25 Beautiful Tropical Backyard Decorations, Designs and Ideas

Do you want to bring your backyard more life by integrating various designs and decor?

Introducing a blend of different tropical backyard decorations is one way to do so. The best part about taking up your backyard transformation project is that you can take any direction you want and opt for any design based on your preferences.

Plus, there really aren’t any strict budgetary needs for creating the tropical backyard look you want.

So, to help you get closer to what you want your backyard to look like, we’ve collected a list of our top best 25 recommendations for tropical backyard decor ideas you should go for this year!

Beautiful Tropical Backyard Decoration Designs and Ideas

Best Ideas for Tropical Backyard Decorations:

1. Start with Lots of Trees and Plants

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Start With Lots of Trees And Plants

Nothing screams tropical than a backyard filled with a selection of different trees and plants, such as bananas, ferns, bamboo, or palms.

There are many tropical backyard landscaping ideas available – you can opt for different tree and plant shapes and sizes.

You can go for a minimalist design or let your backyard look like the edge of the woods. 

2. Add Color to Your Landscaping

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Add Color to Your Landscaping

To bring out the tropical backyard decor, you need to add color to your landscaping. Think of trees such as the frangipani or smaller flowering plants like orchids.

After all, colorful tropical flowers tend to attract wildlife such as butterflies and hummingbirds to add more color and Zen to your space.

I mean, who doesn’t like to hear the chirpings of hummingbirds?!

3. Add More Plants Around the Backyard

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Add More Plants Around The Backyard

Adding plants to the backyard shouldn’t be limited around the garden.

To really add the tropical feel, you should fill up all the space with the right decor – without, of course, making it look overstuffed or choked. You can add climbing plants as tropical outdoor wall decor. 

You can even take advantage of scented flowers to give your space that fresh, intoxicating whiff of fragrance the moment you enter the backyard.

Think of flowering plants such as wisteria, sweet peas, or climbing roses.

If you live in a four-season climate, you can choose flowers such as true jasmine that survive from summer through winter thanks to its frosty hardiness, of up to 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Find Something to Hold the Plants

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Build Something to Hold the Plants

If climbing plants don’t work out for you, you can build something to hold the plants. You can simply build a wooden wall crate and hang it with different plant and flower pots. Don’t limit yourself to this design. 

You can get a little more creative and opt for a makeshift wooden staircase that you can move around instead.

During winter time, you can always move the pots inside and set them out again during the warmer summer season.

5. Use Flower Pots

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Use Flower Pots

Adding plant and flower pots is one of the easiest and affordable ways to liven up your backyard instantly.

You can even mix and match, add plastic, terracotta, and ceramic pots.

You can also mix up the sizes. For example, an oversized pot gives a lush atmosphere if you pair it with the right plant.

6. Add a Vegetable Garden

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Add a Vegetable and Herb Garden

Lastly, your tropical outdoor garden decor shouldn’t be limited to just green trees and flowering plants.

You can opt for a vegetable garden with an actual harvest to complement the tree and flower landscape.

Think of vegetables, such as green, yellow, and red bell peppers that add color to the space but are also food!

7. Plant a Herb Garden

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Plant a Herb Garden

The best part about adding herbs to your backyards is that you can place them anywhere.

You can even house them in a huge decorative crate and place them near your garden furniture.

So, before you enjoy that fresh salad, pluck a few from the garden nearby and add a fresh touch to your meal – what could be more tropical than that?

8. Add Sculptures

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Add Sculptures

When you think of tropical gardens such as Mediterranean ones, sculptures most definitely come to mind.

Pick a few distinct ones to spread across your backyard.

9. DIY a Garden Arch or Arbor

Tropical Backyard Decoration, DIY A Garden Arch or Arbor

The best part about making a garden arch is you can go any direction you want. You can use a garden arch as both an entryway and an added furniture piece (bench) of design to your yard.

For a more characteristic look, add a few climbing plants to the garden arch.

It’s probably one of the few types of tropical backyard decorations that may very well completely transform your yard.

10. Outfit a Pergola

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Outfit a Pergola

Alternatively, if you can afford to, get a pergola instead. With the right design, a pergola creates a resort-style patio or cabana.

You can give a more classy and clean look by adding simple UV-resistant white or light-colored cotton drapes.

11. Add Some Garden or Patio Furniture

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Add Garden or Patio Furniture

Pair up the pergola with the right garden furniture, whether they are chairs, a table, a picnic bench, or a pair of chaise lounges.

12. Add Tropical Backyard Decor Details

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Add Décor Details

Spruce up the furniture with some tropical backyard decorations! You can add anything from accent pillows to colorful flowers or vibrant rugs for a complete look.

13. Add a Drink Station

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Add A Drink Station

Set up a place to whip yourself a cool tropical drink or cocktail. It can be anything from a wooden DIY stand or even a tiki-style bar.

One good tip is to use a drum barrel to fit in a small fridge and stock the top surface with glassware and other ingredients to save space.

14. Consider the Flooring

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Consider the Flooring

Consider the flooring – will you go for hardcore grass, add some wood details, stone pavements,  or colorful tiles?

15. Create the Perfect Lighting

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Create The Perfect Lighting

Lighting makes your backyard more attractive, cozy, and safer as it gets dark.

You can create any effects you want – whether you want to go for lamp posts, large string lights draped across the top of the yard, or smaller string lights draped on the walls.

To cut down costs, go for solar-powered lights which last longer and protect the environment.

16. Get a Bird Feeder

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Get a Bird Feeder

Sure, wildflowers such as orchids do attract butterflies and hummingbirds. However, a bird feeder brings its own share of beauty to the garden while still attracting countless types of birds.

You can get in ceramic, wood, metal design, or DIY your own, depending on your tropical outdoor garden decor.

17. Set Up Hanging Chairs and Hammocks

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Set up Hanging Chairs and Hammocks

Inside the garden, set up hanging chairs or hammocks. After all, what says tropical than a weaved, colorful, or light-colored hammock attached to the green trees.

You will appreciate this space when you want to read a book, sip on a cold smoothie, or listen to light music in the evening.

18. Build a Small Pond or Fountain

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Build a Small Pond or Fountain

Having a water decor is one way to add life to your tropical backyard. You can choose to call an expert to build one for you or DIY a small, simple pond or water fountain.

With a shovel, pond liner, water hose, a few rocks, and some green plants, you can have a pond built in no time.

19. Add Some Pet Fish Inside the Pond

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Put Live Entertainment inside the Pond

You can add life to the pond with a simple collection of fish. Koi fish are an especially popular choice, thanks to their colorful shades.

Plus, the simple green plants and hedges in the pond create a perfect hiding place and shelter for the fish if they want to hide from predators such as birds.

20. Add an Outdoor Shower

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Add An Outdoor Shower

If you have spare space and resources, what not build yourself an outdoor shower to curb the summer heat? Imagine taking a cool shower after tending to your garden.

21. Invest in an In-Ground Pool

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Invest in An In-Ground Pool

Alternatively, invest in an in-ground pool for the ultimate tropical backyard decor if you can afford one. Plus, it complements a perfect afternoon for dipping while enjoying a cool drink.

It’s probably the most expensive among all these tropical backyard decorations, but if you have the dough, it’s the type of investment that’ll pay off in priceless ways.

Imagine all the fun and activities you can have with a pool in your yard!

22. Build a Fire Pit

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Build a Fire Pit

To complement the cozy lighting during the evening, you can build a fire pit. On those cooler evenings, grill up a few sausages and enjoy a quiet night with family and friends.

23. Design an Outdoor Kitchen

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Design an Outdoor Kitchen

Alternatively, go all out and design an outdoor kitchen. You can design one based on your backyard space and budget.

If your space is minimal, you can design a makeshift one with a movable versatile grilling stand that can double as a storage space.

Those warm weekend afternoons will never be the same, with freshly grilled surf n’ turf and a fresh garden salad!

24. Natural Stone Decor

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Natural Stone Décor

Finish up your tropical backyard designs with stone details to give your space a classy and natural look.

You can use these stones for your pavements, pathways, fish pond, or walls. Additionally, you can arrange the stones in different parts of your garden.

25. Add Some Vintage Signages

Tropical Backyard Decoration, Add Some Signage

Thinking about the last resort you visited in the Bahamas? You can create that same vibe in your backyard with a few fun signage posts on the trees.

Final Thoughts

Depending on your budget and space, there are plenty of tropical backyard decorations to adorn your home with. The list above covers just some of the many options.