosen correlates with the layout you intend to use.

Tip #4: Infinity Edge

Although there are different ways to install a pool, an infinity edge goes very well with sloppy areas. The infinity or vanishing edge will create an illusion of spilling water or an absence of a wall holding it back.  If your backyard has a big slope, an infinity edge is a perfect option. Alongside its aesthetic effects, an infinity edge will solve your elevation challenges while complimenting your sloped property.

Tip #5: Try Landscaping

Landscaping is leveling the site where your pool will be. This measure will cost more effort and money and is not one of the top three options. However, if you have enough space and an accommodating budget, this isn’t a bad idea.

This process involves redesigning your yard area to create a level flat topography where you can comfortably erect your pool. Once you have carved out enough space for the pool, further landscaping will be required to restore the sloped part not used in pool construction.

Now, here is the bonus tip.

Tip #6: Support The Pool With Extra Decking

Decked pool

When constructing a pool in a sloppy backyard, you would like to consider decking to help hide some of the structures put in place to support the pool as well as an excellent relaxation place for yourself and family or friends.

Things to Know Before Constructing a Pool on a Sloped Backyard

1. Zoning Laws

Before you can construct a pool or any structure in your backyard, you need to be conversant with laws regarding construction rules. Verify that you’re allowed to construct a pool in your backyard. Although this action will save you stress and unnecessary legal troubles, it comes at a cost.

2. Safety Measures

Every district has rules regarding safety in the construction of pools. Find out what they are. Besides, you should ensure that your pool is optimally safe for users. So it is advisable to implement safety measures and structures such as security alarms and childproof locks (if you have children).

So far, we’ve gone through six tips to help you build a swimming pool in a sloped backyard. Next, we’ll discuss another important aspect of pool building – will it be in-ground or above-ground? 

In-Ground or Above-Ground: Where Will Your Pool Be? 

In ground or above ground pool
Photo Credit: Houzz

Another thing to consider when setting up your pool is deciding if you want the pool to be in-ground or above-ground. The pool’s position is a very important construction question that almost everyone faces when constructing a pool.

Although this decision depends on personal preference, note that inground pools take longer to construct and consume more money. They are, however, considered more luxurious with a longer life span than above-ground pools. 

On the other hand, above-ground pools are easier to construct, take a shorter time, and are more easily constructed and dismantled. If your pool is not too accessible, above ground pool will be a great option. The choice penultimately depends on your preference. 

Final Thoughts

A pool in your backyard can serve several purposes. It can be a source of leisure, relaxation, and recreation. However, it can also be stressful if one does not follow the right steps to ensure that everything goes according to plan. That is what this guide hopes to help you achieve. 

A sloppy yard is not a discouragement to the construction of the pool of your dreams. All you need to do is follow the steps outlined above, and you should have a pool that provides an incredible return on investment.