5 Best Tree Climbing Flipline Kits [Arborist] In 2021

There are several things need for tree climbing, hiking, climbing, rescue, etc. Flipline kits are one of them. It is also essential for an arborist or tree surgeon.

A flip line is one kind of lanyard that is made from a braided climbing rope over an iron wire cable. This will help a person to more rigid and smoothly to flip up the tree – in case of larger stems.

By using flipline fits, one feel safe.

Many kits are available in the market. We reviewed the best tree climbing flipline kits for you.


1. ProClimb Steel Core Flipline Kit
Our top choice product is ProClimb Steel Core.

2. Happybuy Steel Wire Core Flip Line Kit 

3. X-R-SPORT Steel Core tree climbing kit

4. SEAAN Steel Wire Core Flipline Kit 


5. ProClimb Better Grab Steel Core Flipline Kit

Last Updated on January 10, 2021 by AtiQul


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