11 Essential Tree Climbing Gear Kits That Everyone Need to Carry!

Tree Climbing Gear

People love to climb trees, some of them recreational climber, some of them professional.

However, professional tree climbing started from the 19th century from Uk and North America. These days it’s much popular among the climbers.

Now, security and comfortability are main concern to both professional and recreational climber.

At early age climbing tree was very risky and hard. But, today it’s safest and comfortable as lots of tree climbing gear available on the market.

So guys, in this article, we are going to talk about some essential and best tree climbing gears that will help you a safe trip at all!

Let’s get started & be cool!

11 Essential Tree Climbing Gear

So, you finally on the point! Be straight-forward and ensure every essential as we give priority safety first.

One important thing, yes you can find some other product, but we found these from core research of our arborists team. That’s why these are essential. But you may indeed find so many optional gears. However, don’t be confused.

See Top 3 Tree Climbing Gear Set

1. Safety Harness

tree climbing gear 1

If someone tensed about the tree climbing safety gear, he must ensure the quality harness first.

There are so many reasons to point it out if it’s lower in quality arborist or climbers can fall down the ground and accidents may occur.

However, tree climbing harness, allows arborists or climbers to cling with the tree safely and empowers to work significantly.

In common, specialist says that harness is made with webbing. But to be more specific, it’s made with Nylon 66 including D-Rings.

Structurally, it’s enough durable, but accidents come suddenly so should be careful about every footstep we take.

2. Climbing boots

It’s useless to ask you what the boot is. Isn’t it?

Yeah, it’s familiar but essential. However, tree climbing boots is nothing special but a bit filtered with some extra benefits.

Why uses? It’s simple to have a question that’s why general boots are not used on tree climbing.

To be straight forward, tree surface is not as land or sand; somewhat it different. That’s the reason it needs extra features.

3. Tree climbing spikes/spurs

Tree climbing spike mostly called spurs, a modern tool, supports climbers to cling with the tree with its efficient capability and gear up his working experiences.

To get a better result, you should be conscious about the angle. If in any cases you go so much closer to the tree, then it can be slipped out. That’s why to stay on the perfect edge that helps better clinging.

4. Tree climbing rope

tree climbing gear 4

Can you imagine climbing the tree without any rope?

Of course, not, however, tree climbing rope, they must need material for every climber as there are no better alternatives available.

All ropes are not capable of giving enough support. Instead only climbing ropes is perfect because these ropes are made with unique materials that help in long-lasting and excellent working performance with flexibility.

You know, their lots of ropes available in the market for climbing trees. Choose it to depending on your demands only!

5. Climber Safety Helmets

tree climbing gear 5

The helmet is always safe whether it’s for biking, racing, swimming, or climbing anything else.

However, the purpose is the same but the field is different.

Swimming helmet and the racing helmet is not the same obviously, but the purpose is to protect the head surface.

When cutting trees, lot’s of branches or many other things may fall on the head.

That’s because it should be stronger built with safe materials for better protection. Various numbers of helmet exist on market pick your demanded one only.

6. Flip lines and Lanyards

tree climbing gear 6

Flip lines or lanyards mainly used for climbing up the tree. It’s ultra-comfort technology make climbing easier.

Oh, some arborists called this lanyard as work positioning belt that means it helps anyone changing the work position.

However, multi types of flip line or lanyards available, but choosing the right one is only up to you. First make sure what’s your purpose and requirements and then go for the perfect one.

7. Flipline/Lanyard Adjuster

tree climbing gear 7

You already know how important the lanyard or flipline is for every tree climbers.

To give a crystal concept, a lanyard or flipline adjuster is an ironic metal that works like a locker that locks the flip line or lanyards.

However, high-quality adjuster always made with the aircraft aluminum that lasts longer than the usual and flexible.

No accidental cut happen. So climbers should pick it up on their carts for better experiencing.

8. Carabiners and Rope Clips

tree climbing gear 8

Carabiner, a safety tool, that’s made with specialized metal that help in ultra-locking system.

All of the carabiners or rope clips are spring loaded those are usually used in quick or sudden help for connecting the inner elements.

It’s locking technology surely gloom the climbers as it’s safe in uses and easier to handle.

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9. Tree Climbing Pants

tree climbing gear 9

Is anything extra you need for climbing pants than the usual fashionable pant?

Honestly speaking, yes. You know tree climbing, a rough work where so many wooden dead branches or rough wooden surface available that’s why protecting your skin a well-designed pant must. Otherwise, any kinds of danger can happen.

However, all types of tree climbing pants are made with durable or elastic materials that help climber from various skin injuries.

10. Tree Climber Gear Bags

tree climbing gear 10

What will you do when you need to change the rope or need any gear like lanyards or spikes? Will you go down again?

Of course, no. You need a carry bag for this reason exactly. All kits are not suitable to do this work.

Rather rope or gear bag suits because of it’s affordability and ultra-comfort carrying technology. That’s every climber should ensure a light-weight carry bag before the next climbing.

11. First Aid Kit

tree climbing gear 11

Accident never comes maintaining any sequence or plan. Rather it happened suddenly.

However, as safety firsts make sure a first aid kit with you all the time when working.

One important thing, before every trip you must check all the elements of the kit to ensure that it’s ok to use or not.

As there so many severe cases when the kit box can’t help appropriately because of its dullness.

Top 3 Tree Climbing Gear Kit Set

If you are finding a set o tree climbing gear than this 3 set is available on amazon and definite fulfill your demand.

1. Entry-Level Spur Kit: Best Climbing Gear for Beginner with High-End Quality!

Sucked with traditional climbing gear?

Merely not but it’s true that getting a exact match kit is same as getting a piece of diamond for every climbers whether he beginner or pro.

Go for this one as you are seeking for the medium/small sizes climbing kit as both choices available!

However, this basic kit comes with some advance features that attract the climbers most.

What Makes This Kit Best for Beginner

For every purchase, climbers need a reliable brand and following things for ensuring a safe journey.

Quality Saddle

Yes, its saddle quality is enough awesome for every beginners. Lots of buckles and its wide saddle is covering the back side. Moreover, its spur padd and guff guards made with great finish that ensures maximum comfort.

Great durability with Extra Comfort Level

Every single elements of this kit is durable because of its quality only. However, thousands of climbers experienced a long lasting comfort with this kit.

Awesome Spikes: Make the climbing easy!

What helps most to cling with the tree? Undoubtedly, a pair of quality spike. However, this spikes are enough efficient and ideal in height.

What Extras It Provides

Climbers mostly love this kit for this extra features specially.

Route Book: Essential companion for every Climber

This entry-level kit understands the climber expectation very well. As they are newbie simple to be confused about what’s right or wrong. That’s why it provides a complete guide for every pre-level climber that helps them acquiring the real taste.

Core Flipline with Adjuster

This kit comes with 12’ high quality core flipline with US standard flipline adjuster.

Auto-Lock Carabiner

Its auto-locker carabiner is really awesome that allows climbers in easy locking.

Great Hand Saw with Carry Bag

You know it’s suffering to carry all the element is one hand without a handy carry bag. This kit realizes the needs actually.

That’s why it’s giving a quality carry bag. One important thing, it provides a super cutting 13’ Samurai hand saw just for ensuring easy climbing with cheesy cutting experiences.

2. Evoke Gear Spike Set– Packed with premium harness and spurs!

Did your past-climbing kits long last?

However, I asked the question just for making you enough concerned to choose the next one carefully.

This climbing kit mainly consists with the spike set including few essentials. You should go for it only if you need spike set.

What Makes This Kits Popular

Following features can make you satisfy for your next trips that’s why concentrate to grab this out.

Awesome Quality

Yes, you heard exactly right that it’s bearing the utmost quality. Not an inch of this ki t is less standard rather it’s enough confident about long last and customer satisfactions.

Efficient Spikes

What would create the bigger effect when spiking?

Surely a spike whether it’s good or bad but it’s essential. BY the way, we all including you seek for quality spike with no fall down and risk on our journey. If you find so, it’s considerable honestly.

Safety Harness

In spite of being a spike kits it’s providing an awesome harness. You know well what harness do if not then you can check this out. II checked this harness and tested more than once to ensure you that it’s mind blowing comparing others harness available in the market.


Product diversity is always exciting. Is it so?

However, this same kits help in a pair of purposes. One is for tree climbing other is for rock climbing.

So if you are aiming for both or combining with your partners, it would be the best choice.

Reasonable Price

When this kits providing your expected quality, why the price is matter. You know well quality cost more than the cheaper.

However the price is not so high as others so you can pick it up easily.

3. Klein Tools Tree Climber Sets– Provides More Than Expectations!

This amazing brand, the Klein Tools, providing lot’s more in reasonable price that helps them collecting lots of love from their valuable customers.

BY the way, this tree climbing kits is covered with most of the essentials. So if you are finding a pro climbing kit, no wait for picking it up on the cart.

What Make This Kits Popular

This brand understands what actually climber need and they want. Following the theory they made their every single kit. However, you will realize it deeply when grabbed the giving features stated below.

Comfortable Cushion Pads

For every climber whether pro or pre, an adorable cushion pads must. Isn’t it?

Klein Tools ensuring their pads with the original leather and ultra-comfort materials. Besides, it’s providing long last pads with sustainability.

Leg Irons

Leg irons should be enough hard and straight. This leg irons matches with the demands. Because, perfect in height and weight, long lasting in service.

Quality Straps

What would be your finest materials for the straps?

Surely it’s nylon. However, this kit provides quality straps that ensure climbers safety comparing all others straps. One thing you will be getting the wide ranges of stirrup that will give your more foot support and ensure comfort level.


Ahhh! Take a deep breath as you reached the end at last. Now hopefully, you got a lucky list those all are essential for tree climbing.

However, from next, you wouldn’t make such a mistake of choosing the essential tree climbing gear. Happy Climbing!

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