5 Best Tree Climbing Flipline Kits [Arborist] in 2022

Making an ascending or descending trip down a tree requires guts and, most notably, the right kind of flip line.

A flip line that is versatile, resilient, and of a remarkable build will provide you with the safety you are in dire need of, which is difficult to find. Searching for the best tree climbing flipline kits that you can entrust with all your life can be made difficult by the variety of available options in the market.

It might be tiresome to sift through the endless pool of flip lines available in the market that says they are the best. But which ones are the best, and how do you know them? Not to fret, we have gone through that trouble to narrow down the list to only the finest options in the market.

So, here are our picks and reviews.

Best Tree Climbing Flip Line Kits

While going through a myriad of options, we have narrowed down the top options in the market in this review guide. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into the reviews.

1. ProClimb Steel Core Flipline Kit

With having over 40 years of experience, this company is a favorite among enthusiasts, and we are proud to feature their product on our list. If you want an all-encompassing kit that has all your essentials in one place, this should be your pick.

It is made with a 16-strand bright neon orange polyester neatly braided over a galvanized heavy-duty steel core aircraft cable making it more resilient to rust. Its bright neon braids give it high visibility, while its high tenacity polyester makes it sturdy and long-lasting, giving you the confidence of an excellent grip.

Although the strong steel core leaves little space for stretch, its strong steel core provides an unparalleled strength that is ideal for demanding and heavy lifting applications.

Additionally, these come with an all-in-one feature that contains a flip line, adjuster, and carabiner.

The mini rope grab flip line adjustor made with aluminum comes with a fixed bolt and nut along with a removable cam that gives you flexibility and ease of use. Its copper head carabiner is a beauty that comes with a key lock that gives you extra security. It also comes with an ANSI certified steel snap hook too.

 Best Tree Climbing Flipline Kits


  • The mini rope grab adjuster is removable

  • Made with high-strength polyester and steel core making it durable

  • ANSI Certified steel snap hook

  • The one-in-all kit provides you with all the essentials needed


  • Not suitable to be used near electrical lines for its steel core


2. Happybuy Steel Wire Core Flip Line Kit

It is a sturdy flip line that is capable of offering excellent and reliable performance. With its construction with premium nylon rope, triple-lock carabiner, and steel swivel snap, it gives you great adjustability, safety, and stability.

The weaved arborist’s high-strength nylon rope over its steel core ensures structural integrity. Although nylon has a lower thickness, it is inherently stronger on a weight-to-weight basis. Hence, making it more suitable for lifting heavier objects.

Its triple lock allows three ways in which you can instantly lock and open it. Thus, guaranteeing the product does not snag while providing easy access. Keylock nose guard provides an easy-to-grasp shape that allows you to operate it one-handedly seamlessly.
Additionally, it comes with great adjustable features. You will find that the flip line adjuster is highly lightweight and portable. Its rope grab riser is CE certified, making it more efficient and reliable. It is designed to make rope ascents easier, making the trip less tiring and easy on your body.

The forged swivel snap-hook again is easily adjustable, providing you with safety if you are operating a saw. You can use it for a multitude of projects.

• Gives you easily adjustable features
• Flip line adjuster is lightweight and portable
• It promises great safety and stability
• The rope is made of nylon which is stronger on a weight-to-weight basis
• CE certified rope grab riser

• The rope grab is not removable.

3. X-R-SPORT Steel Core Tree Climbing Kit

4. SEAAN Steel Wire Core Flipline Kit 

Anyone who works with flip line any amount of time already knows of Sean, and there is a good reason for that. It is made with quality materials that ensure quality, durability, and strength. If you are looking for an essential, reliable, and beginner-friendly wire core, this should be your pick.

The easy-to-use flip line is made with high-strength nylon with a steel core with a flip line adjuster and triple-lock carabiner, guaranteeing excellent durability, built, and structure.

Its triple-lock carabiner is made with an aluminum D-Ring locking Carabiner. This feature makes your carabiner strong and protects it against rust as it is made from aero-grade aluminum alloy that is strong and resilient to abrasion. Its maximum breaking strength is 30 Kn.

Additionally, it has a removable climbing rope grab that makes your ascending and descending trips more manageable and less tiring. This is a very versatile product. It not only provides you with features that you can adjust but allows you to remove the rope grab and substitute it with any other suitable materials.


● The rope grab is removable
● Great structural integrity
● It is versatile and customizable that could be used for a myriad of tasks
● The guide provides you with a maximum breaking strength

• A little slippery when it is new

5. ProClimb Better Grab Steel Core Flipline Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an arborist flipline?

An arborist flipline is a unique lanyard that is a must-have in a tree climbing kit. The flip line is made from a braided arborist rope, and in its core rests a steel wire, providing it with a strong enough structure to carry and hold heavyweights. However, the steel wire makes it vulnerable to conductivity.

How do you do a flip line?

You can make a flip line by folding a long tubular webbing piece and holding it around your midsection. The free ends of the line will have to be wrapped around your waist twice, where they will eventually join up with the bight or fold. You have to then tie a knot with the free ends into a ring bend or water knot.

Final Thoughts

Among these best tree climbing flipline kits, you can pick any item you want. Each of them has features that are top-notch that ensures safety and reliability. After all, these are the features of utmost importance as you make your ascent up a tree.

If you have read through our reviews, you should now possess adequate information to choose the best tree climbing flip line kit. We can guarantee that you will be impressed by each of their performance.