15 Amazing Tropical Backyard Pools in America

Are you looking for a way to turn your garden into a tropical masterpiece? One way to do this is by choosing the right tropical backyard pool design.

When going for a tropical-themed pool, there are countless directions you can go – based on the décor, size, and even shape of your pool.

So, check out these 15 amazing tropical swimming pool designs below and see which one works for you.

1. Concrete Stamped Pool

One way to turn your pool into a tropical one is by choosing the right deck floor. Opt for a stamped concrete floor to surround the pool for a more natural finish.

You can pair up this design with the right torch lighting for a complete finish.

2. Pool with an Overhead Bridge

If you have a large pool, add details such as an overhead arched bridge to give it more character. The pool bridge also helps to provide the illusion of a larger backyard. Subtle details such as the arched bridge also give a large resort-style vibe.

Imagine hosting a party in this space. To give it more of a tropical feel, pair up this environment with various-sized rocks, tropical trees, and plants. It will automatically give the impression of a resort-style vibe right in the comfort of your backyard.

3. Surround Pool

If you have the budget and space, you can opt for a surround tropical backyard pool. Have you ever been to a resort with a massive pool? Such swimming pools cover large spaces, with various parts of the pools offering different services along the way.

For example, you can find a built-in pool on one side and a waterfall on the other side. You don’t have to necessarily invest in building these expensive add-ons. Instead, you can focus on the pool itself and integrate the right designs. For example, the pool can cover half of your backyard and lead up to the boundary edges.

Within the pool, build smaller stumps that can act as little steps to walk on to get to the side of the pool you want. You can also plant tropical trees such as palms within the pool in raised stumps for a more tropical feel.

4. Florida Style Backyard Pool

Florida Style Backyard Pool
Source: Pinterest.com

If you are a fan of the everglades, you can replicate these surroundings in your backyard. Think of those rides on an airboat passing through piers and marsh waters with various plants and small animals.

Well, eliminating the airboat and animals, you can integrate these details as part of your tropical swimming pool designs. Start with an irregular-shaped lagoon pool and layer the edges with large stones for a natural look.

Next, use regular blue tiles for deeper parts of the pool and natural stone pavement for shallow parts to create a natural, pond-like illusion. The deck space can be designed to mimic a pier with wooden details.

Lastly, fill up the space surrounding the pool with different sizes of plants and trees (without, of course, cramping up the space) to complete the look.

5. Modern Style Tropical Backyard Pool

Modern Style Tropical Backyard Pool
Source: Pinterest.com

You can also opt for a more modern tropical design. This design uses a rectangular-shaped infinity pool. The best part about this tropical backyard pool design is that it fits any backyard space. If you have a smaller backyard, simply design the pool into a smaller plunge or lap pool.

Then, pair it up with wooden or stone deck flooring, neat patio furniture like the ones you see in 5-star tropical resorts, and of course, a selection of tropical plants and trees.

Nothing screams class and modernity than adding a few palm trees around the pool. Add a fire pit next to the pool for the ultimate nighttime feature.

6. Tropical Rainforest Pool

Tropical Rainforest Backyard Pool
Source: Pinterest.com

For a tropical rainforest setting, go for an asymmetrical, irregular-shaped pool. Then, play with the lighting, large edge stones, and various plants and trees to create the ambiance you want.

For example, you plant and grow towering trees, compliment them with a few short hedges and add some large rocks around the pool.

This gives you the illusion of swimming in the middle of the jungle. And makes your tropical backyard pool feel a lot more natural and organic.

7. Hawaii Style Pool

Hawaii Style Pool
Source: hawaiimagazine.com

This tropical pool design is pretty simple. You can pretty much opt for any pool design. But for the best effect, go for a small infinity pool with a few steps.

Surround the pool with simple but classy décor you will typically find in a Hawaii modern resort.

Opt for a wooden deck, wooden chaise lounges with soft-colored cushions, a pergola with white curtains next to the pool, and a selection of colorful tropical flowering plants.

8. Tropical Backyard Pool with a View

If your property has an excellent view, take advantage of this fact to save up on some costs. It’s an even added advantage if the view is of greenery.

Simply add a subtle infinity pool surrounded by simple, natural décor to not overpower the view as the focal point. You will be seeping your evening drink while relaxing to breathtaking views in no time!

9. Indoor Backyard Pool

Indoor Backyard Pool
Source: thespruce.com

This design doesn’t necessarily call for setting up the pool inside your home. Instead, you can set it up near the backside entryway to your house.

All you have to do is integrate your patio or deck décor, interior décor, and tropical elements with your pool. You will have a simple yet beautiful tropical backyard pool design.

10. Natural Pool

Natural Pool
Source: floridapoolpro.com

A natural pool is a type of swimming pool that utilizes a body of freshwater as the water source.

The design is usually based on rivers or creeks but can be adapted to pools, lakes, and other sources. Natural pools don’t use chemical treatments to purify the water with chlorine that may cause health problems with exposure time.

It’s a great way to create a back-to-nature atmosphere right in your backyard. Not only natural pools are cheaper to design, but even the filtering system is also organic! It uses fishes and certain types of water-based plants to filter the water.

To achieve this pool design, use stone pavements instead of the traditional blue tiles. Around the edges of the pool, pile up stones and integrate different tropical plants.

11. Tropical Backyard Lap Pool

This pool design works for people with minimal, narrow backyard space. Simply build a long and narrow pool with edges attached to the barriers.

Add that tropical element by using colorful wall climbing plants, a few tropical trees such as bananas, and pick the wooden deck furniture.

12. Spa Pool

Spa Backyard Pool
Source: bradyshottubsottawa.com

You can transform your tropical backyard pool into your very own spa. This pool design works best for people who want to relax and lounge rather than work out.

Opt for a small circular pool. Pair it with stone flooring, some grass, and tropical plants. Lastly, play with dimmable lights for the right ambiance! Add string lights for a  more festive feel.

13. Garden Pool

Integrate your pool into the landscaping if you can’t get enough of your plant and vegetable garden. Design your pool to look like a fountain with multiple steps and stone details for a tropical garden look.

For a pool to feel green and lush, create rows and hedges to surround the pool with plenty of flowers and vegetation. Basically, you’ll be forming a circular garden around your tropical backyard pool. How cool is that!

14. Organic Fountain Pool

Organic Fountain Pool

You can create an organic setting by integrating a fountain-like pool. Set up minimal paving around the deck area and incorporate a fire pit for those cozy nights.

Set up stones that double as décor and makeshift waterfalls. Finish up the setting with grassy deck space.

Fountains are also a great addition to your tropical backyard pool – the trickle and splash of water from the fountain creates a collection of calming sounds.

15. Flower Garden Pool

Tropical settings aren’t just defined by tall trees. You can opt to line hedges and flowering plants around the pool for a more secluded and intimate feel.

Final Thoughts

These tropical swimming pool designs cater to a wide range of settings. With the right choice of a tropical backyard pool, you can easily transform your home into a tropical paradise!