STIHL MS 180 vs. 170 vs. 171 Chainsaw in 2022

Carpentry happens to be one of the most popular hobbies in the 21st century. Furthermore, recent times show a surprising increase of interest among people towards DIY projects. You must have a complete set of hardware if you belong to this category of folks. Among them, the most vital tool is a reliable chainsaw.

Among all the hardware brands, no one makes chainsaws better than STIHL, a belief fortified by its MS series. However, deciding on a model can be tricky. So here is an analysis of STIHL MS 180 vs 170 vs 171 Chainsaw in 2022 for you to identify which one will suit you the best

FactorMS 180MS 170MS 171
Engine Power1.5 kW1.3 kW1.3 kW
Displacement31.8 cc30.1 cc31.8 cc
Fuel Capacity8.5 Oz8.5 Oz9.5 Oz
Oilomatic Chain3/8” PMM33/8” PMM33/8” PMM3
Powerhead Weight8.6lbs8.6lbs9.5lbs
Power SourceGasGasGas
Chain Oil Capacity4.9 Oz4.9 Oz6.1 Oz

STIHL MS 180 vs. 170 vs. 171 Chainsaw

Let’s get to know about all these products so that you can easily choose between them.

1. STIHL MS 180 Gas Chainsaw

STIHL MS 180 Gas Chainsaw

Carpentry enthusiasts may be of the opinion that chainsaws are tools that are incredibly heavy and require a lot of strength to operate. However, their perspective is bound to change once they come across the MS 180.

It has a total weight of only 4.1kg; therefore, you will be able to maneuver it with ease for hours before needing a break.

One of the most common problems that users face when operating a chainsaw is its tendency to overheat. It can be a problematic flaw when handling large projects as interruptions can severely hamper the workflow.

However, STIHL has gone to great lengths to ensure that you do not face this issue with this product. It sports a new design and engine for an improved cooling and ventilation system.

Most chainsaws feature a design that makes them suitable for tackling large chunks of materials. However, they feel too aggressive and overpowering when it comes to smaller items.

You won’t be facing this problem when using the MS 180. Its 16” blades pair well with the lightweight body, giving it the ability to cut off branches and small trees with the convenience chainsaws promise.

A big problem that comes with using gas chainsaws is their total fuel capacity. Most of the models have a small tank which doesn’t allow them to run for a long time. STIHL fitted this unit with an impressive 8.5 Oz fuel storage. You will be able to use it for a couple of hours with ease before it requires a refill.

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2. STIHL MS 170 Chainsaw

MS 170

Are you someone who prefers a light chainsaw for small maintenance jobs around your backyard and also wants it to provide a significant amount of power? In that case, the MS 170 is the perfect fit for you. Its small size cleverly hides its overall strength as it has the ability to cut through an entire 6×6 lumber within 5 seconds.

Although you may find a lot of veteran carpenters complaining about the inadequate fuel capacity of most chainsaws, they often forget to consider the fuel costs.

Fuel is a vital factor to consider when buying such tools because it is pretty expensive. STIHL fits this product with a two-stroke engine, which will help you to do more without less energy consumption.

Build materials play a crucial role in the popularity the MS 170 currently enjoys. Premium ingredients go into making each of its components so that you can cut off small plants and branches with ease.

A combination of aluminum and plastic in the housing keeps it light. Simultaneously, the saw is replaceable with a size ranging from 12-16”, which makes it smoother to control.

Gas chainsaws require an appropriate combination of air and fuel to function smoothly. Therefore, the tool needs to maintain a correct ratio to prevent malfunction. STIHL has fitted this item with a carburetor. The inclusion of this component prevents its air filter from choking while keeping the engine dust-free.

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3. STIHL MS 171 Chainsaw

MS 171

Similar to the timeless combination of chocolate and peanut butter, the MS 171 bears the hallmarks of technology and efficiency. Regardless of having a small body, this oddball can pack some serious power when necessary.

It boasts an engine with a total power of 1.3 kW, thus ensuring that you will be able to cut through most wooden structures effortlessly.

Most carpenters tend to focus on bodyweight when buying a chainsaw as it is the prime indicator of its convenience. However, they seldom remember to take notice of its powerhead weight.

This factor is essential in the sense as it is the main power output of the device. STIHL imbues this unit with a total powerhead weight of 4.3kg, allowing users to handle it with ease.

Maintenance is a vital factor for chainsaws. A lot of different factors contribute to the overall condition of this tool. Among them, one of the most critical attachments is the chain oil.

This fluid ensures that the saw revolves at a consistent pace smoothly whenever it is operational. The MS 171 has a chain oil capacity of 6.1 Oz to ensure fewer oil changes and efficiency in performance.

Air filters are a vital part of chainsaws. It helps to keep the product free from dust and debris while ensuring the smooth flow of fuel. However, since most of them are permanent components, it runs the risk of the device becoming useless if it breaks down.

STIHL takes care of this issue with this model by making the part replaceable, thus increasing its longevity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the STIHL MS170 a good saw?

The STIHL is one of the finest products in the line of the newer generation chainsaws. It boasts a lighter body that makes it significantly more versatile than its competitors and predecessors.

Furthermore, it boasts an impressive engine strength that makes it more efficient in cutting down various structures and surfaces quickly.

2. What does MS stand for on a STIHL chainsaw?

MS on a STIHL chainsaw is a subtle tribute to its German roots. The complete form of MS is Motorsäge which means German in Motor Saw. You will find this abbreviation only in gas chainsaws as there are other abbreviations for the brands electric and battery-run models.


After a rigorous analysis of all three chainsaws, we concluded that the MS 180, MS 170, and MS 171 are nearly identical models. However, the debate of STIHL MS 180 vs 170 vs 171 chainsaws in 2022 shows MS 180 to be the victor due to sheer superiority in strength.

It outshines the other tools in terms of weight and capacity too.

Even though there is a superior model among the three products here, you need to keep in mind that all three chainsaws specialize in certain niches.

Therefore, it’s vital that you make a thorough deduction of what factors you want to prioritize when making a purchase. Other than that, all three models will ensure that you have a smooth experience when operating them!